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My Favourite New Beauty Products Of January 2012!!!

Hi beauty lovers,

Now that we are coming to the end of January, I thought I would share with you my absolute FAVOURITE products that I have discovered this month. I never post or talk about a product unless I think it is fantastic so here we go!!


BLISS FABULOUS FOAMING FACE WASH: I actually purchased this for half the usual price at Winners, but this face wash is a HUGE seller at I love this face wash because of 4 reasons. 1) It smells AMAZING! 2) It washes off all of my makeup in one wash and doesn’t sting my eyes 3) It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dehydrated…it feels impeccably clean and hydrated after one wash 4) It has the finest beads to slightly exfoliate your skin. These beads are barely noticeable to the point that I can use the face wash around my eyes, yet I know that it is removing all of the dead skin. TRY IT!!








ANGEL PROFESSIONAL BRAZIL NUT HAIR MASK:  Ok, let me be frank. About a month and a half ago I had black hair. Then, for work-related reasons I needed to lighten it drastically. To do this I had to bleach my hair TWICE!! AHHHH! Not a good idea if you want to have any hair left over. Well, after the bleaching treatments my hair was a bit fried but thanks to my mom’s discovery, she put me on to this hair mask and voila!!…my hair was saved!!! I use this EVERYDAY as a conditioner and also as a 15 minute hair mask once a week. I still have long and shiny hair and I really do have this product to thank.










SMASHBOX “Be Discovered” HOLIDAY PALETTE: When I walked in to the Shoppers Drug Mart beauty boutique around Christmas time, I literally fell in love with this remarkable palette. I believe it was only around $68 which is insane considering the fact that you get 45 Smashbox eyeshadows, 9 cream eyeliners, 3 blush shades, 1 bronzer, 2 highlighters, 6 lipglosses and 4 mini Smashbox makeup brushes. When I use this, I feel like it was SUCH a steal for such amazing quality!!!


NARS -LARGER THAN LIFE LONG-WEAR EYELINER in”Rue Bonaparte”: This product is a MUST-HAVE for makeup artists and for anyone that wants to open up their eyes to make them look bigger and brighter. What you do is line the bottom water-line of your eye with this nude pencil and then all of the sudden, your eyes open…the redness disappears and you are ready to take on the day!! This retails for $25 at Sephora.












LORAC “Bejeweled” DAY & NIGHT JEWELERY BOX: Ok, yet again another steal, I bought this with a $75.00 gift certificate to Sephora. It was only retailing for $78.00 at a $500 value and you get SO much! Two full size lip glosses, one GIANT bronzer that is such a gorgeous shade, two full-size eyeliners (Black & Brown), two blushes and 36 eyeshadows! Also, the box that it comes in turns into the most gorgeous jewellery box!!









SEPHORA NAIL POLISH in “Going Nude Eh?”:  One word….Class.










SEPHORA NAIL POLISH in “Spark-tacular!” TOP COAT: Two words: Party time!!!











And there you have it!! All of my favourites for the start of 2012!! There will be much more to come….I promise. 😉

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TRIAL SEASON! ~Tips for the future brides out there~

This time of year is one of my favourites!! It is the time of year when new people come in to our lives looking for a team to glamify them on their wedding day! I always feel so incredibly honoured to have Fancy Face Make-up Artistry & Co. chosen to be a part of the bride-to-be’s most special day. Since opening this company in 2006, we have grown exponentially servicing hundreds of brides over the years. The best part for me is keeping up the relationships after the wedding date. I love to see the brides wedding pictures that they will look at for the rest of their lives…I love watching them find a home and create a family…and I feel nothing but honoured when the send their friends and family to follow in their footsteps to invest in our company yet again!

With that, I do have some advice for future brides in regards to booking trials and finding the perfect fit for you!

*Book your trial a good 6-8 months prior to your wedding date: That way, you know that the company you decide to go with is not booked up and unavailable for your special day.

*Bring lots of magazine cut-outs of looks that you love to your wedding trial: That way the hair stylist and makeup artist know what your style is. You will save time, and get the results you want.

