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10 Fancy Face Products to Unleash Your Inner Barbie

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Hey, beauties!

If you’ve been keeping up with the recent Barbie movie buzz, you’ll know that Barbie’s world is once again capturing hearts and inspiring beauty trends everywhere – and we are HERE for it! Today, we are diving into ten Fancy Face beauty products that will undoubtedly make you feel like a modern-day Barbie. But first, let’s take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and explore Barbie’s iconic beauty looks through the ages!

Barbie’s Timeless Beauty Evolution

  1. Early Years (1959-1960s): Barbie’s makeup showcased the classic elegance of the era. A natural look with subtle blush, neutral eyeshadow, and a touch of light pink or coral lipstick was the essence of her beauty. 
  2. Mod Era (1960s-early 1970s): As the swinging ’60s came along, Barbie’s makeup became more daring with bold colors like blue, green, and purple eyeshadows. Her eyeliner got thicker, adding an extra touch of drama to her eyes, while her lips saw vibrant shades of pink and red. 
  3. Malibu Barbie & Superstar Era (1970s-1980s): Glitz and glam took center stage during this period. Barbie’s makeup became shimmery and glamorous, with metallic eyeshadows in gold and silver tones. Her lips were adorned with glossy shades in vibrant corals and reds, perfect for the disco era. 
  4. ’90s and Beyond: Barbie embraced a more natural and sophisticated look in the 1990s. Soft eyeshadows in browns and taupes, paired with muted pink and brown lipsticks, defined her elegant and timeless style.


Channeling Barbie’s Beauty Today

Now that we’ve taken inspiration from Barbie’s iconic beauty looks, let’s explore ten Fancy Face products that will bring out your inner Barbie and have you feeling like the fabulous doll herself!

Pink Cloud Headband

  1. Pink Cloud Headband: Unleash your inner Barbie with this adorable Pink Cloud Headband. Perfect for pulling your hair back while getting glammed up, this headband adds a touch of cuteness to your beauty routine.

More about the product: The Pink Cloud Headband is not only cute but also functional. It’s extra absorbent, making it ideal for keeping your hair in place during your beauty rituals. Its versatile design allows you to use it while cleansing your face, applying makeup, or simply when you need to add a little extra flair to your look. Embrace all things Barbie with this delightful accessory!

Rose Ok Blush and In the City Lip Lacquer

  1. Dewy Skin – Age-Defying BB Cream: Achieve Barbie’s flawless complexion with our Age-Defying BB Cream. This glow-enhancing beauty balm softens the appearance of fine lines, leaving your skin looking radiant and fresh, just like Barbie’s.

More about the product: The Fancy Face Age-Defying BB Cream is your secret weapon to achieving a Barbie-like glow. Its lightweight formula effortlessly evens out your skin tone, blurs imperfections, and provides a natural, dewy finish. The BB Cream is enriched with age-defying properties that help maintain the youthful appearance of your skin. Get ready to turn heads with your radiant complexion!

Flawless Setting Powder

  1. Airbrushed Finish – Flawless Setting Powder: Get that airbrushed look with our Flawless Setting Powder. Minimize pores and achieve a smooth, filtered finish that lasts all day long.

More about the product: Say goodbye to visible pores and hello to a flawless, airbrushed finish with our Flawless Setting Powder. This weightless, translucent powder effortlessly sets your makeup, ensuring it stays in place throughout the day. Its finely-milled texture helps reduce shine and absorb excess oil without caking or settling into fine lines. Prepare to be photo-ready with this game-changing setting powder!

Barbie Blush

  1. Pink Blush – Watermelon Sugar / Rosé-OK?: Add a youthful and rosy glow to your cheeks with our Pink Blushes. Watermelon Sugar, a true Barbie pink shade, and Rosé-OK?, a warm pink matte blush, will give you that perfect flush of color.

More about the product: Our Pink Blushes are the key to achieving Barbie’s signature rosy cheeks. Watermelon Sugar brings a lively pop of color with its watermelon undertones, while Rosé-OK? adds warmth and a skin-like finish to your complexion. These highly pigmented blushes are easy to blend, giving you a seamless, radiant glow that captures Barbie’s timeless beauty.

