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Larissa is one of Fancy Face Inc.’s senior hair and makeup artists. She has been working in the industry for 10 years now. After receiving her certification in Makeup Artistry from Sheridan College (with honours),  she started working in the beauty industry full-time. Larissa has kept herself busy by working on set for feature films and television shows as a member of the film technician union NABET. She is also a brand representative for MAKE UP FOR EVER, which has her doing makeup at Sephora stores and events across the GTA. On top of that, she is an instructor for the Makeup program at George Brown College, as well as an in-house makeup artist and writer for the makeup column at MissyInk Magazine. Larissa’s work has been featured in the Toronto Star and Breakfast Television several times, has been part of a nomination for “Best Makeup” at the Canadian Screen Awards and Larissa received a nomination for Best Alternative Makeup Artist for her work in Pinup/Burlesque and Alternative Fashion Week. Larissa is a hard-working and diverse artist, with an outgoing personality. Her talented hair and makeup skills make all our clients feel beautiful for their big day!

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What do you love about working for Fancy Face Inc.? My favourite part about working for Fancy Face Inc., is our focus on client experience. We really strive to make things easy for the bride and her party by bringing a luxurious atmosphere and top-notch skill into their own space, where they’re most comfortable.

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What is your favourite part of your job? My favourite thing about my job is transforming the client, no matter what medium they’re working in, into the character they want to be for the day. With bridal clients, I’m getting them ready to be in the spotlight all day long (something most “normal” people aren’t used to on a day to day basis), I’m helping them put their best face forward which strengthens their confidence so they have the best time on their day!

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What was the most memorable moment of your career? Every day is a memorable moment; there’s always something inspiring or funny or crazy that happens wherever I am. If I had to pinpoint one thing in particular, it was going to the Canadian Screen Awards (which is like Canada’s version of the Oscars), it was an honour to know that something I had worked so hard on had been recognized and picked out to be one of the best!

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What products or brands do you use on clients? My absolute favourite brand to use on clients is MAKE UP FOR EVER. It is a brand made specifically for professional use in photography and film, so it never flashes back in photos and stays all day without being heavy, and the colour choices are innumerable so there’s something for everyone! I also love using MAC for the classics, Dior for their innovation, NARS for sparkle and Urban Decay for their funky colours.

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