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Fancy Face Inc.’s Celebrity Client List

Jessica Mulroney (Fashion Influencer)

Monique Coleman (Disney’s High School Musical Franchise)

Keshia Chante (Singer/Songwriter)


Elisha Cuthbert (Actress)

Roxy Earle (Real Housewives of Toronto) 

David Arquette

David Arquette (Actor)


Tessa Virtue (Olympic Medalist)


Darla and Jon Montgomery (Athletes)


Melissa D’Arabian (Celebrity Chef)

Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank)

Adrienne Clarkson (former Governor General of Canada)

Global Morning Show

Darcy Tucker (former NHL player)

Brett Wilson (Dragon’s Den)

Kevin Frankish (Breakfast Television)

Chassie Post (TV Celebrity Style/Fashion Expert)

Aubrey Dan (Dancap)

Kathleen Newman-Bremang (Much Music)

Anne-Marie Mediwake (CBC News Anchor)

Dwight Drummond (CBC News Anchor)

Lisa Laflamme (CTV News Anchor)

Erin Davis (98.1 Radio Host)

Suhana Meharchano (CBC News Anchor)

Tanith Belbin (Battle Of The Blades/Olympian)

Boyd Devereaux (Stanley Cup Champion)

Elena Berezhnaya (Battle of the Blades)

Doug Gilmour (Retired NHL Player)

Todd Simpson (NHL Team Captain)

Curtis Leschyshyn (Battle of the Blades)

Marcy Hinzmann (Olympian)

Tyrone Vaughan (Country Rock Blues Artist)

Danielle Wade (Wizard of Oz)

Suzie McNeil (Pop Rock Recording Artist)

Martine Gaillard (Television Personality)


Wedluxe’s “Cherry Blossom Heaven

WedLuxe’s “Fresh From the Mercato

WedLuxe’s “Love Style Life

WedLuxe’s “Be My Valentine

(Hair and makeup by Brittany L – Fancy Face Inc.)

WedLuxe’s “I Love Lucy”‘s Glitterati Style File

                  Roxy Earle for Le Chateau shot at Royal York Hotel –

                    Hair by Shannon and makeup by Allyssa  

Wedding Chicks’ “A Castle Wedding Inspiration Fit for a Modern Day King and Queen”

WedLuxe Magazine’s “Into The Woods”



WedLuxe Magazine’s “Say “Yes!” to Pink Geodes”


WedLuxe Magazine’s “Pink Gets the Royal Treatment

WedLuxe Magazine’s “Passionate Colour

WedLuxe Magazine’s “Blush Quartz”


WedLuxe Magazine’s “Sunset Boulevard”


Photos for Valencienne

Wedluxe Magazine’s “Palma Dolce

Wedluxe Magazine’s “Majolica Muse” 

Dear Gray Magazine’s “Willow Springs Winery

Wedluxe’s “The Ice Queen


Wedluxe’s “White Space

Wedluxe’s “Laser Focus

   img_8517 img_8518  img_8521 img_8524 img_8525

Wedluxe’s “Eternal Butterfly

image1 image2 image3 image4  image6 image7 image8 image9 image10

Wedluxe’s “Love, Balmain” 

IMG_6438 IMG_6439  IMG_6442 IMG_6443img_7879 img_7880 img_7881

Wedluxe’s “Art of Amadeus

Fancy Face Wedluxe Wedluxe Feature Wedluxe Fancy Face Inc

Wedluxe’s “Colour Me Royal”

IMG_6332 IMG_6333 IMG_6334 IMG_6335 IMG_6336

Wedluxe’s “Langdon Hall”

i-6mCbPbp-X3-1 i-TTCk9Bq-X3-1 Wedluxe 2 Wedluxe Fancy Face

Ethereal Galia Lahav Gowns in Wedluxe

Wedluxe Wedluxe2 Wedluxe3

Modern Marble” Stylized Editorial Shoot

Fancy Face Marble MarbleFancy Face Photohoot 1 Fancy Face Photshoot Marble Editorial Marble Photoshoot

A Parisian Inspired Style Shoot” on The Wedding Co.

 FrenchBlue-036 FrenchBlue-035  FrenchBlue-014

The Art of Wedding Planning” on Strictly Weddings

IMG_0468 IMG_0471 DSC_5729  DSC_5871   DSC_6008  DSC_7227

Napa Valley” on Wedluxe

IMG_0128  IMG_0130 IMG_0131  IMG_0133


“Romantic Elegance at Spadina Museum” on Ruffled 

Ruffled - photo by Purple Tree Photography Ruffled - photo by Purple Tree Photography Ruffled - photo by Purple Tree Photography Ruffled - photo by Purple Tree Photography

Wedluxe Magazine’s “Napa Daydream”

Wedluxe Napa Daydream Wedluxe Napa Daydream 1

Wedluxe Magazine’s “Into the Wild”

Wedluxe Into the WildWedluxe Into the Wild 1

Wedluxe Magazine’s “En Pointe”

Screenshot 2015-12-09 19.18.50 Screenshot 2015-12-09 19.19.23 Screenshot 2015-12-09 19.20.06

Wedluxe Magazine’s “Modern Marble”

Wedluxe Modern Marble

WEDDING Magazine – UK

Sagewood006 Sagewood008 Sagewood054 Sagewood056 Sagewood064 Sagewood068 Sagewood085 Sagewood086 Sagewood096


Wedluxe Magazine’s “Anna Karenina

 IMG_2047 IMG_2046 IMG_2045

Wedluxe Magazine’s “Painted Beauty

image5 image4 image3 image2 image1

Wedluxe Magazine’s “La Dolce Vita” 

i-TMC3BQk-X3 i-QmTDThJ-X3 i-m6Ww9KV-X3 i-KW63TsK-X3 i-kcB2L73-X3 i-2bFMvTc-X3   i-hkVXZxn-X3

