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Megan Wappel Designs is a custom stationery, sweets and design firm that specializes in providing the complete branding experience for all styles of weddings, corporate events and special occasions. With Megan’s extensive background in graphic design, marketing and fashion together with an exceptional eye for detail, she also styles and designs for many publications across North America. We love Megan’s elegant wedding invitation designs and her sweets look too beautiful to eat! Take a look at some of her work below and learn more about her company. 

(Photo above by Scarlet O’Neill Photography)

Do you design and create all your stationery and sweets yourself? 

All stationery from the initial concept all the way through to printing is designed and over seen by me until the final product lands in the clients’ hands! Concepts and styling of desserts is done by me. Design for the most part is done by me however some of my trusted bakeries have signature designs of their own that I also use, and even play off of when it comes to the way I style my tables! It’s always better to have a few brains in the process than one. Working so closely with my trusted bakeries in each city we feed off (no pun intended!) of each other when it comes to final product. Sometimes I suggest things so out of the box that they look at me like I am crazy hahaha…but we always manage to pull it off together and it’s ALWAYS a hit! I feel so grateful everyday to know that I get to work with such talented people.

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What is your favourite part of your job?

The absolute favourite part of my job is seeing everything come together, bringing the vision to life and having my clients get so excited about it! It’s so fulfilling to know the impact you had on a client’s project or special day. And how awesome is it that everyday I wake up I have a new project, nothing is ever the same!

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What was the most memorable moment of your career?

I really could never pick one moment. Me creating a career for myself as my own boss. Being published for the first time in a magazine. Designing projects for people all around the world. Being asked to style editorials for some of the top publications. Seeing my clients overwhelmed with happiness, the list goes on and it will never stop! Every stage of my career there are new goals and in this industry there is always room to grow/learn and with that growth comes new memorable moments!

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How do you find inspiration?

This will sound very cliche but inspiration is literally everywhere! I’m never not working hahaha. From my daily trip to the grocery store to cruising the internet, inspiration really can be pulled from absolutely anything. Once I get a project in my head I look at all objects and scenarios around me in a whole new light, my brain never shuts off. I’m very inspired and motivated by other entrepreneurs, when hard working people come together to share visions we really are unstoppable. It’s so refreshing to see people raising the bar in their own unique way….it’s a sure fire way to keep any creative entrepreneur on their toes.


(Photo above by Krista Fox Photography)


What are Megan Wappel Designs’ next goals? 

With my expansion to the West Coast, my goals are to just grow as seamless as possible. From Toronto to Vancouver and everywhere in between I want to make sure the company stays true to its style and always rises to the challenge of each and every new project. Diving more into the corporate side of event styling is also something we hope to touch on more in the coming years. So many very exciting things to come!

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Contact Megan to discuss your stationery or sweets ideas for your upcoming wedding or special event! 

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