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Crystals for Beginners | Fancy Face

If you’ve been following along my journey for a while now, you have probably stumbled upon my intense passion for crystals.

Since I was a teenager, I was drawn to crystals and over the years started collecting the ones I felt most drawn to while on my travels. For those of you that are brand new to utilizing crystals for meditation and manifestation techniques, I’m going to share with you how I implement them into my life.
Crystals for Beginners | Fancy Face

Now, I am certainly no expert at this however I do consider myself quite an intuitive and spiritual person by nature. My hope in sharing this is that these techniques help some of you get through challenging times, give you a positive focus in your life, and help you connect more with your truest self.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is start collecting crystals. I’d recommend creating a small collection with 3-5 crystals if you’re brand new at this. In this day and age, you may not be able to visit a physical crystal store, so you can also enlist in online crystal shops. When picking out crystals, focus on the ones that you genuinely feel drawn to. These are likely the crystals with the properties that you need the most in your life right now. For example, a lot of women are drawn innately to rose quartz crystals. Rose quartz is the teacher of unconditional love. Whenever I want to connect more with my heart or if I’m feeling any emotional pain, I hold this crystal and meditate with it. It brings me a sense of calm and peace and also helps me speak more from the heart and choose actions in my life that are aligned with what truly is best for my soul. Moral of the story?? Only surround yourself with crystals that speak to you in some positive way.

Crystals for Beginners | Fancy Face

What I like to do is create what is called a ‘crystal alter’ in my bedroom (mine is on my window sill) and I line all of my collection up in a way that is pretty to the eye. I usually have some candles, palo santo, sage, and essential oils on my ‘alter’ as well.

Each morning I reach for the crystals that are speaking to me the most that day and I either hold them doing some deep breathing to feel calmer and ready to take on the day, lay down on my bed, and place them on my chest or stomach while connecting with my breath, or I simply place the smaller crystals in my bra so that their energy and protection is with me all day long.

To some of you, this may all seem a bit wacky, and that’s ok too! If what I’m relaying to you isn’t ringing true, then these practices may not be for you. However, if you’re drawn to give this a try, I’m excited to see where it takes you!

Crystals for Beginners | Fancy Face

A few crystals that I personally love and recommend:

* Rose Quartz for the reasons discussed above

* Clear Quartz: This enlightening stone allows us to rise above the noise and clatter to a heightened state of connectivity with self and spirit

* Jade: A purifying and stabilizing stone that enhances intuition. It has maternal and nurturing qualities that can assist you in feeling safe. This stone is also said to help bring you good luck and fortune!

* Amethyst: Helps in aiding a deep, dreamy sleep. Also provides balance of our inner emotions, It reminds us that our sensitivities-when harnessed-can become our greatest allies.

* Howlite: A great stone for stilling the mind & helps create a deep feeling of peace.

* Selenite: A great crystal for self-reflection. Selenite is your trusted friend when you need to clear confusion from within yourself. Helps dispel and neutralize negative energy. I also love to utilize this crystal to cleanse (and neutralize) my other crystals as well!

Other ways to cleanse your crystals:

Moon Baths – Full Moons can remove toxins from your charms. Lay them outside or on the windowsill to let the moon do it’s work!

Smudging it out: Palo Santo or sage when burned and gently waved around your crystals will track down negativity and dispel it.

Two books I recommend to gain more insight when it comes to learning about crystals: The Power Of Crystal Healing by Emma Lucy Knowles & Crystals The Modern Guide To Crystal Healing by Yulia Van Doren.

Some great local shops I love: The Rock Store in Toronto & an online shop by Becky Crowe called

Hope you all dive in and see what implementing some crystal techniques does for you in your life! All I know is that they’ve helped me get through some tough times and I believe, also helped me manifest some of my dreams as well! Place them on your ‘crystal alter’ and around your home as well! If you don’t connect with the spiritual aspects of crystal healing, they’re pretty darn gorgeous to look at!

Have any questions about how to implement crystals into your life? Write them below!


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