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The Fancy Face team of beauty specialists flawlessly and expertly create individual hair and makeup styles for clients who are walking down the aisle or down the red carpet. Our artists are chosen with great scrutiny to ensure only the best and most experienced work with our clients. Our specialists are unmatched in order to meet our outstanding Fancy Face Standard, and with our roster of 30 talented artists, we are certain we have the perfect artist for you.

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Toronto Beauty Specialists



Brittany Gray

Disrupting the beauty industry with her esteemed brand Fancy Face Inc., Brittany Gray has become an internationally renowned trusted source of expertise for faces across the nation. As a contributor to GMA, Cityline, The Social and more, Gray’s personality empowers women of all ages to develop the skills and tactics to put their best face forward through her diverse beauty offerings under the Fancy Face mark. Fancy Face, established over 15 years ago, was inspired by Gray’s boundless passion for the transformative power of makeup, of which she discovered while working in film/television as an actress/dancer on some of the most highly coveted Hollywood films today - Oscar Award Winning ‘Chicago’ (Catherine Zeta Jones) & ‘Amelia’ (Hilary Swank) to name a few. Gray’s work can be seen in Vanity Fair, CTV, FASHION, ET Canada, Hello! Canada and on some of the most influential faces including Candace Bushnell, Jillian Harris, Melissa Grelo, Dina Pugliese, Sangita Patel, and more - further cementing her impact as Canada’s most trusted beauty guru for faces across the nation.

COO + Makeup Artist/Hairstylist

Hannah Wells

After working as an artist on the Fancy Face team for five years, Hannah became Brittany Gray’s right hand and COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Fancy Face in 2021. The progression from artist to COO was something that came naturally to Hannah. After graduating from Sheridan College with High Honours in Makeup for Media and Creative Arts in 2016, her passion for makeup went beyond the application, from ingredient formulation to cosmetic marketing strategies and everything in between, Hannah was enamored with the entire process. Although Hannah studied everything from Skincare and Product Knowledge to Marketing, she believes her experience as a makeup artist is what really set her up for success in her new role. Working with women of all ages, skin tones and skin types has allowed Hannah to truly become an asset kept in the everyday womens back pocket. Helping the Fancy Face community look and in-turn feel their best, is a life-long passion of hers along with facilitating engaging and informative beauty education to assist women in their daily beauty routines.

Fancy Face Team | Brittany L

Makeup Artist + Hairstylist

Brittany L.

Brittany has been working in the industry as a freelance makeup artist for the past ten years. She graduated from Complections International Academy specializing in bridal, fashion, television and film. She has honed her skills over the years working in numerous fashion shows, photoshoots and weddings. Although she loves all aspects of the industry, she is truly passionate about bridal. Helping women feel beautiful and glamorous on the most important day of their lives is an honour for Brittany and sharing that experience with her clients is extremely rewarding! She believes that focusing on enhancing their best features and most importantly, listening to her clients to achieve the look that they desire, is the key to being a successful makeup artist. Her eye for detail and love for what she does really shows in her work. Brittany is an innovative artist with the creativity and skill to make anything possible. Whether its for your big day, photoshoots or any special event, Brittany is the artist to help you look and feel radiant!

Fancy Face Team | Kristina

Makeup Artist + Hairstylist


Kristina has been in the industry for 5 years as both a hairstylist and makeup artist. She fell in love with makeup and the beauty world as a young girl watching her mother work as a makeup artist her entire childhood. She knew from a very young age she was destined to help women feel beautiful and to love themselves. She eagerly enrolled in George Brown College of Makeup Artistry and after graduating, not knowing which direction to go in the makeup industry, she volunteered and got involved in anything she could grab her hands onto. It lead her to gain experience in theatre, film, photoshoots and bridal. She then realized an interest for hairstyling as well. After graduating from Marvel Beauty School and becoming a licensed hair stylist colouring and cutting hair in various hair salons, it wasn’t doing it for her anymore. She developed a clientele mainly for bridal hair and makeup and found herself enjoying every second of it. Knowing how happy styling hair and makeup made her, she couldn’t think of a better place to work than Fancy Face!

Fancy Face | Team | Geanella

Makeup Artist + Hairstylist


Geanella is a makeup artist based in Toronto, her love for makeup started at a very early age; her passion has flourished into a career. After studying Medical Aesthetics in Ecuador, she moved to Toronto to continue her career in beauty. She studied at Canadian Beauty Collage and further developed her skills in Bridal Glam & Editorial Makeup by attending Master Classes with renowned makeup artists in South America. She has had the opportunity to work for the Miss Universe Canada & Miss World Canada 2018 pageants, as well as worked with talented models in South Carolina. Geanella caters to the individual request of each client, striving to bring out the inner beauty and confidence in every woman.

