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Red Carpet Beauty Tips


Need tips on how to stand out (for the right reasons!) at this season’s Toronto International Film Festival’s red carpet? Looking great on the red carpet requires a different approach to makeup than your day-to-day routine. With the hot lights and glare from flash photographers, your makeup application can go to dewy to sweaty before you even enter the venue. Makeup professionals have a number of tricks to help keep celebrities and film industry professionals standing out for the right reasons on the red carpet. Brittany Gray shares her tips over at BeauteSchool (head over for the full article!)

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Article in Niche Magazine – Top 10 Beauty Hacks

B R I T T A N Y G R A Y NICHEstyle Winter 2016-5

Fancy Face Inc.’s Brittany Gray is a regular contributor to Niche Magazine. In their winter issue, she shares her top 10 beauty hacks she learned after a decade of being in the beauty industry! With these tips and tricks, along with a few essential items in your makeup bag, you’ll look fabulous no matter what the situation. 

  1. Put your mascara on while looking down into a compact. 
  2. Apply lip stain under your lipstick for an all-day, touch up free wear. 
  3. Swipe translucent powder on top of your concealer to lock eye makeup in place all day, if you have a problem with runny mascara and eyeliner. 
  4. Only apply primer and foundation where you need it. 
  5. Use bronzer as an eyeshadow. 
  6. Use coconut oil to remove your eye makeup. 
  7. Use a nude lip liner for bigger looking lips. 
  8. Use a clean, unused toothbrush and spray some hairspray on the bristles to use as a brow gel. 
  9. Use a pink or red lipstick to lightly dab on the apple of your cheeks, in place of blush. 
  10. Add a bit of clear Chapstick or EOS to your cheekbones for dewy looking skin. 

Click the article images to read the full article!! 

B R I T T A N Y G R A Y NICHEstyle Winter 2016-5 1B R I T T A N Y G R A Y NICHEstyle Winter 2016-5 2

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Featured on Strictly Weddings!


Here is another recent stylized shoot we did hair and makeup for..featured on Strictly Weddings!! Entitled “The Art of Wedding Planning“, the shoot was inspired by art/watercolour paintings. The colour palette was peaches, pinks, corals with hints of gold. One of our favourite elements is the florals, being “squeezed” out of a large tube of paint. We think the results look stunning! Photography was by AGI Studio and planning/production was by Nina E Events and Flowers Time

DSC_6152 DSC_6008 DSC_5729 DSC_5857 DSC_5871 DSC_5904 DSC_5931 IMG_0471 IMG_0468