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5 Step Mature Makeup Routine: Step-by-Step Guide with Pro Tips

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5 Step Mature Makeup Routine

Hey beauties!

Last week we shared a video of Brittany doing Denise’s makeup for an upcoming photo shoot, and you all loved it! Today, we’re sharing an in-depth breakdown of a mature makeup routine for mature women, focusing on achieving a flawless base and sharing essential skincare tips. We’ll also cover the use of BB cream, dark circle corrector, contour stick, setting spray, bronzer, powder blush, eye makeup, brow pencil, highlighter, and lips. Let’s dive in!

Supermodel Lip Bath | Strawberry Strut | Applying on mature lips

Step 1 – Skincare

The first step in any beauty routine is skincare. Start with our Poetry in Potion Serum, gently massaging it onto the face, including the neck, using upward motions. Follow up with our Daydream Rosewater Cream and Illuminée Eye Serum. Don’t neglect your neck, as it doesn’t naturally hydrate itself. For the eye serum, apply a small amount using the cool gold applicator tip, massaging it inwards and upwards to depuff and lift the eyes. Warm up a small amount of our Daydream Rosewater Cream in your hands and press it onto the skin. Lastly, hydrate the lips with our Supermodel Lip Bath.

Flawless Setting Powder | Cream Blush Application

Step 2 – Base

Achieve a flawless base using our Refined Essentials brush set. Start with brush number one, ideal for applying BB cream. Its size allows you to reach every corner of the face and press the product into the skin, creating a second-skin effect that doesn’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles. Blend the BB cream onto the neck and chest for a consistent tone.

Next, brighten the under eyes using our Perk Up concealer and brush number two. This brush blends seamlessly, and the salmon pink color of the concealer neutralizes dark circles, providing coverage and brightening the area without emphasizing fine lines.

Use our Chisel Me contour stick with brush number one to add warmth, contour the face, and achieve a bronzed and glowy look. Apply it to the forehead, cheekbones, and areas where the sun naturally hits. Then, blend our Blossom and Watermelon Sugar cream blushes together on the cheeks for a natural flush.

Before applying any powders, start with a setting spray. Our Forever Fancy Lavender setting spray prepares the face for powder products. Once dry, use our Flawless setting powder, a translucent powder that smoothes pores and fine lines. Press it into the skin and the T-zone. Avoid over-setting the outskirts of the face if you’re over 40 and not excessively oily, as it may compromise the youthful dewy look.

Bronze the face using our Maui Mood bronzer and brush number four. Despite its small size, this brush precisely places the product without overapplication. Add a touch of color to the cheeks with a powder blush like our Rosé Ok or Peach Babe blush. These products set the outer areas of the face, ensuring longevity without excessive movement.

Eye Shadow Palette for mature women

Step 3 – Eyes

To create the perfect eye look, reach for our Crème de La Crème palette and brushes number six and number five. For mature eyes, avoid applying very light colors on the lid, as they can make you appear more tired. Instead, add depth by applying London Fog to the lid with brush number five, then use High Tea and the same brush to build up the crease. Tap off excess product, and create a subtle lash line drama by pulling the eyes up and out. For added definition, dip brush number seven into London Fog and define the lash line, creating a soft winged effect.

Brow pencil for mature women

Step 4 – Brows

Define your brows using our Shape Me Up brow pencil. Create hair-like strokes for added definition and thickness. Gradually build up the brows and use the spoolie on the opposite end to diffuse harsh lines and achieve a natural look. Finish by brushing the brows upward with our Browmance gel to fill and set them.

Dew-U Highlighter and Sassy Lipstick application

Step 5 – Finishing Touches & Lips

For a radiant finish, apply our Dew-U highlighter. It’s particularly suitable for mature skin, as it adds life and radiance without accentuating fine lines. Finally, enhance your lips with our Graceful waterproof lip liner, applying it all over the lips for added insurance if your lipstick fades. Complete the look with Denise’s favorite Fancy Face lipstick shade, Sassy, which adds a pop of color, brightens the face, and makes the teeth appear whiter.

That’s it, beauties! We hope you’ve learned some valuable tips and tricks for your everyday mature beauty routine!

The Fancy Face Team

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