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Are you a hairstylist and/or makeup artist with a flair for all things “fancy”? We are always looking for talented artists to add to our team. If you are interested, send an email to with your resume, portfolio, headshot and a bit about yourself! 


Recent Brides and Clients of Fancy Face Inc.!


The wedding season is in full swing! We are heading into our busiest season here at Fancy Face Inc. and we can’t be more excited to meet all our upcoming brides!! If you don’t follow us on social media yet, here’s a selection of the recent clients/brides/editorials we’ve been working on this month. Which are your favourite looks? 

If you still haven’t booked us yet for your upcoming wedding, we recommend you do so soon! We are nearly booked up for the rest of this year’s weekends, and quickly filling up for 2016 as well! 

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