Fancy Face | Team | Parisa

Makeup Artist + Hairstylist


Parisa has been in the industry for 4 years as both Freelance Hair & Makeup Artist. Growing up, she was that little girl who would rummage through her mother’s makeup and give her dolls new haircuts. Although her career path took towards the corporate world in Marketing for a few years, she is now committed to pursue a new direction towards her passion. Receiving her Certification at Glow Academy in Toronto, Parisa is constantly growing her skills by attending courses. Most recently she attended the renowned El Stile Bridal Hair Stylist Course in Los Angeles, where she received her certificate. Parisa loves the beauty industry because it feels rewarding when client's see their first look after glam! She believes communication is key to truly understand the client’s wants and needs to execute their vision. Being the perfectionist that she is, she won’t let a client leave the chair till everything is in place. Her goal is that every client feels confident and in love with their enhanced look.

Melissa | Fancy Face Team Toronto

Makeup Artist + Hairstylist

Melissa B

Melissa has been working in the hair and makeup industry for ten years. She finished a one year apprenticeship at Lift Beauty Boutique in Yorkville Toronto and from there went on to freelance. She has been perfecting her skills over the years working in film, editorial, special events and weddings. Melissa has a special place in her heart for bridal hair and makeup. There is nothing quite as rewarding as being a part of such a special day. The ability to make women feel so confident and beautiful is truly an honour to her. Melissa's eye for detail is evident in her work. She brings new trends while still managing to make you look timelessly beautiful and with Melissa's warm and upbeat personality, you are sure to leave her chair glowing!

Celina | Fancy Face Team Toronto

Makeup Artist + Hairstylist


Celina always knew she wasn’t cut out for a traditional 9am-5pm career, so finding her passion for makeup and hair allowed her to marry her love for art and meeting new people. Celina began as a self-taught artist, and soon after completed her Comprehensive Makeup Artist Certificate at George Brown. After graduating, she grew her skills by becoming a Sephora Senior Artist. Celina loves working collaboratively with her clients, listening to their needs, and playing up their natural beauty to create the perfect look. As a perfectionist, she prides herself on ensuring that every part of a look flows and is just right. Celina consistently keeps up with current trends in the industry by attending masterclasses by prominent artists in the industry. Celina's goal is to ensure that her clients always leave looking flawless, fresh and glowing, but still feel like themselves.

Fancy Face Team | Stacey

Makeup Artist + Hairstylist


Stacey has been in the Beauty Industry for over 6 years after studying Cosmetic Techniques at Seneca College as part of their 2 year program. She first enrolled in the program for Cosmetics for a selfish reason; to learn how to apply on herself. She would do her own hair and makeup but never felt fully confident with the results even though she enjoyed the process and playing with different looks. For big events though, she would turn to the professionals but she would get comments from others saying “she didn't look like herself”, and those kind of comments would put a damper on the happy occasions. She knew that if she felt this way, surely there would be others out there who felt the same. She found that some artists didn't listen to what she was looking for and after her certification Stacey vowed she would never be that kind of artist, would always make what the client wants a priority. That is when that initial selfish reason for her enrolment faded, and it became so much bigger than herself. She feels strongly that the beauty industry is ever-changing and ever growing and she is constantly updating herself on all things beauty; whether its spending hours on YouTube or enrolling in specialized hair and makeup courses. She wants to be the kind of artist that is recognized based on the work she has done. If someone should see a Fancy Face client and know Stacey glammed her up-that would be a defining moment of her career.

Carina | Fancy Face Artist

Makeup Artist + Hairstylist


Carina is a professional hair and makeup artist specializing in bridal and special events. She grew a passion for makeup through her artistic abilities drawing and painting, and continued to expand her knowledge and perfect her skills. She began experimenting with makeup in highschool, freelancing in university and took it to the next level working at Sephora to enhance her skills and build her product knowledge. Carina has been in the beauty industry for 7 years now, continuously growing, learning and staying up to date with new products and trends in order to deliver the best service possible to all of her clients. She has worked with some top hair and makeup brands including Conair, Fanola, Smashbox and Glamglow! Carina strives to build a special bond with every client that steps into her chair, allowing her to create a unique look that will speak to their personality.

Rathai | Makeup Artist + Hairstylist

Makeup Artist + Hairstylist


Rathai Siva is a professional freelance makeup artist and hairstylist who has worked in the the beauty industry for over a decade. She completed her Editorial Makeup Artist Certificate along with the Medical Esthetics Certificate at George Brown. Rathai has a real passion for transforming women into polished versions of themselves with natural and soft glam. Her goal is to teach makeup techniques and create skincare routines that help her clients manage their skin concerns - so they can represent themselves with or without makeup. Rathai, with her vibrant, positive energy, has the natural ability to help clients feel comfortable in their skin and foster self-love. She believes in providing women the right space to transform into their best self, and this can happen sitting in her chair, learning a thing or two about selfcare.

