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Fancy Face Inc.’s Client List


Elisha Cuthbert (Actress)

David Arquette

David Arquette (Actor)


Tessa Virtue (Olympic Medalist)


Darla and Jon Montgomery (Athletes)


Melissa D’Arabian (Celebrity Chef)

Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank)

Adrienne Clarkson (former Governor General of Canada)

Global Morning Show

Darcy Tucker (former NHL player)

Brett Wilson (Dragon’s Den)

Kevin Frankish (Breakfast Television)

Chassie Post (TV Celebrity Style/Fashion Expert)

Aubrey Dan (Dancap)

Kathleen Newman-Bremang (Much Music)

Anne-Marie Mediwake (CBC News Anchor)

Dwight Drummond (CBC News Anchor)

Lisa Laflamme (CTV News Anchor)

Erin Davis (98.1 Radio Host)

Suhana Meharchano (CBC News Anchor)

Tanith Belbin (Battle Of The Blades/Olympian)

Boyd Devereaux (Stanley Cup Champion)

Elena Berezhnaya (Battle of the Blades)

Doug Gilmour (Retired NHL Player)

Todd Simpson (NHL Team Captain)

Curtis Leschyshyn (Battle of the Blades)

Marcy Hinzmann (Olympian)

Tyrone Vaughan (Country Rock Blues Artist)

Danielle Wade (Wizard of Oz)

Suzie McNeil (Pop Rock Recording Artist)

Martine Gaillard (Television Personality)

Bridal Gallery

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