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Hannah’s First Bridal Makeup Look

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Hey, beauties! The wedding prep continues. Most recently, I started to play with makeup looks and realized that even though I’ve been around makeup for years and have done countless bridal makeup looks for a large number of brides, I’ve never trialed a bridal look on myself! 

While I’m still a little undecided about whether or not I want to do my own makeup on the day or ask one of my brilliant fellow Fancy Face artists to do it (it’s always lovely to feel pampered!), I’m leaning toward doing it myself. Doing makeup has always been a happy place for me and I think that added sense of calm will be great on the day! 


Taking the time to trial some looks was hugely helpful. While nothing is set yet, I definitely know what I don’t want! For any future brides out there, I’d highly suggest doing a makeup trial so you know you’ll be happy with your look on the day. Things I learned?


✨ Glitter felt a little overpowering on my face and I plan to use a warmer tone on the day. Warmer undertones, in my opinion, are always more flattering. 

✨ I loved my strip lash, but I plan to test out individual lashes as well.

✨ I love a pink cheek! It seems so perfect for the ‘blushing bride’ look.

✨ Definitely leaning into the glowing skin!

✨ Standout products I’ll definitely be using on the day are our Fancy Face Perk Up Pen for brightening and life under my eyes and Becca x Jaclyn Hill Blush in Rose Quartz mixed with Fancy Face Rosé Ok? for a pop of that ‘blushing bride’ colour. Fancy Face Angel & Whisper duo will rock my lips as well as our Dew U and Almost Famous cream blush for glow and that sun-kissed look. I’ll also have our Fancy Face Flawless Powder in my to-go bag for touch-ups.


I can’t wait to trial more looks to find that perfect one for the big day! In fact, I’ll be testing out 2 more looks to turn my makeup tests into a little Fancy Face series to hopefully help give other brides-to-be some inspiration for their day! 


Jump onto our IGTV to comment on any other looks you’d like to see and let me know what you think. Can’t wait to see you there!


Product Breakdown Gif


Perk Up Pen

Rosé Ok?

Angel & Whisper duo 

Dew U 

Almost Famous

Flawless Powder


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