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Beauty Trends for Fall and Winter 2021

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Hey, beauties! Get ready for some fancy and fierce beauty trends for fall and winter! I recently had the pleasure of appearing on Arizona’s 12 News as the guest for their beauty segment, “Fall in Love with These Makeup Trends”, so I wanted to take a moment to give you allll the trends, tips and goodies sure to keep you looking and feeling fabulous this fall season!

The Draping Blush Technique
One major trend we’re seeing for blush this fall is called The Draping Blush Technique. This awesome 70s trend (originated by makeup artist Wade Bandy, makeup artist to Cher herself!) that’s making a comeback is essentially a contouring technique you use with blush rather than a contour shade, to give you that lovely, rosy glow. This helps to give fabulous structure to your face and lift those cheekbones, ladies! No harsh browns or taupes here, just that “fresh from the dance floor” (or fresh from the cold) flush!

Fancy Face Draping Blush Technique

From your temples, make a c-shape down to the apples of your cheek, then blend gently into the apples of your cheeks and slightly into the hairline. 

A rosy tone is super popular for this technique, as well as going for a monochromatic look by pulling in an apricot tone on both your cheeks and your lips to bring together your whole, fancy face.

Trending lip colours
There are 3 very trending lip colours for the fall and winter seasons. We’re all about these bold lipstick trends!

The matte red lipstick (and that Hollywood red with the blue undertone that makes your teeth look oh, so white!) is making a big comeback, as are brick and berry tones.

While we’ve seen a big influx of some of our favourite celebs toting the brown lip tone (Shay Mitchell, Zendaya and Gigi Hadid to name a few), we recognize that brown is not always an easy colour for everyone to wear. So how do you make it more wearable and more flattering for your beautiful face?

Fancy Face Trending Lip Colours

Much like some of our favourite fashion trends this year, the 90s are also back in beauty. So to make a brown lip work for you, you can try to tie it in with a brown, soft eyeshadow to pull together your features, while also including a rosy or apricot blush using the Draping Blush Technique to keep up that modern-day vibe we’re all after. Mixing a brown and red tone together can give you that really lovely brick tone lip.

Stay away from ashy browns and live in that warm, soft, deep brown shade. Your face will love you for it.

Lipstick hack for mask-wearing
For those of you wondering how on earth you can wear lipstick with a mask, we’d recommend enlisting in a waterproof lip liner in the trending colour of your choice. Feather it onto your lips, and then grab a translucent powder like our TikTok trending Flawless blotting powder and just stipple it onto your lips to keep your colour in place even longer.

To gloss or not to gloss?
Lip gloss is still very much on-trend because that semi-matte skin is coming back into fashion. This mix between matte and dewy skin is perfect for a high gloss finish on the lip to really bring the look together and will help to complete that modern vibe if you’re rocking the 90s browns.

Fancy Face lip Gloss

Stay trending, beauties!


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