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Carina’s Engagement Story


Hey, beauties!

Carina here – makeup artist + hairstylist and now officially – a FIANCÉE!! I’m feeling all the feels and I am so excited to share my proposal experience with you all.

Before I dive into the backstory & big day, I want to start by giving the biggest kudos to my fiancé (love saying that!) Elias for making the proposal a complete surprise! Every detail was thought out and absolutely perfect. And another big thank you to Brittany, Hannah, Tiffany and my sisters Patty and Léa for fooling me and lying to me in the best way possible. 😉 

Carina Engagement Blog - Carina and Elias

Now, onto the story….TBH – I had my suspicions that a proposal was on its way this past summer. Elias had surprised me with an appointment at Tiffany’s to go ring shopping one day, so I could really nail down the exact style of ring I wanted – from the cut to the setting to everything in between. SO exciting! The next big clue was our first official get-together with both of our families (Elias had become very determined in making that dinner happen…) And lastly, we had been planning our first vacation for the end of the summer, but unfortunately, those plans fell through. Fast forward a few months – and still no proposal. At this point, I had given up hope of it happening this year. I figured it would instead happen in January on our 6 year anniversary! 

In early November, I received an email from Tiffany (our lovely booking concierge here at Fancy Face) about a mid-month booking. The email mentioned that I had been requested by the client to do hair & makeup for her engagement party at Elora Mill, with overnight accommodations provided. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make that drive out, however, I always get excited when someone requests me specifically and I knew how beautiful the venue was! So, I agreed to take it on. 

Carina engagement blog

I asked my sisters (they both work from home) if they would be free to come with me so we could enjoy the spa and have dinner that evening at Elora Mill. They both declined the spa saying they had after-work appointments (not uncommon, totally believable) but could potentially meet for dinner afterwards. Elias also works remotely so I asked if he would like to come with me instead. He also mentioned being swamped with work and meetings that he couldn’t shuffle around. I was bummed no one could come experience Elora with me! I got back into the shop and let Britt and Hannah know that I’d taken on a booking and wouldn’t be in on Tuesday, or possibly Wednesday. All I can say is what a sneaky, sneaky group! 

Carina engagement blog

Tuesday comes around, I’m getting ready to head out at the same time my sisters are headed to Kitchener for their “appointment”. All the while, Elias is planting the seed about how busy he’ll be all day and that I probably wouldn’t hear from him much. I decided to surprise him and order some UberEats, knowing he wouldn’t have much time to cook. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was walking out the door at the exact moment Uber arrived. Talk about perfect timing! He also made sure to call and thank me for the food ;).

Carina engagement blog

I was scheduled to start my client’s hair & makeup at Elora around 4:45pm, so I checked in a little early to get my things organized. At about the halfway mark on my drive out, I realized I hadn’t spoken to Elias for a good 6 hours so I thought I’d check out his location (we like to share with each other!) To my surprise, he was in Elora! Possibly coming to surprise me after my work, have dinner, and enjoy the night? I didn’t think anything further than that because he has pulled out those types of surprises before.

As soon as I arrived, I’m greeted with top-notch service – my bags were taken care of, sparkling wine was poured, and I was offered a cozy seat by the fireplace. I was told by the front desk that they had to contact my client in order for me to be let up to my room. After 30 minutes of waiting, I start to get a little nervous (and a little impatient!) that we’re running behind schedule. Finally, I’m given a room key and head upstairs to my room – I even texted Hannah to say “finally got my room key, you’re my good luck charm!”

I use the key card to unlock the door and as soon as it does, I am surprised with a trail of rose petals and candles leading up to a curtain. I draw the curtain and see Elias standing there, while a photographer is capturing every second of it! I pull back immediately, realizing what’s going on – and kick myself for not wearing something nicer! I walk out onto the terrace with the most beautiful set up around the fireplace, overlooking the Elora Mill. In the most surreal moment of my life, I finally said YES to the man of my dreams. 🙂 

Carina engagement blog

And then…my sisters walk out! I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for them and their little white lies. They brought me a ton of different outfit options to take photos in, not to mention the exact dress I wanted for this very moment!

I always thought when it came down to it, I would know exactly when the proposal was happening. But a few special people in my life create the most genuine surprise and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m also so glad I was able to get both the authentic, in-the-moment photos as well as some dolled up with the love of my life. 

Carina engagement blog Carina engagement blog

Thank you to my fiancé Elias for everything – you are truly one in a million! Thank you to Brittany, Hannah, Tiffany and my sisters – Patty and Léa for helping to bring this dream proposal together!

I love you all!


Venue: Elora Mill
Photography: @cloud9photo


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