Fancy Face Team | Diana

Makeup Artist


Diana has been a lover of the Arts since she was a small child. She has spent many years working in the entertainment industry, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. After receiving her certification from Glow Academy in Toronto, Diana realized her love and passion for all things beauty would be the driving force behind a fulfilling career in the makeup industry. Diana is a highly imaginative and creative individual with a strong passion for what she does. She understands that through makeup, she can acknowledge her clients’ natural beauty by enhancing the features and characteristics that are unique to each and every one of them. She has excellent instincts when it comes to making clients feel like the best version of themselves. Diana is an original and innovative thinker and holds herself to a very high standard when it comes to staying relevant and keeping up to date with the latest trends in fashion and beauty. Diana goes above and beyond when it comes to meeting her clients’ needs. Not only does she ensure her clients look and feel beautiful, but her bright and charismatic personality brings fun and enjoyment to every fancy face experience.

Fancy Face Team | Carli

Makeup Artist


Carli’s passion for make up developed as a young child immersed in competitive dancing. From this experience, she learned to express herself creatively. After completing a Criminology degree at the University of Western Ontario, she realized she wanted to pursue a career in the fine arts and completed a certification at the College of Makeup Art and Design. Prior to joining the Fancy Face team, Carli worked in make up retail and was a self-employed freelance makeup artist. She is excited to work with the Fancy Face team to help make clients feel like the most beautiful version of themselves.

Fancy Face Team | Britt P

Makeup Artist

Brittany P

Brittany is a professional makeup artist from Toronto, Ontario. She graduated from CMU College of Makeup Art and Design completing the Comprehensive, 26 week course. Studying in all fields of makeup including; Fashion Photographic Makeup, Theatrical Makeup, Film and Television Makeup and Prosthetic Makeup, Brittany has learned a vast variety of skills to further enhance her makeup knowledge from working at Sephora, to freelancing for cosmetic brands, she is always staying up to date with the currents trends and looks. Ever since Brittany was a little girl, playing with colours and makeup was always a hobby of hers. From putting it onto herself, or just playing around with friends, her passion of makeup started at a young age. She has an excellent eye for colour, and she firmly believes in bringing out a clients natural beauty through the careful application of complementary makeup. Whether it's creating a natural look on someone, or getting them all glammed up, Brittany always strives to bring out her clients inner beauty. Making them feel as beautiful as possible.

Fancy Face Team | Anya

Makeup Artist


Anya has been in the Toronto beauty industry with a focus on skincare and makeup for over 5 years. She honed her skills and knowledge about all things beauty during her time as a beauty advisor at Sephora. Specializing in fresh, radiant skin and eyes that command attention, Anya has mastered the art of enhancing natural beauty. From skin prep to final touches, she will listen to your desires and make them come to life. Using only the finest luxury products on the market, Anya creates gorgeous looks that last all day and night. Having worked with numerous talented photographers and videographers for commercial campaigns and events, Anya understands the importance of making your glam look perfect in person and on camera. There is nothing that Anya loves more than leaving her lovely clients happy and glowing.

Fancy Face Team | Sheila

Makeup Artist


Sheila went to school for interior decorating and loves anything to do with art, design and creativity. Sheila is a self taught makeup artist who began to freelance. Her love for artistry allowed her to go above and beyond for her clients giving them the best experience. She soon after started her career with sephora and attended many master classes and brand trainings to further her skills in product knowledge, perfecting her craft with the latest makeup trends. Sheila enjoys glamming up clients for any occasions on their special day. Her passion for beauty not only made her an expert at makeup but also allowed her to pursue her education in hairstyling to elevate her services and experience for her beautiful clients.

Fancy Face | Team | Coming Soon

Makeup Artist


Siobhan’s love for makeup started in high school art class while drawing charcoal portraits, the small details and shading skills made an easy transition into the makeup industry. From a young age Siobhan would visit MAC Cosmetics with her mother and always tell her that her dream was to work there one day and that is exactly where her career started along with freelancing. Siobhan has been extremely fortunate to have traveled to LA to work as an assistant to Canadian celebrity makeup artist Lyndsay Zavitz teaching her the newest trends and techniques in Hollywood glam. New to Toronto Siobhan was looking to become part of a team that would help her evolve as an artist. I feel blessed to work alongside such inspiring talent woman at Fancy Face.

