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Introducing: Poetry in Potion Serum and Daydream Rosewater Cream!

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Hey, beauties! We’ve always believed that fancy is a feeling you embrace from the inside out and the outside in. Not just when you’re getting your glam on as you get ready for work or for a night on the town, but every moment of every day. That’s why we’re bringing that feeling of fancy into your daily skincare routine as we introduce you to two brand new skincare products as part of our glow-inspired Fancy Face Skin™ line – Poetry in Potion Serum and Daydream Rosewater Cream!

With our years of expertise in the beauty industry, we recognize that it’s become pretty saturated with brands and skincare products for your daily skincare routine that look great in the box but cost a small fortune. And then a small fortune after that…and after that. Because all skincare products take time to show results, so continued usage is key. 

That’s why, as we introduce our Fancy Face Skin™ line, we want to ensure the price point for both of these exciting new products is accessible to everyone; we want our customers to be able to keep up with their Fancy Face Skin™ daily skincare routine without breaking the bank in order to see results!

So without further ado, let us introduce you to our glow-inducing new products!


Poetry in Potion is a water-based serum packed with hyaluronic acid to lock moisture into the deepest layers of the skin and 24k gold (the flecks are real, ladies) to enhance skin vitality and luminosity, while also helping to decrease overall inflammation. Rosa Damask water helps keep your skin feeling fresh and fancy all day and night. 


Daydream Rosewater Cream is a moisturizing gel that works to fortify and smooth your skin, containing Rosa Rugosa extracts to help provide powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection, Vitamin C to help stimulate collagen production while enhancing luminosity, and Ceratonia Siliqua extracts to leave the skin feeling supple, conditioned and ravishingly radiant.

Fancy Face Skin

These absolute star skincare products work brilliantly together to help transform and nourish dull, lackluster and dehydrated skin into skin that’s radiant, silky and glowing like the goddess you are! 

Together, this duo can make skincare magic…ready to give them a try and share the results? No filter. Just Fancy Face Skin™. Can’t wait to hear what you think! Now go get your dreamy glow on!

Ps. Stay tuned for Wednesday’s blog post to learn our signature Rise and Shine Massage Technique!

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