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Weddings and flowers have always gone hand in hand, and you’re definitely in good company if you’re thinking about wearable blossoms for your big day. Well-chosen flowers can work wonders for your wedding hairdo. Here’s a basic guide to incorporating real flowers into your hairstyle.

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Assemble The Right Experts

In order to pull off a fresh flower hairstyle successfully, take full advantage of the professionals you’re working with. Speak to both your stylist and your florist about your intentions. If you can get them in the same room together, you will be set but this isn’t always possible.

Listen to your stylist regarding size and placement of flowers. When it comes to your florist, you want to solicit their advice on the most suitable species. Let your florist know what colors you’re looking for and how long you intend to be wearing them. Also, make sure you check with your florist about allergens before you start pinning flowers to your head. If you make your floral choices well in advance, you can try handling some samples to make sure you’re not going to have an adverse reaction.

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Let Your Hair Lead The Way

Unless you are dead set on wearing a specific flower in a specific way, you will probably want to let your preferred hairstyle dictate your flower choices rather than vice versa. Speaking very generally, large, dramatic blossoms are best suited to use as singular accents. Examples include wearing a single lily or orchid. These can be great complements for a simple hairstyle and larger blooms generally work better with straight hair or updos.

For curly hair or especially complicated styles, you should look for smaller flowers that will complement you do without overwhelming it. Baby’s breath, daisies, and stephanotis are all excellent choices. If you want to make flowers the focus of your wedding hairstyle, make sure you choose an arrangement that suits your hair. Floral crowns are perennially popular, but they tend to go best with loose hair, buns, or very simple updos.

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Treat Your Flowers Right

When the day of your wedding rolls around, you don’t want to put flowers in your hair that will wind up limp and tired-looking within an hour. In order to get the best effect for the longest amount of time, have your flowers cut and placed as close to the ceremony as possible. If you can’t do the cutting right before placing the flowers (e.g. if they need complex arrangement), keep them in a cooler or refrigerator until you are ready to wear them.

Flowers should always be the last things that go onto your head. You want to keep their exposure to styling products (hairspray in particular) to a minimum. Also, be careful about placing flowers too close to your skin. Sweat, oil, and makeup can all cause premature wilting.

Just like so many other parts of wedding planning, choosing flowers to be worn in your hair can be a great idea if you take the time to plan it out properly. As long as you get good advice from knowledgeable experts and make sensible choices, you can head down the aisle with a stunning and all-natural floral hair accessory.

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