Amazing Skincare Hacks Every ‘Bride-To-Be’ Should Know

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Weddings are major societal events. Everybody — from the bride and the groom, the families, members of the entourage, guests and even the wedding planners and suppliers treat weddings like they’ve always never been to one before. It is this anticipation and buildup of excitement that make every wedding special.

Talk about weddings and expectations, it’s a surefire combination that spikes up stress. With stress comes brides with quivering nerves and breaking out skin — and then, even more stress and even more stressed out skin! The cycle never ends.

If you’re saying “I do” anytime soon, below are 10 beauty hacks you need to know. The sooner you can learn them, the better chances you and your skin will survive the impending onslaught that will try to damage you both but, not if you can help it.

1. Use less makeup. Commit yourself to the 9 other hacks below this one and you’ll love to see more of your real skin. Practice your wedding day makeup once or twice with your makeup artist or, once weekly if you’ll be doing your makeup yourself. The less you wear makeup counting down to your wedding day, the lesser the chances of you brewing up an irritation.

2. Keep your face clean and clear of impurities. You don’t have to do more then twice daily cleansing and toning. You just have to make it a point to start and end your day with a cleanse and tone routine.

3. Exfoliate. Not giving your skin this treatment will be a great disservice. Sign up for a derma package or, if you can’t afford one, just do it yourself. When you do it on your own, at least you have a better idea of what you’re putting on your skin rather than have a non-professional give you a treatment using products that may irritate your skin.

4. Use only skincare products that meet your skin’s needs. Your age, skin type and skin issues will help determine what kinds of products you’ll need in your skincare routine and what they need to be made of. There are, however, three particular antioxidants any skin at any age will benefit from: Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide). These ingredients penetrate skin deeply to protect it, nourish it, and rejuvenate your skin cells all at the same time.

5. Have a separate daytime and nighttime regimen. Both should prioritize keeping your skin’s moisture locked in. Your daytime routine must ensure that your skin is amply protected. That’s where antioxidants and sunscreen become helpful. Your nighttime routine, on the other hand, must augment your skin’s natural repair and rejuvenation abilities.

6. Be meticulous of the products you are using. Whatever you do or put on your skin, make sure these are non-toxic and won’t cause your skin to become inflamed. Fragrance and colorants, which almost any product contains, are among the most notorious irritants.

7. Treat photodamaged skin. If this is your major skin problem, then the longer you can get your skin treated, the more noticeable improvements you’ll see. Ask your skincare specialist about treatment options, specifically, stem cell rejuvenation, photorejuvenation, Fraxel Re: Store Dual and Radiofrequency Energy Treatment.

8. Deep moisturize whenever you can. Take advantage of products that boost your skin’s hydration levels. Ask your beauty bar about sheet masks, sleep packs, ampoules and essences. Each brand will be differently formulated. Ask for help about finding the most suitable variety to address your skin issues.

9. Make better lifestyle choices. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Get more fresh veggies and fruits into your daily diet. Make room for exercise — both cardio and strength training. There’s no other way that you can cut down your waist and firm up your arms — it does take hardwork, Honey!

10. Sleep. Add up all the 9 items above and it still wouldn’t add up to the power of sleep to recover, repair and rejuvenate your skin. Stop stressing over your wedding. The dresses, the rites, the flowers, the photographers —heck, even the table napkins — are going to be great. Not everything may be just the way you like it everything will fall into place. Give yourself peace and 7 hours of sleep.

Even if you do all 10 as long as a year before your wedding, if you keep stressing out then your skin won’t see improvements! You know why? It’s physiological. That’s what your body does when you worry too much. But, you know what? You can make it right and it’s all just in your mind.


Sara Biston, who lives in New York City, USA is a freelance article writer by profession. She is an experienced writer who loves writing about beauty, skin care & lifestyle. She believes in spreading a word of happiness through her writings. Sara’s passion for beauty & skincare became the catalyst for a major career change. She also writes for Solvaderm. Find her on twitter @sbiston.


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