Wedluxe Magazine’s “Gatsby Glamour

 image3 image4 image5  image7  image9 image10

Wedluxe Magazine’s “The Book of Botanical Studies”

image1 image2 image4 image5  image7 image8 image9 image11 IMG_6436 IMG_6437 IMG_6438

Wedluxe Magazine’s “The Secret Garden”

Wedluxe Editorial Page One

Wedluxe Magazine’s “To Canada with Love

IMG_5402 IMG_5401 IMG_5400 IMG_5399

“Cosmo Carnival Bridal Shower” in Best Friends for Frosting

IMG_3751 IMG_3752image1image3image4image5image6

Elegant Wedding Magazine’s “At First Blush” 

image1 image2 image3  image5 




FullSizeRender IMG_3353  IMG_3437 

Wedluxe Magazine’s “Sweet Dreams”

 image1 image2 image5 image6 image7 image9 image10 image13 image16 image18 image20 image21 image22

Sleeping Beauty

Wedluxe Magazine’s “Fleur Blanche”

image1 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7

Wedluxe Magazine’s “English Rose”

image1 image3 image5 image6 image7 image8 image9

Kate Spade Inspired Valentine’s Day on The Wedding Co.

kate-spade-valentinesday-shoot-312 kate-spade-valentinesday-shoot-310 kate-spade-valentinesday-shoot-239 kate-spade-valentinesday-shoot-233 kate-spade-valentinesday-shoot-214 kate-spade-valentinesday-shoot-194 kate-spade-valentinesday-shoot-184 kate-spade-valentinesday-shoot-166 kate-spade-valentinesday-shoot-131 kate-spade-valentinesday-shoot-120 kate-spade-valentinesday-shoot-115 kate-spade-valentinesday-shoot-105 

Lavish Dulhan Magazine’s Alexander McQueen-inspired Editorial

L'Atelier Lumeire - Lavish Dulhan McQueen Editorial_-24 L'Atelier Lumeire - Lavish Dulhan McQueen Editorial_-77 L'Atelier Lumeire - Lavish Dulhan McQueen Editorial_-101 L'Atelier Lumeire - Lavish Dulhan McQueen Editorial_-104 L'Atelier Lumeire - Lavish Dulhan McQueen Editorial_-113 L'Atelier Lumeire - Lavish Dulhan McQueen Editorial_-118 L'Atelier Lumeire - Lavish Dulhan McQueen Editorial_-139

Elegant Wedding Magazine’s “Spanish Rose”

1-elegant-wedding-magazine-cover Elegant Wedding Toronto_28 Elegant Wedding Toronto_29 Elegant Wedding Toronto_30 Elegant Wedding Toronto_31 Elegant Wedding Toronto_32 Elegant Wedding Toronto_33 Elegant Wedding Toronto_34 Elegant Wedding Toronto_70 Elegant Wedding Toronto_72 Elegant Wedding Toronto_77 image3 image6

Elegant Wedding Magazine’s “Timeless Romance”

Elegant Wedding Toronto_113 Elegant Wedding Toronto_112 Elegant Wedding Toronto_114 Elegant Wedding Toronto_115 Elegant Wedding Toronto_116 

Elegant Wedding Magazine’s “Carousel Couture”

Elegant Wedding Toronto_123 Elegant Wedding Toronto_125 image1_1 image2_1 image7_1 image9_1 image12 image15 image19 image25

Elegant Wedding Magazine’s “Cinco de Mayo”

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender

Wedluxe Magazine

Paris Inspired Photoshoo -Paige Lewis Paris Inspired Photoshoo -Paige Lewis 1

Wedluxe Magazine’s “Dramatic Jewel Tones”

Jewel Tone Shoot!

Wedluxe Magazine’s “Sleeping Beauty”

image_3 image_4 image_5 image_8 image_11 image_12 image_13 image_14 image_17 image_18 image_19 image_21 image_23

White Magazine’s “The Wonder Years”

7 Wonder Years 8 Wonder Years2

Wedluxe Magazine’s “Fresco Verde”

10469343_10152478627447072_1645159544826691173_n Verde verde 1 verde 2 Verde 3 Verde 4 Verde 5 Verde 7 Verde 9 Wedluxe page 172-173 Wedluxe page 174-175    emily-1 emily-2 emily-3

Elegant Wedding Magazine’s “Fairy Tale Classics”

FINAL ELEGANT WEDDING JUNE COVER image (1) image (2)  image (4) image (5) image (6) image Elegant Wedding Magazine 74 Elegant Wedding Magazine 75 Elegant Wedding Magazine 76  Elegant Wedding Magazine 78  Elegant Wedding Magazine 80  photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Elegant Wedding Magazine’s “Alice in Wonderland”

image (8) image (2) image (3) image (5) image (6) image (7) image (9) image image (10) image (11)

Wedluxe magazine’s “House of Holland”


Graydon Hall creative with Mango Studios

Mango_GraydonHall-0221 Mango_GraydonHall-0011 Mango_GraydonHall-0021 Mango_GraydonHall-0041 Mango_GraydonHall-0061 Mango_GraydonHall-0141

Elegant Wedding magazine’s cover spread

Elegant Wedding Cover Elegant Wedding _ Elegant Wedding __ Elegant Wedding ___ Elegant Wedding ____ Elegant Wedding ______

Vintage-Inspired Stylized Shoot at the Drake One Fifty

drake150_525  drake150_444 drake150_440 drake150_431 drake150_154 drake150_151 drake150_146 drake150_124

Elegant Wedding magazine’s Blushing Brides


Style Me Pretty Graydon Hall Manor Shoot