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All About That Base: Makeup Base Tips for Mature Women

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Mature Makeup Tips

Our best tip for glowy makeup that last all day and into the night? It’s all about that base! As your skin matures, preparing a smooth base is key to keep your makeup fresh and accentuating that natural glow. Creating an incredible makeup base focuses on three key areas: prepping, priming, and applying. Don’t stress: we’ve included a few of Fancy Face’s favourite tips here to help you build your best base!


Step One: Start with Skincare

Getting your face makeup-ready always starts before you even apply your first stroke of foundation! The best makeup routines always start with completing your skincare routine first. Starting your routine with skincare creates a smooth and hydrated base for your makeup. No flaking or dryness here!

Your turn: Start by washing your face with a gentle cleanser. Give your skin the hydration it deserves by applying your moisturizer all over your face and neck. Instead of a heavy cream for daytime, try a lightweight moisturizer. Choosing lightweight products ensures your base isn’t too heavy, and doesn’t pill off when you start to build that base! Once you’re moisturized, don’t skip your SPF! Sunscreen is key to keeping your skin healthy and protected underneath your makeup, even on days when you’re inside. A lightweight, chemical sunscreen won’t leave a white cast on your skin and will blend seamlessly.

Mature Makeup Before and After

Step Two: Prime, Prime, Prime!

As your skin matures, primer is a non-negotiable each time you apply makeup! Primer helps your makeup from day to night by keeping makeup from settling into fine lines. It creates a smoother appearance and acts as a barrier between your skin and your foundation.

Your turn: Try a hydrating or illuminating primer as the final step in your skincare routine before applying any makeup. Simply apply a small amount of primer with your fingertips or a makeup sponge (your choice!). Apply to your entire face while ensuring you avoid your eye area. Allow your primer to dry for 3-5 minutes before moving onto the next step. Bonus: if you’re creating a fierce eye look, use an eye-specific primer. Your eyeshadow and liner won’t budge! 


Step Three: Build a Solid Foundation

Finally, it’s time to apply your makeup! Foundation is no means a one-size-fits all solution: how much coverage you need depends on preference and what’s in your planner for the day!

Before applying, start by assessing how much coverage you’d prefer for the day. If you’re headed out to run errands, you might prefer a tinted moisturizer. As the name implies, a tinted moisturizer provides light coverage with a hint of pigment to match your skin tone. These moisturizers are great options for days you need less coverage (think: running errands, brunch with friends). If you have dry skin, look for tinted moisturizers that are hydrating or illuminating for an extra glow.

Getting glam? A night out might be the perfect time for foundation! Try a light and hydrating liquid foundation that will allow you to build coverage. Liquid foundation is easier to blend and build coverage than with traditional stick or powder foundations. Dewy foundations are also a great choice rather than matte foundations. Dewy, light foundations will create a beautiful, natural glow on your skin!

Mature Makeup Tips

Your turn: Start by building coverage with your foundation rather than applying a thick layer of foundation all over your face. Try applying your foundation with a slightly damp makeup sponge to create a smooth, glowy look. Focus on the areas that need the most coverage, and blend your foundation out from there. Make sure you blend, blend, blend all over your face and down onto your neck! Blending ensures your makeup looks natural and completely matches your skintone. Ready to set? You can set your base with a lightweight, loose setting powder along your T-zone. If you have naturally dry skin, try using a dewy setting spray to set your makeup instead.

With those three easy steps, you’re ready to glow! Don’t forget to add some illuminating highlight, a little lip gloss, and you’ll be shining all day (and night) long.


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