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Getting married is a one time thing! Or at least it should be; that’s why many brides fight to have the perfect ceremony, perfect dress and perfect venue décor. A luxurious wedding is not everything. You won’t necessarily feel happier if you purchase the most expensive floral arrangements, menu or venue. Brides should focus their attention on making their big day feel special. It should be a day about you and only you. The following tips will help you make the most informed decisions. Enjoy your wedding and tell your story through the best and most romantic ways.


Choose a venue that matches with your personality

When it comes to choosing a venue, many couples have difficulties deciding. Even though the variety is endless, most places are too expensive or too flashy. Rather than spend a lot of money on the most exclusive restaurant in town, it’s a lot better to rent an empty place and decorate it to match with your personality. This season, the best venues are outside – the beach, the countryside, the park or botanical garden. The main advantage of these venues is the freedom to decorate; allow the outside surroundings to be your inspiration and use the natural elements to your advantage. However, it is equally important to check the weather to steer clear of rain other unforeseen climate changes.

The dress

Brides-to-be want their dress to be perfect. That’s why they usually want to have it finished with at least a month before the wedding. The coolest trend of the season is the innovative design and colour palette. Long, lace dresses with discreet detailing around the chest area and splashes of colour are the best. Pick a nuance and match it with your groom’s tie or handkerchief and venue décor. All-white dresses are outdated, and right now brides are advised to include some colour and create some sort of balance. The colour that you choose should symbolize the love you two share; of course, it’s not mandatory to choose red. You can just as well opt for pastel orange, baby blue, marsala and more.

Champagne Glasses

Love corner

Customize your wedding venue by adding a “love corner”. Place a table with items that symbolize the love you share with your groom. Print photos with the two of you, and include a notebook where guests can write personal messages or best wishes. Decorate your corner with nice flowers and place delicious treats for them to try.

Table decorations

Another great way of customizing your venue is with romantic table decorations. Apart from nice florals, beautiful glasses, candles and linens, you might want to include love notes for your guests to read. Share your love story with your closest friends and you’ll make the whole ceremony a lot more intimate and personal. Also, you might want to include objects that brought you and your groom together. For example, if he proposed on top of the Eiffel Tower, you can add small figures on the tables to remind you of that special moment in your life.

Wedding theme

If you want to make an impression on family and friends, you must pick a theme for your wedding ceremony. Use your imagination to think of something meaningful and impactful. For example, if you’re fond of the vintage trend, then a vintage-inspired ceremony might be exactly what you need. Have the wedding someplace in the countryside; choose a comfortable cottage and let the mountains be your eye witness. Decorate the venue with wild flowers and for the menu, stick to a traditional menu with a twist. The vintage-classy trend is exquisite. Everyone will remember your wedding 10 years from now!

Love sign

Express your love story with a memorable wedding ceremony. Think outside the box and design it after your own preferences and sense of style. Choose a dominant colour for the décor. Ivory and white are still the best because they exude purity and transparency. In terms of other accessories, focus your attention on freshness. Seasonal flowers are the best and not just because they look nice; their smell is divine and thus the ambiance of your ceremony will be memorable.

By Maxwell Donovan and!

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