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Holiday Makeup Tips and Tricks that will “Sleigh”!

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Hey, beauties! I had the great pleasure of jumping back on the airwaves with the team at Arizona Midday for their beauty segment, “Holiday Makeup that will ‘Sleigh’”. The holidays are a perfect time to amp up that glam factor and really get creative with your makeup look.


Holiday Makeup for Your Eyes

The best way to really make your eyes pop over the holidays is by enlisting in some fabulous falsies. I completely understand that for some this seems like a daunting task! Getting comfortable with applying false lashes can take some time, but it’s absolutely worth it for that stand-out, eye-opening look. Our Basic Boss lash set is the perfect place to start.

Fancy Face Basic Boss Lashes

First, you want to find a pair of lashes that aren’t too big or overwhelming, especially if you’re new to falsies. From there, define your lash line with eyeliner or shadow to help disguise the band of the lashes. Then, trim the width of the lash band to ensure it actually fits your eyes and will feel comfortable when you’re wearing them. Apply a generous amount of glue to the lash band and wait at least one minute to ensure the glue is tacky, this is really important for a clean and effective application.

Now the secret sauce! You want to look down into a compact and apply the lashes with tweezers — this makes your lash life much easier! Place them as close to the lash line as possible. After the glue is dry, ensure you cover any sheen with a little more liner and throw on a touch of mascara to the base of your natural lashes. This helps them blend in beautifully with your false lashes. That’s it! Now you’re rocking gorgeous eyes that pop for the holidays!   


Getting Your Face Ready for the Festivities

The holiday season is the perfect time to treat yourself to a highlighter! As we know the cool winter months tend to dull and dry out our skin. There’s no better way to achieve that post facial glow like using our buttery smooth highlighter Boujie. I’d recommend applying it a little more heavily, using a soft, pointed brush. It offers a gorgeous, candlelit glow when you’re at those cozy, dimly-lit holiday dinner parties. Let the lighting catch the product on the tops of your cheekbones, the inner corners of your eyes, cupid’s bow, bridge of your nose and right under your brow! It looks absolutely stunning, fabulously flattering and really warm for the holidays.


How to Keep the Dreaded Shine at Bay

Having a pressed powder in your makeup bag is an absolute must! I love our viral TikTok pressed translucent powder, Flawless. It does a brilliant job of setting your makeup and blurring fine lines and pores. Make sure whichever product you buy doesn’t cause the dreaded “flashback” and white cast in your holiday photos!


When you apply the powder, focus on the t-zone so you can keep the outer areas of your face looking wonderfully glowy and dewy. Flawless comes with a mirror and makeup sponge that sits perfectly in the bottom of the compact, so it’s perfect to take on the go for holiday touch-ups. Loose powders are a major no-go, the last thing you want is powder falling onto your favourite blouse!


Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh 

I love using setting sprays to keep my makeup in place. These sprays are formulated to hydrate the skin and absorb excess oil all at the same time! You can look for setting sprays that give you a matte finish or dewy finish – whichever look you and your skin prefers.

Setting sprays are great to use daily to help keep your makeup in place, especially with the constant rubbing on our faces due to mask-wearing.


Heavenly Holiday Lips    

Now is the perfect time to embrace that Hollywood red lipstick! It’s such a stunning and classic look that just screams festive season. There are so many red lipsticks on the market that are affordable, ultra-pigmented and long-wearing (you want it to stay put as best it can over the course of your celebrations!). 


If you don’t often don a red shade but area fan of the look through the holidays, find one that’s more affordable so you can justify the spend and not feel guilty about it if it ends up at the bottom of your makeup bag for the rest of the year! Our Fancy Face Give Love formula is wonderful. It’s a matte lipstick that lasts but isn’t drying, so your lips are far more comfortable and don’t feel like they’ve been sucked dry of moisture with every application!  Apply it in thin layers and gently blot it to help ensure it lasts longer on your lips. Don’t forget to line the lips to avoid feathering! 


Embrace Glitter on the Eyes with a Glitter Liner

I love me some glitter winged-liner for New Year’s Eve! There are some really great and super fun liquid liners available that are affordable and create that festive, glittery finish that gives you all of the party feels! 


Applying a thin, glitter line under your traditional liner wing, pop on some mascara and a set of fabulous falsies and you’re ready to ring in the new year looking and feeling fun and fierce!

There you have it, beauties. Are you as excited as I am for the holidays?!

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Basic Boss Lash Set 

Boujie Pressed Highlighter

Flawless Hi-Def Translucent Powder

Give Love Lipstick



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