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Today is an exciting day for us here at Fancy Face Inc.! We have been given the wonderful opportunity to team up with the well-known wedding planning website ‘Loverly’ to help you brides-to-be pair up different styles of wedding dresses with makeup looks that would suit the dress style best!! We have personally selected 5 gorgeous dresses from the Loverly website that we feel should cover most engaged beauties out there! 

1) THE COUTURE BRIDE: 6Who is this bride??: This is a woman that is confident in her own skin. She is willing to take fashion risks for a big reward! She can carry the most daring of fashion styles flawlessly and knows she doesn’t want to repeat what has been “done”.  

Couture Bride

What makeup will suit her best??: For the couture bride, going for a daring smokey eye is a must! Make those eyes pop with smokey grey, charcoal & black tones on the lid of the eye topped off with a beautiful set of falsies! For the skin and cheeks, a glow is a must! Don’t over powder the skin so that you look cakey in person and in photos. You want the skin to look ultra fresh to compliment the heavier eye makeup. Add a pop of colour on the cheeks in a pinky-peach tone and pair with a neutral lip!   


Demure 1Who is this bride??: The demure bride is a woman who feels more comfortable covering up & being far from front and centre. She is most likely someone who is slightly more introverted and perhaps comes from a more conservative family. She wants to play it safe on her wedding day by covering her shoulders and not wearing too much makeup. 

Demure Bride

What makeup will suit her best??: The demure bride should stick with classic colours in minimal amounts. Use classic tones on the eyes like beiges, warm browns & champagne colours. Line the eyes with a shadow instead of a pencil so that it looks more natural & apply waterproof mascara to the top and bottom lashes. For blush, using a soft rose tone to look like you have a natural flush from within. Add a highlight to the tops of your cheekbones for a natural glow and finish it all off with a pinky-rose lip! 

THE ROYAL BRIDE: 4Who is this bride??: The royal bride is the bride who has grown up dreaming of her wedding day since she was a child. Disney movies with princesses in them were her childhood favourites & she always knew that a ballgown-shaped dress would be for her! After all, this is her one day to shine! She is sweet, she is pretty & she is ready to marry her prince! 

Princess Bride

What makeup will suit her best??: The royal bride is all about feeling soft and pretty on her wedding day. She is comfortable wearing makeup yet doesn’t want to overdo it. Opt for for plums, mauves & pinks on the eyes & don’t be afraid to add a rich purple on the outer corners of the eyes to add a pop. Apply a thin, winged out black liner to the top of the eye and finish off with a wispy set of false lashes. For the cheeks, add a fresh pop of pink to the apples of your cheeks be sure to add a bit of bronzer for a warm glow. Keep the lips soft with a flattering soft creamy pink shade. Add a touch of gloss, and your ready to shine on your big day!!


THE HOLLYWOOD STARLET BRIDE: 1Who is this bride??: The hollywood starlet bride is a woman who is used to being the centre of attention. She has a job in public relations, entertainment or the fashion industry and is comfortable being in the spotlight. On her special day, she doesn’t want to over-do it however she wants to command the room with her presence. She is a fan of women like Marilyn Monroe and Bridgett Bardot and would like to bring a touch of vintage glam to her beauty look. 

Hollywood Starlet Bride

What makeup will suit her best??: The hollywood starlet bride should take notes from Marilyn herself yet add personal twists to that look as well. On the eyes, use a bone color all over the whole lid of the eye and then work warm browns into the crease. On the outer corners of the lid, add a dark brown shade for a bit of a pop and then line the eyes with a black liquid or cake liner. False lashes for this look are a must! Choose a pair that are slightly longer at the ends for a winged-eyed look a la Ms. Monroe herself! In the hollows of the cheeks, add a bit of contouring with a matte bronzer. On the apples of the cheeks, add a peach-toned blush. For the lips, this is your chance to get vampy! Choose a rich wine-colored red that has a lot of pigment. (Kisses with your groom may have to be planned out accordingly or put this shade on after the ceremony to save him from looking a wee bit silly). Last but not least, fill in those brows and voila!!! You are a vintage vixen ready to tie the knot! 



Lover.lyWho is this bride??: The classic bride is a woman who knows what she wants. She is simple, she is sophisticated and she doesn’t waver from what she knows looks good on her. She feels safe with her classic choices and knows that they suit her best. 

Classic BrideWhat makeup will suit her best??: This bride wants to look and feel like herself on her wedding day. She is ok with the idea of looking slightly more enhanced however she does not want her groom or anyone else to not recognize her. For makeup, stick to the basics. Do not bother trying to put on any eyeshadow at all, after all… you probably won’t like it. Stick to a nice warm brown cake eye liner along the top lash line of your eye. Apply waterproof mascara to the top and bottom lashes. If you feel you would like a little pizzaz on the lid of your eye, opt for a slightly shimmery champagne/gold shade. For skin, you certainly want a flawless finish. Mix a full coverage foundation with a bit of moisturizer and apply all over the face and neck to even out the skin tone. Add a peach-toned blush to the apples of the cheeks and then finish with a sophisticated rose-toned lip! You are fresh, you are classic and you are you. 


Above we have listed 5 specific types of brides. The Couture Bride, The Demure Bride, The Royal Bride, The Hollywood Starlet Bride and The Classic Bride. We hope that each of you fit into one or maybe two of the descriptions! Feel free to blend ideas of different looks to customize the perfect wedding day makeup for you! Most of all, have fun creating the look of your dreams and best of luck preparing for your big day!! 


Lots of love… 


Brittany Gray & The Fancy Face Team!! 

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