Heavenly Highlighter

  1. Shimmering Highlighter – Heavenly / Glazed & Cheeky: Capture Barbie’s radiant complexion with our Shimmering Highlighters. Heavenly features a beautiful two-tone pressed highlighter, while Glazed & Cheeky adds a warm petal pink undertone and rose gold reflects for that irresistible glow.

More about the product: Get ready to shine like Barbie with our Shimmering Highlighters. Heavenly‘s two-tone pressed powder highlights your cheekbones and other high points of your face, giving you a radiant, luminous glow. On the other hand, Glazed & Cheeky blush topper is perfect for achieving Barbie’s natural glow. It has a warm petal pink undertone and rose gold reflects, perfect to add to your cheeks, nose, lips, and eyes. With these highlighters, you’ll be the embodiment of Barbie’s glamorous spirit!

Sassy Lipstick | Barbie Lipstick

  1. Pink Lipstick/Lipgloss – Sassy / In The City / Vacay Mode: Embrace Barbie’s bold lip colors with our Pink Lipsticks and Lipglosses. Choose from Sassy, In The City, or Vacay Mode for the perfect shade that suits your mood and style.

More about the product: Barbie’s lips have always been a statement, and now you can channel her iconic lip colors with our Pink Lipsticks and Lipglosses. Sassy is a vibrant watermelon pink lipstick that demands attention, making it the ultimate statement lip shade. In The City offers a soft, baby pink lip lacquer for a more subdued yet chic Barbie-inspired look. Lastly, Vacay Mode is the perfect baby pink lip gloss, ideal for that effortless, beachy vibe à la Malibu Barbie. Embrace your inner Barbie and play with these stunning lip shades!

Basic Boss Lashes

  1. False Eyelashes – Basic Boss / First Dance: Achieve Barbie’s fluttery, glamorous lashes with our False Eyelashes. Basic Boss adds volume without looking overwhelming, while First Dance brings out your inner diva with thicker weaving and luscious lash ends.

More about the product: Barbie’s captivating eyes have always been a focal point of her beauty. Now, you can enhance your gaze with our False Eyelashes. Basic Boss lashes add volume and flair to your natural lashes, giving you a sophisticated yet alluring look. On the other hand, First Dance lashes deliver a sultry and glamorous effect, perfect for when you want to embrace Barbie’s bold style. Get ready to turn heads with these fabulous falsies!

Best makeup setting spray

  1. Forever Fancy Lavender Setting Spray: Seal the deal with our Forever Fancy Setting Spray, infused with calming lavender essential oil. Ensure your makeup lasts all day while giving your skin a rejuvenating boost.

More about the product: Our Forever Fancy Setting Spray is the ultimate beauty essential for locking in your Barbie-inspired look. Enriched with calming lavender essential oil, it not only sets your makeup flawlessly but also provides a refreshing and revitalizing experience. Say goodbye to makeup meltdown and hello to a long-lasting, flawless finish. Get ready to rock your Barbie-inspired beauty all day long!

NUDA Body Shimmer

  1. NUDA Body Shimmer: For that ultimate touch of glam, our NUDA Body Shimmer will make you sparkle and shine like Barbie. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, it leaves your skin feeling silky and luxurious.

More about the product: Take your Barbie-inspired glam to the next level with our NUDA Body Shimmer. This glittery and golden body illuminator adds a touch of sparkle to your skin, perfect for that extra special occasion or a day when you simply want to shine bright like Barbie. Enriched with nourishing Aloe Vera, avocado oil, grape seed oil, and vitamin E, this luxurious body shimmer will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and looking absolutely radiant. Embrace the glamorous side of Barbie with this mesmerizing body shimmer!

Shower Steamers

  1. Rosé Garden Shower Steamers: Treat yourself to a relaxing and fragrant shower experience with our Rosé Garden Shower Steamers. You deserve a little pampering, just like Barbie!

More about the product: Indulge in a spa-like experience with our Rosé Garden Shower Steamers. As you immerse yourself in the delightful scent of a heavenly rose garden, let the stress melt away and embrace the pampering side of Barbie. These shower steamers create a luxurious and aromatic escape, giving you the self-care and TLC you deserve. Elevate your shower routine and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Barbie with these refreshing shower steamers!

We hope this selection of Fancy Face Barbie beauty products helps you embrace your inner diva and lets you shine like the glam Barbie you are! Let us know in the comments which product you can’t wait to try and remember, you are beautiful, just like Barbie!

Xo, The Fancy Face Team




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