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Fancy Face Holiday Party


Beautiful company, wonderful ambiance and delicious food and drinks. Here’s to an amazing 2018 and an even more spectacular 2019!

Every year around the holiday season our amazing Fancy Face team has an annual company Christmas party to celebrate the wonderful year we’ve just shared. Each year, we make an effort to change up where we go and what we do. One year we went to Pravda downtown, last year we celebrated at the National Ballet and followed the show up with food and drinks at SoHo House. This year, the ladies wanted more time to socialize while they celebrated so we decided on the lovely Café Cancan. The café designed by Tiffany Pratt is feminine, unique, classy and was just perfect for our Fancy Face ladies. It suited us brilliantly and helped to create a really beautiful celebration.

Our dress code was sequins; the girls chose sequins of many colours and we all arrived feeling gorgeous. Purple Tree was there to shoot the day while we enjoyed many food and drink options. There were three signature cocktails, mimosas, coffee and tea as well as oysters and other french hors d’oeuvres to begin. After that, we enjoyed a delicious prix fixe lunch and French pastries for dessert – all tailored to Fancy Face. Café Cancan truly went out of their way and were just amazing! Each of our girls also got twenty minute tarot card readings with Jayne from The Rock Store and had so much fun chatting about them and getting to know each other. Though some of the team were already friends, we also had some new members for 2019 come along for the fun and take the time to connect with one another.

So many thanks to everyone at Café Cancan and Purple Tree as well as the amazing tarot card reader for helping to make our holiday celebration so special. What a fabulous day to bring us all together. We’re so excited for the new year ahead!

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