What makes some brides look better than others??

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The owner of Fancy Face Inc., Brittany Gray, lets you in on some industry secrets to help you look flawless in person and in the professional photos on your wedding day. Shhhh….This is strictly confidential information. 😉  

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“I have been in the bridal industry for 9 years. In that time, I have witnessed a lot of professional photos come back from photographers after the wedding day is complete. What I have noticed is that some brides really ‘pop’ and look simply exquisite in the shots hair and makeup wise, and some simply do not. I have chalked this up to a few simple reasons. Below I will share my thoughts and advice if you just happen to be tying the knot sometime soon.  

1) If you are a ‘natural’ woman and tend not to wear a lot of makeup, re-think only wearing mascara and gloss on your wedding day. You will look like you literally have nothing on in the pro photos. You loose SO much makeup with the flash and in bright daylight that you will surely be overshadowed by one of your uber-glam bridesmaids. 

2) Wear a lip color. I know that nude is all the rage and to be truthful, I absolutely love nude lips IF and only IF you have enough drama on the eyes and enough colour/contouring/bronzing on your cheeks. If you do not have any of that going on, I assure you, you will look completely washed out. If your going for a classic & natural looking eye, wear a pop of colour on the lips. It will awaken your entire face in the photos and make you look heavenly…I promise. 🙂 (Wearing lip colours with a blue undertone will make the teeth look whiter… just saying) 

3) False lashes are a MUST. Don’t even think of not wearing them. With professional photos being taken, I promise once you get your photos back, you will barely notice you have any on. They do however make the eyes ‘pop’ in photos. If you don’t like the heavy feeling strip lashes can give you, opt for individuals. They feel lighter and look way more natural. *Disclaimer: Use waterproof glue only. Don’t let a makeup artist use generic glue on you. It needs to be wedding-proof. 

4) Make sure you are wearing a peach or pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. Bronzer is not enough.  

5) If you want that ‘glow’, don’t skip on powder. Make sure to put a mattifying powder on your t-zone and then place a highlighting powder on the specific places you would like to ‘glow’. (Eg- Tops of the cheekbones or bridge of the nose.) This will prevent you from looking too shiny and oily in the professional shots. You will instead, look like a bridal angel.  🙂 

6) Do not let you lip colour fade before the ceremony/reception begins. Most brides get their makeup done and then forget to/don’t have the time to keep an eye on their lips throughout the day/night. Solution: Assign a bridesmaid as a resident makeup watcher. It is her job to let you know when your lip colour is coming off, your t-zone is oily or your blush is fading. I promise you will like the photos WAY better if you maintain your look throughout the day.  

7) Try to not touch and play with your hair too much. So many brides have a habit of playing with their hair. Trust me, you want the hair to last. Touching it is a sure fire way to wreck your ‘do’. 

If you follow the above 7 steps, I ensure you that you will be a stunning bride in person AND in the professional photos. You will look polished and ready for your moment to shine!”   

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