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Thanksgiving Dinner Makeup Tips for A Casual Meal versus a Fancy Affair

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Hey, beauties! We’re feeling all sorts of cozy and fabulous! Thanksgiving is upon us and with it all of the plans for a good old annual Thanksgiving Dinner! I had the pleasure of once again appearing on Arizona’s 12 News as the beauty expert and guest for their beauty segment, “Holiday Glam: Thanksgiving Makeup Looks”. So, I wanted to take a moment to share with you our Fancy Face Thanksgiving dinner makeup tips for a casual meal versus a fancy affair. Best to be prepared, right? Let’s go, beauties!

Casual Thanksgiving Beauty

Fancy Face Cream Blush

Amped-up blush is all the rage right now! Taking your blush game that one step further than your comfort zone is totally trending. My big tip to that end is to make sure you don’t go toooo far. Utilize glowy, cream blushes and blend them into your BB cream or foundation. If you’re more of a powdered blush kinda gal, reach for a larger powder brush to help you seamlessly blend into your cheeks and avoid those dreaded harsh lines that a smaller blush may create. 

Fancy Face Almost Famous Blush

Stay higher up on your cheekbones with your blush to give your face that lovely lift. In terms of tones, go for warmth, this season. A rich peach or a berry-toned blush looks gorgeous on every skin tone and works with a vast majority of lip colours. Pro tip: Pop some blush onto the bridge of your nose to create that ultra-healthy, sun-kissed glow!   

Fancy Face Eyeliner

Popping but pared-down eyes can be beautifully achieved with kitten eyeliner. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it’s essentially a pared-down version of the standard cat eyeliner (that fully lined look). The kitten liner focuses on lining only the outer third of the eye rather than the entire top of the eye from the tear duct (with either a liquid pen liner or eyeshadow with an angled brush) while still keeping that gorgeous wing. I always recommend using a warm, brown-toned liner for a softer look around the eyes. Using brown also ensures you’ll see the full length of your natural lashes because they aren’t hidden by a heavy, black liner. Get the drama without the heavy.


Use thin, short strokes to trace along your lash line and then angle the line slightly upwards towards the end of your brows to create a soft feline flick! Meow!

Fancy Face Thanksgiving Makeup

Monochromatic vibes are the way to go if you prefer a more natural look or if you’re not super confident in your makeup routine but still want to look and feel fantastic! A wash of the same sheer colour on the cheeks, eyes and lips will create that clean, stylish monochromatic look. I particularly love this with dewy skin, brushed up brows and a good amount of mascara. Perfection. 


Fancy Thanksgiving Fierceness

Fancy Face Monochromatic Look

Love me some smudgy, smoky bronze for an amped-up, glammed-up eye. Super wearable yet glamorous, you can really play up your eyes with these strong and flattering tones while still keeping it classy. If you use any shimmer, keep it to your lids only. And glitter should be saved for girls’ nights out or fully festive parties. For the crease, use a matte bronze or brown tone. 

Charlotte Tilbury Desert Haze Palette

Use a domed brush for your bronzed crease and always sweep upwards and outwards toward the outskirts of your eye to give it a lovely, elongated look. Sweep a little along the lower lash line, as well. From there, define the eyes with some smudged out brown liner for that kitten look and complete your eye with two coats of volumizing mascara. I love this paired with a generous dusting of blush and glossy lips. Fabulous!

Fancy Face Bold Lip

Bold lip colour is heaven for this time of year. Thanksgiving dinner (and the holiday season as a whole) is one of the few times when I am open to fully embracing a bold lip! Just make sure you choose a formula that will survive a delicious meal and glass of wine if you’re rocking it for Thanksgiving dinner! The last thing you want is a smudged mouth post-meal. I love using a long-wear matte lip colour if I am going to go bold. Remember to moisturize your lips prior to application and ensure you only apply very thin layers so you don’t get the dreaded cracked-lip look.   

As described above, the amped-up blush look is perfect for a fancy and fierce look, as well.

There you have it! Our Fancy Face Thanksgiving dinner makeup tips for both casual and fancy dinner gatherings. Cheers!

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