*Always come to the trials with no makeup on and with hair that is dry and has NO PRODUCT in it. This ensures that the makeup artist has a clean slate to work with, and the hair stylist will be able to manipulate the hair to do whatever style you like.

*In the trial, ask to see 2-3 different looks. That way, once you choose the final look you would like to go with, you know its right for you.

*Do not deviate from the ‘final trial look’ on your wedding day. I have seen this time and time again where brides all of the sudden, hours before walking down the isle decide to add or remove eyelashes, put in extensions, make the eyes smokey instead of more natural, have a red lip instead of nude, etc. With time always being limited, you are simply setting yourself up for a heart attack. If you decide before the wedding that you would like to change your look, do yourself a favour and set up another trial.

*Make sure that you can purchase a lipstick/lipgloss from the makeup artist on your wedding day to touch up with OR purchase something in advance perhaps right after your trial so that you know you have the right shade for your big day. Also, you may want to pack a mini face powder, blotting sheets, blush brush, blush, eyeliner and lipstick/gloss to touch up with as well. We at Fancy Face also offer on-site touch-ups as well…a good option for those of you who don’t want to have to worry that a hair, or eyelash is out of place. 🙂

*Purchase all of the current bridal magazines and search for makeup and hair looks that you love. Put them all up on a cork board and then stand back, look at it for a few days and notice the looks that you gravitate most too. That is probably the look for you.

*Do not choose to save $$ when it comes to your hair and makeup. This sounds harsh but I am telling you this to save your wedding pictures! There have been so many women that decided to save money on their look by going with an artist who charges $50 or less to do hair and makeup and then were disappointed with the results. This is NOT a professional rate and most likely you are getting someone who has just gotten out of school and who does not do this full-time as a serious professional. Save money on other things…your shoes, decor, jewellery etc. but when it comes to the way you look and feel on your wedding day, you will NEVER regret investing in professionals who know how to make you look great in person AND in pictures. It is money well spent.

*MOST IMPORTANTLY: Understand that the way you look on your wedding day is up to YOU. As much as you love your friends and family members, do not let them dictate your look for you. YOU WILL REGRET IT! You simply will never please everyone so you need to learn how to say no, and how to confidently go in the direction you love.

Hope that helps!!! Now, go out there and create the day of your dreams!!!

With love,

Brittany Gray


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So, let me be frank. I never expected to be as invested in this beauty industry as I am now. I always wanted to be a Broadway actress, singer and dancer as a child and still would love to give that a shot one day but I have to say that I have really found another passion in my life…and that is, as you all know, MAKEUP!!!

Over the course of the 6 years that I have been running this business, I have been able to ‘play’ in all facets of the beauty industry. I’ve done makeup for commercials, hit TV shows, print ads…I’ve been on the Shopping Channel representing brands from the U.S and most importantly, I’ve been blessed with the amazing honour of doing the makeup for hundreds of brides. When I think of all of those things I have been able to do in this industry and reflect on my absolute FAVOURITE thing to do…its definitely makeup for brides!!

Given that, I really to pride in learning all about the bridal industry. Now that Fancy Face is a FULL-SERVICE MOBILE BEAUTY BOUTIQUE with hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion stylists, photographers and nail technicians, I pride myself on being the go-to gal for all the brides-to-be out there!! I search out the best people in the industry and this year I’ve done that by hitting up the bridal show circuit. So far I’ve been to Canada’s Bridal Show and the amazing Wedlux Bridal Show at the Ritz-Carlton. In the weeks to come, i’ll be attending The Wedding Co. Bridal Show, The Total Wedding Show and the National Bridal Show. I have to say that so far, the Wedluxe show knocked it out of the park!! It was a stunning show with the absolute BEST vendors in Toronto. It was a glamourous affair and the staff treated everyone like an A-List star! I highly recommend this show to all of my brides. Although the Wedlux show vendors are quite pricey, lavish and high-end, you can still stop by to get amazing ideas for your special day no matter what your budget is. Below are a few of my shots from the 2012 Bridal Show experience so far. Enjoy!! xo Brittany