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Here are some of our favourite shots from a recent stylized shoot we worked on, entitled “Eternal Butterfly“, just published in Wedluxe! The lush and soft-hued shoot was inspired by an airy, enchanted garden. 

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PHOTOGRAPHY • ARTIESE Studios, PLANNER; CREATIVE DIRECTOR; PRODUCER • Rainbow Chan Weddings, FLORAL AND DECOR DESIGN • Flowers Time, STATIONERY DESIGN • Paper Damsels, CAKE AND DESSERT DESIGN • The Cocoa Cakery, VENUE • Estates of Sunnybrook, HAIR STYLIST AND MAKEUP ARTIST • Fancy Face Inc., LONG SLEEVE LACE GOWN • “Mona,” from Pearl Bridal House, FLORAL HAND BEADED BODICE WITH SOFT TULLE SKIRT • “Hayden,” from Pearl Bridal House, VEIL • Pearl Bridal House, SHOES • Sophia Webster, FORMAL WEAR • Garrison Bespoke, TABLE LINENS AND NAPKINS • Susan Murray International, CHARGERS AND FLATWARE • William Ashley, CHAIRS • Black Tie Events, AISLE RUNNER • AXE Media Group, CALLIGRAPHY • Cecile Lau Calligraphy, CINEMATOGRAPHY • SDE Weddings, TRANSPORTATION • RSVP Luxury Limousines

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Your lips should be sexy and kissable every day, but there’s more involved in lip care than simply wearing gorgeous lipsticks or tinted lip balms to make them look good. Keep your pout hydrated and beautiful for the ultimate radiance. Follow our tips below to prepare your lips leading up to the big day! 

Fancy Face

Get Rid of Dryness

Your lips can’t look radiant if they’re dry and flaky because they’ll reflect less light and look dull. Get rid of dead skin on your lips by exfoliating them. But be gentle. You just need a warm, wet face cloth and then gently move it around your lips in circular motions. The added bonus of exfoliation is that it creates a clean, soft canvas for your lipstick so it will look more luscious. Aim to exfoliate once a week, or twice a week if your lips are very flaky.

Lather on the Lip Balm

Once you’ve exfoliated your lips, you need to apply a moisturizing lip balm. This seals in the moisture and prevents your lips from drying out. Be smart about lip balm: choose one with nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil, Vitamin E and shea butter. Always wear lip balm before applying lipstick to prevent makeup from further drying out your lips.

Choose Lip Balm With SPF

Keeping your lips evenly toned is a must for radiance, and you can prevent discoloration (as well as wrinkles) on your lips by keeping them protected against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Make sure your lip balm contains at least SPF 15 and reapply it regularly if you are spending time outside.

natural glowing skin

Drink Lots of Water

When your lips are dehydrated, you end up licking them a lot to try to make them moist, but this just strips your lips of their natural oils and causes more dryness. Try to keep your lips hydrated all day by drinking lots of water – and stop licking your lips!

Smoke Less

Now you have another really good reason to quit the nasty nicotine habit: smoking causes your lips to look bad. Smoking restricts blood flow to the lips, causing them to look darker, dry and it can also cause signs of ageing, such as lines and wrinkles.

Eat Vitamin E-Rich Foods

Foods high in Vitamin E are beneficial to your skin, including the skin on your lips, because this nutrient is nourishing and keeps skin super-soft. Vitamin E protects the body’s fatty acids in its cells, preventing free radical damage. So reach for these foods on a regular basis: sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach and fortified cereals. You can also topically apply Vitamin E to your lips by mixing together Vitamin E capsules with honey, beeswax and coconut oil. This DIY lip product soothes your skin and is great for treating chapped lips.

