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Having gorgeous hair is a must every day, but especially on your wedding because you’ll look back on those photos forever. Here are 10 hair trends for the year that you might want to consider.


1. Rise and Bloom!

Wearing flowers in your hair on your wedding day has been a trend for a while now, but smaller and more delicate flowers are taking the spotlight away from bigger blooms. This is especially great if you don’t want to have anything too dramatic. Consider baby’s breath wound through braids or wearing a crown of small daisies. You’ll love that it’s natural while being really pretty without the fuss.

2. Shine a Light  

You’ve heard of contouring your face with the use of bronzers and blush, but the trend is now also reaching hair. Ask your stylist for highlights that are a bit lighter than your natural hair color and get them done randomly throughout your hair and in your hair tips. This draws attention to your hair’s texture and style, and is perfect for a bit of color if you’re having a spring wedding.

3. Hair Romance

Pulling your hair back in a low bun is always sleek and sophisticated, but it doesn’t have to take a backseat to the rest of your appearance. Make the look more romantic and a little vintage with the use of jewelled headbands or clips. This look is especially great if you are wearing a glamorous gown.



4. Brides in Braids

Braids are super trendy right now! You can wear them in a variety of styles and there’s something to suit every bride. If you want a sleek and modern look, opt for braids on the sides of your head and leave the rest of your hair long. For a vintage style, choose a braided bun or halo braid. This is where you create a braid over the top of your head, like an Alice band.

5. Volumized Ponytails

You might think ponytails are too casual for your wedding, but if you tease the top to create volume they can look really stunning. They then become understated Brigitte Bardot glamour. You could even wear a pleated ponytail which is a little ruffled up but has a twist at the back which looks effortlessly chic!

6. Boho Beauties

Boho hair is always a winner and keeps appearing in the bridal hairstyle trends. It’s a great way to celebrate all hair lengths and you can pin your tousled tresses to the side for sultry appeal. This is especially a must if you have gorgeous detail on the back of your dress that you don’t want to hide with your long hair.  

7. Reworking the Waves

Mermaid waves are more defined than boho tresses, but put a spin on them:  do them halfway down your hair instead of from your scalp as this creates a sexy, volume-filled hairstyle.

8. Fake Undercuts

Undercuts are edgy and sharp – and yes, a little scary! – but you can fake the look. After making a deep side parting in your hair, follow the part to the nape of your neck. Secure the rest of your hair out of the way and brush the side that now has less hair back. You want it to be fastened tightly under the other hair. Or, braid it. Then, unclip the other hair and apply some mousse to it, before blow-drying it for volume. Sexy!



9. Bling for Your Hair

Galia Lahav’s show at Bridal Fashion Week 2015 revealed eye-catching gorgeousness with its jewellery-inspired headpieces. If you choose hair jewellery or a statement piece to wear in your hair, be sure to let your vale sit a little further back so that you show it off.  

10. Crimp it

Yes, crimping is back and it can look beautiful on your wedding day. Make it subtle and classy by randomly crimping small sections of hair before smoothing them in a ponytail or wearing them loose – just remember to spray on some salt spray to keep their texture looking tousled and beautiful!

With such gorgeous hair trends taking weddings by storm, you’re guaranteed to be a show-stopping bride.

Article written by Cassie Brewer. Images all from Shutterstock.

Cassie Brewer is a makeup artist and freelance writer living in sunny Southern California. She writes about, beauty, fashion, diet and wellness in order to help others not only be beautiful on the outside, but radiant on the inside. You can follow her on Twitter @cassiembrewer 


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