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Here is a list of my skin secrets and favourite products to use prior to makeup application, from my personal collection!

I wanted to take a moment to share my own personal skin secrets and products that I absolutely love. I use them in my own skincare routine as well as on clients that I work alongside, to help them feel confident and look both flawless, and of course, Fancy! (You can watch the full video on our IGTV)
Fancy Face | Blog | Stardust Eye Masks For daily skincare products, I also love Vita Liberata Luxury Self Tanning Anti Age Serum. I put it on after cleansing and use it, especially in the colder winter months, to give my skin a bit of a glow when I’m feeling pale.

Moving on with more post cleansing products, I use something like Bioderma or if you’re wanting something more affordable, Garnier Miscellor Water is amazing. Just use a couple of cotton pads and sluff it all over your skin. Costco has these awesome two sided cotton pads that have both a soft and textured side so it also gently exfoliates while you cleanse. I love that!
Fancy Face | Blog | Cotton Rounds In terms of toning your skin, I tend to use  a spring or hydrating water mist to tone, refresh and hydrate. Jowae Hydrating Water Mist is gorgeous and smells fresh and floral. Eve Lom Radiance Oil is an amazing serum you can get at Sephora and is incredible for dry skin. As my skin tends to fall more on the drier side, I use it morning and night. But if you have oily or combination skin, I’d suggest using it at night only. It’s brilliant for hydration and under makeup it gives you this lovely radiance.

Looking at lips, I’m a big fan of Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm for a touch of colour and a lot of hydration. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask from Sephora is also awesome. It works best when you put it on your lips at night so it can really sink in, then wipe it off in morning, leaving you with supple, lovely lips.

Fancy Face | Blog | Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Back to my eyes, once I’ve removed my eye masks, I always put on an eye cream. La Mer’s The Eye Balm Intense is, admittedly, a bit pricey, but it works really well for fine lines and anti-aging and to me is worth the price tag. They also have a dark circle eye cream. I use La Mer on my clients as well, I love it so much!

My current go-to face cream is Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream. You can purchase it online and at Holt Renfrew. I find I get this amazing radiance that lights up my skin when I put it on. The best thing is that this magic cream is good for all skin types and looks phenomenal under makeup!

Fancy Face | Blog | Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Another focus I feel strongly about in my daily skincare routine are beauty tools. I really love to use beauty tools and find they work wonders for your skin. The Nurse Jamie Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller is popular with celebrities and works to bring down swelling, detoxify the face and helps ensure your serums and moisturizers really sink in. I also gently roll it over my eye patches to soak up all of those vitamins and nutrients. Sometimes they feel cool on your face, I find that really aids in invigorating and improving circulation in your skin. Another popular tool to assist with lymphatic drainage on your face is the Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager. Begin by sweeping upwards, then across your face and down your neck, keep in mind it does vibrate a little. Be sure your skin has lots of moisture so it glides and doesn’t pull, you will find it helps to reduce any swelling you have in the morning. Jade and rose quartz rollers are also very popular when it comes to reducing puffiness and rejuvenating your skin. They are so easy to use and my go-to jade roller is very affordable on Amazon. Though these rollers can seem like a novelty, I do believe with regular use they really work.

Moving on to masks, sheet masks are terrific, and currently I am particularly loving the 1 minute mask that can be used prior to doing my makeup. I use these on my clients sometimes and my current favourite is the Dior Youth Perfecting New Skin Effect Mask. Apply the mask for a minute, massage it into your face then rinse off. So simple, and you’ll find yourself with a boosted glow and radiance.

Fancy Face | Blog | Dior Youth Perfecting Mask My favourite primer is Tatcha’s Silk Canvas primer. It works for the majority of skin types and I highly recommend it to help make your makeup last and prevent your pores from clogging.

Lastly, let’s look at lashes. I use my lash serum morning and night. EyEnvy’s Eyebrow and Eyelash Conditioner has amazing reviews and is so easy to use; just put a small amount along your lash line on both eyes. Be sure to use it sparingly so you don’t irritate your eyes. Over time, you’ll find your lashes are longer and fuller. If you have semi permanent lash extensions, this helps ensure they stay healthy over the time you use the extensions.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my skin secrets and favourite skincare products of the moment! I’ll be back with more soon! Watch the full video on our IGTV!

Fancy Face Under Eye Stardust Gel Eye Masks  //  @fancyfaceinc
Vita Liberata Luxury Self Tanning Anti Age Serum  //  @vitaliberata
Bioderma  //  @biodermausa
Garnier Micellar Water  //  @garniercan
Costco Cotton Pads  //  @costco
Jowae Hydrating Water Mist  //  @jowae_canada
Eve Lom Radiance Face Oil  //  @eve_lom
Sephora  //  @sephora
Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm  //  @rosebudperfumecompany
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask  //  @laneige_us
La Mer’s The Eye Balm Intense  //  @lamer
Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream  //  @ctilburymakeup
Holt Renfrew  //  @holtrenfrew
Nurse Jamie Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller  //  @nursejamiela
Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager  //  @amazon
Pink Jade Roller Massager  //  @amazon
Dior Youth Perfecting New Skin Effect Mask  //  @dior
Tatcha Silk Canvas  //  @tatcha
EyEnvy’s Eyebrow and Eyelash Conditioner  //  @eyenvy


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