**2012 Bridal Makeup Inspirations**


This is such an exciting time of year! All the inquiries and bookings are rushing in as brides decide which makeup artists and hair stylists they would like to trust in to make them into the gorgeous brides-to-be!! It is a crucial decision since they will look back on their wedding photos for the rest of their lives. I take my job very seriously. I take this business very seriously. I know how important it is to help achieve the exact look that the client would like for their special day. With that, I love to stay on top of what is current, in-style, unique and glamourous each year. Here are the looks that are inspiring me for 2012 and that I can’t wait to demonstrate on my clientele this year…

1) This first look has a great deal of focus and drama around the eyes. It is very soft, blended and doesnt have any harsh edges. To me it is a very sexy yet romantic look and one of my most requested looks from my brides.

2) The look below is gorgeous because it takes a slight twist from the regular smokey eye. With the models brown eyes, the smokey blue shade chosen for the eyeshadow shade really makes her eyes pop. Also, if navy blue was a part of her bridal decorations, it would be a nice way to tie things together in a subtle way. I also love how this is paired with a very simplistic and neutral lip. Makes the blue smokey eye not look over the top.

3) This look is fantastic for the girl who loves to be a glamour goddess. To me this look screams sexy and confident. The eyes are dramatic…the soft pink lip say ‘sex kitten’ in a classy way. I also love the highlighted cheek and tend to use this technique on my clientele. Also, it looks fantastic in photos as you can see from the picture below.

4) A great deal of my brides like to look tanned for their weddings. When the skin has been hit with some rays or self-tanning cream (be careful), it really does have a radiant glow that doesnt need to be covered up with too much foundation or powder on the skin. The soft brown smokey eye is not overdone but still makes the eyes pop and the bronzed cheeks really give you a chiselled look in photos.

5) Kim Kardashian’s makeup artists are simply incredible. I admire their skills greatly. This was not a makeup look that I would have expected from Kim. Her makeup usually looks a bit over the top for how beautiful she is. In my opinion she doesnt need to wear as much. However for the bridal look below, I really do think it is an A+ job! It is a soft, neutral look that is created with earth tones which accentuates her natural beauty rather than a manufactured one. The picture below Kim is of the same vane yet the cheeks are a tad more flushed with beautiful pink tone. Also, a favourite look of mine.

6) Ok girls, for those of you who are a little more bold and up for being different, I really think the red lip is strongly coming back. For some time brides would not even consider such a shade but last year it started becoming a hit and I believe the same will happen this year as well. Nothing screams Hollywood classic glamour more than the right shade of red does. The great thing about it is you can be sure it will never look ‘out of style’. Marilyn Monroe really did it right…follow in her footsteps with this soft yet beautifully bold look.

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