Eat Less Of These Lip Offenders

There are some foods you should avoid if you want to keep your lips hydrated and looking radiant. These include salty and spicy foods that dry out your skin, as well as citrus fruits. So skip the orange juice or grapefruit for breakfast for a while until your dry lips heal.

winged eyeliner

Start Using a Lip Brightening Product

A natural brightening product for your lips can really help to eliminate any discoloration and dark spots on your lips from sun exposure. Filled with natural exfoliating agents and natural oils, these lip boosters gives you a brighter, more evenly-toned pout. Use them regularly to maintain your lip radiance.

If you want gorgeous, bright lips, start following the above tips regularly and say goodbye to problems like dryness, flakiness and dullness. Here’s to a more kissable pout!


Open pores can make your skin look rough and unhealthy. They resemble an orange peel and can give skin an aged look. Having open pores can lead to bigger skin issues like blackheads, acne, and rashes. Open pores can be particularly alarming if you are a bride-to-be and want to have flawless skin on your big day.

Women who have oily skin need to be extra cautious. Oily skin produces excessive sebum, and cosmetic products are not a great solution. Before opting for these, there are several natural remedies that you can try at home. Natural products are a safer bet as you are not treating your skin with chemicals. Plus, natural remedies are present right in your food basket.


Most people are not aware that some of their favourite skin care products contain harmful chemicals. The majority of commercially available beauty creams and lotions have artificial colours, preservatives, fragrances and stabilizers. These are easily absorbed by the skin’s pores and can cause a wide range of negative long-term health effects.

Did you know that the chemicals present in the beauty products are dangerous throughout their life cycles? Right from the way they are manufactured to the ways they are disposed of; they create a negative impact on the environment.

The good news for the brides-to-be is that there are many natural ways to Fix Your Skin and look beautiful without needing to purchase any harmful and expensive commercial products. Experimenting on your skin before you walk down the aisle is not recommended. So opt for natural ways to get your glow back at the time of your wedding.

Importance of Food And Vitamins

Vitamins are considered the building blocks of a healthy body, hair, skin and everything else. Nuts, veggies, and fruits are major sources of vitamins. If you are binging on unhealthy food, then your body cannot get the required amount of minerals and vitamins.

Now as a bride-to-be you do need to eat a balanced diet to maintain a healthy glow. For this, you need a proper supply of vitamins and foods that are filled with it. Following a balanced diet will improve the quality of your skin and take care of problems such as acne and open pores.

Natural Skin Care Remedies to Minimize Pores

If open pores are getting you down before your wedding day, don’t worry. Follow these DIY remedies and see how glowing and radiant your skin becomes.

1) Steaming

If you want to try a simple and no-cost involved procedure to reduce open pores, then try steaming. Steam not only reduces open pores but kills harmful bacteria that cause rashes and acne.  


For this procedure, you need to fill a pot with water and heat it. When the water is hot enough to produce steam pour it into a bowl. Place a towel over your head and lean over the steaming water. Keep your face under the towel for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse your face with cool water and pat it dry. For best results, steam your face twice a week.

2) Egg White Mask

This is a common remedy used to minimize large pores. For this mask, you need one egg white, ½ tablespoon of cornstarch, and two drops of lavender oil.


Take a medium cup and add the egg white to it. Whisk it until it becomes foamy and then add the lavender oil and cornstarch. Smear this mixture on your face and allow it to remain for 20-30 minutes. Rinse your face when the mask gets dry.

3) Natural Sugar Scrub

To create a sugar scrub, you need olive oil, honey, sugar crystals and lemon juice. First, mix one tablespoon of honey, lemon juice, and olive oil. To this mixture add the sugar and mix well.


Gently rub the mixture on your face and leave it for a few minutes. Then splash your face with cold water. You can add additional ingredients like salt, almond paste, rose water, egg white, and more.

Winding Up

You may already have a mile-long checklist of the things to do and avoid on the days leading up to your wedding. The most important among them, is making sure you follow the proper treatments and diet to get beautiful, glowing skin. With the tips given above, you can ensure that your skin is smooth and free from enlarged pores.