Fancy Face Team | Alissia

Makeup Artist


Alissia is a professional makeup artist, beauty influencer, and content creator. She has had a passion for beauty and art from a young age leading her to pursue a career in makeup artistry. Alissia attended George Brown College, graduating with a certificate in Beauty and Editorial Makeup. She also attended the University of Guelph-Humber where she studied Media Business. Combining both her passions for makeup and social media marketing she has been able to grow an extensive following on social media. Through this she has been able to work with top beauty brands and makeup artists in the industry including: Mario Dedivanovic (Makeup By Mario), Kylie Cosmetics, KKW Beauty, Benefit Canada, Lilly Lashes, and more. Being a beauty influencer, Alissia is always up to date with the newest beauty trends and products. Alissia is passionate about making every client feel beautiful and confident by enhancing their natural beauty. She believes there is no feeling more rewarding than seeing a client smile when they look at themselves in the mirror after she does their makeup.

Sahar | Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist


Sahar has been in the beauty industry for almost 10 years. Since a very young age Sahar has always been very passionate about anything to do with makeup, and playing with colours. Although Sahar went to school to pursue a career in teaching her strong interest in make up brought her back to world of beauty. She was a self taught make up artist and started off at Sephora as a skin and colour consultant where she had the opportunity to receive many trainings and work with brand partners to learn about luxury products and formulas. Building relationship and understanding each individual client’s needs is always the most important to Sahar. Her hard work and passion allowed her to quickly move up in company to an education and colour lead role within Sephora where she had the opportunity to work with individuals on the team one on one as well as host workshops and trainings. She worked with senior artists and other education specialists to train, teach and certify young artists. In her recent years Sahar found out that her true passion within the industry is working with brides. In 2019 she planned her own wedding in 6 months and knows the stress a bride can go through. She also believes that nothing is more exciting and beautiful than the wedding day where all the hard work pays off. Sahar will ensure you feel your best and work with you to fulfill all your bridal dreams by enhancing your natural beauty.

Fancy Face | Team | Nisha



Nishaa’s passion for hairstyling started at a young age, especially fashion and bridal. Nishaa feels genuine satisfaction knowing she helps women look and feel beautiful. Growing up with a big family and owning too many Barbie dolls, she always had someone’s hair to play with. After high school, she made the decision to go into a totally different field of work, which she sooner than later left to pursue hairdressing. She completed and received her hairdressing diploma at Marca College in 2012. Since then, Nishaa has been grateful to work with companies like TIFF, Miss Universe Canada, Elevation Pictures, Blo Blow Dry Bar and now, Fancy Face Inc. She is extremely driven and is constantly learning new trends.

Fancy Face Team | Daniela | Toronto Hairstylist



It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together, and for Daniela, she has had the passion for hair design for as long as she can remember. Working in this industry for 17 years she has been given many opportunities to grow and be the confident stylist she is today. Daniela keeps up with the latest trends by attending classes and learning new things which she is always able to bring back to her clients. Although talented in many areas of the beauty industry, her true talent exists in the area of styling and bridal styling. Daniela prides herself in creating movement in a woman’s hair, recreating her inner beauty and providing a look that leaves her client feeling a sense of absolute joy. In her own words Daniela gets to make every person that sits in her chair feel great about themselves. Simplicity is key for Daniela, however she is always up for any given challenge whether it be new or the older style trends in an ever changing industry. Not all brides want or strive for the same look but Daniela continuously proves with flexibility that any trend is attainable. Allow Daniela to magically create your hairstyle in order to fulfill your bridal dreams.

Administrative Assistant


Eugenia is a big lover of art, history and culture, which has resulted in her obtaining a B.A. in Archaeology from the University of Toronto, and many travels abroad where she spent countless hours in museums and historical sites. In order to fund her love of travel, she decided to go to Seneca College after university to obtain a law clerk diploma, and she currently works in an employment legal clinic in downtown Toronto. She also has extensive experience in the retail and customer relations fields, where she cultivated a love for interacting with customers and an interest in brand management. She is especially interested in the luxury beauty business and hopes to expand on this interest in her new role at Fancy Face Inc. Eugenia is assisting her sister Tiffany in an administrative and customer relations capacity at Fancy Face Inc., along with contributing to the company’s blog. She is enjoying her new role greatly and is further developing her passion for high-end beauty and the wedding industry on a whole. She hopes to make your Fancy Face Inc. experience as lovely and as glamourous as possible!

Customer Concierge/General Manager


Tiffany is a graduate from the Fashion Communications program at Ryerson University. She has a passion for all things fashion and beauty, with a diverse range of public relations experience in these industries and more. As an early adopter of the digital revolution and new media channels, she has managed major multimedia outreach campaigns for various clients. Tiffany’s creative and strategic approaches are focused on expanding Fancy Face Inc.’s brand through online social networks, as well as managing all aspects of customer relations and operations for the company.