Masterclass Transcript

Fancy Face presents:

Product Knowledge

Brittany Gray: We have the most amazing clients and the most amazing followers on social media and the one thing that’s really cool, apart from this training that we do internally, is that a lot of our clients are asking us to do masterclasses and lessons! So this year we will actually be really delving into that. Our team is going to be accessible to our clients to teach them all about everyday makeup, and also really glam, Fancy Face makeup as well. And we’re going to be holding some really amazing workshops and masterclasses for people both in Toronto and Vancouver.

The one great thing with curating an amazing group of women that have all of these amazing skill sets, when it comes to hair and makeup, is that we have secrets! And secrets are so important when it comes to beauty. It takes certain processes to look a certain way and what we love doing is informing and teaching people how to feel like their best selves, their most beautiful, and that is something we are really pumped to do this year.