10 Products I Am Loving Right Now!

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Hello Fancy Face friends!!

Recently I have found myself crushing on a few things… A good thing is always better when shared, so here it goes!!

1) Coconut Oil & Brown Sugar Face Scrubs: This time of year is TERRIBLE for skin texture. How have I been getting through is using a homemade, simple to make, organic face scrub. Now the great thing about using Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is that it is anti-bacterial & anti-fungal. (I always use it alone on my blemishes too!) All you need to do is mix equal parts of coconut oil & organic brown sugar & voila!! The perfect at home face scrub.

10 things -Scrub

2) Tom Ford Cream Bronzer & Highlighter: I live for this stuff. It applies easily, makes your cheekbones look dreamy & isn’t orange. Comes in 2 shades & is sold at high-end beauty stores like Holt Renfrew Toronto. (Bloor Location)

10 things -bronzer

3) The Clarisonic. I’m sure everyone has heard about this by now. However it needs to be mentioned yet again. It is an amazing face cleaning system that takes off all of the impurities of makeup & leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft. Try it!!

10 things -Clarisonic

4) Butter London ‘Lippy’ Glosses: These are the most hydrating & colour-rich glosses I have ever worn!! They are amazing for the winter & the color selection is absolutely phenomenal!

10 things -Lippys

5) Face Oils: After exfoliating and before bed I slather on nourishing face oils to keep my skin hydrated. An amazing choice is Khiels Midnight Recovery Serum.

10 things -khiels

6) Candles, Candles & more Candles. I can’t say enough about how calm candles make me. My personal favourite is below!

10 things -candles

7) Journaling: I use to journal every single day. Since moving in with my boyfriend 4 years ago, I have fallen out of the routine. Lately, I have committed myself to getting back to it. It is amazing for breaking down your thought process, dealing with everyday stress & most importantly documenting your life!! I have a terrible memory so being able to hand my kids and grandkids all my journals one day will allow them to make sense of crazy old me!

10 things -journaling

8) Oil Pulling: Ok, I can’t say I love this yet, however I do know that it’s good for me. To read more about it…click here

10 things -oil pulling

9) Using olive oil to take off my eye makeup: Yep! You heard me correctly. Head down to your kitchen and pull out your EVOO (preferrably organic). At this time of year my skin is so dry that I need something uber hydrating to take off my eye makeup. Pour a little on a cotton pad, press it gently on your eyes for a few moments & there you have it!! A nourishing & gentle waterproof makeup remover.

10 things -olive oil

10) Self-tanning!! Who else feels uber pasty right now?? Well, I’m hating the sun-less glow. So, to make myself feel better, I have been adoring ‘Pretend Tan’s’ airbrush spray. It is SO easy to apply, you can wear it the same day as application, the color ir gorgeous (not too orange), it doesn’t smell & it doesn’t streak!! All music to my ears!!

Pretend Tan

And there you have it!! A few of my favourite things at the moment!! Let me know if you have any questions!!

Lots of love…

Brittany Gray

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