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Madonna’s Hair/Makeup Look At The Superbowl

Although her performance garnered mixed reviews, I have to say that I did love her hair and makeup look. I thought that, as always, her eyes just popped with the thick black liner and lashes and the hair was a beautiful color and styled in a very current and up-to-date way. Madonna certainly uses tricks of the trade to continue looking youthful and glamourous. We can learn from her by assessing just what she does. First of all, she keeps her self in amazing shape. This will ALWAYS take years off and keep your skin radiant and glowing. She also usually uses a pretty neutral makeup palette. She stays away from anything that will accentuate wrinkles, like too much glitter or extremely bright colors and always has a very warm shade of blonde in her hair which, in my opinion does wonders for her skin-tone. I also love how Madonna plays up her eyes. To me, her eyes are the one thing that really makes her captivating. She has created a wonderfully strong brow shape for her face and she always wears thick liner and big false lashes. In my opinion, she is doing all of the right things. Below is the “how-to” to establishing a similar aesthetic to her Superbowl performance hair/makeup look. Hope you like it!!!

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