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Tips to Feel Your Best as a Mom

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Happy Mother’s Day, beauties!

We just cannot wait to celebrate this day with our loved ones. We’ve put together this blog post for the special women in our lives who deserve to feel amazing — not just today but every single day! If you’re a mama, we see you and everything you do. Here’s to you!

It’s important for you to make some time for yourself and always check in with yourself. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re always feeling your best as a mom! We know how busy your days can get so we’re here to help make it just a little bit less stressful.

Fancy Face Skin

Feel Good Tip #1

Skincare, skincare, skincare! We cannot emphasize this one enough, ladies. We always talk about it, but that’s just how important it truly is. Mamas always feel like they don’t have the time for a 9-step skincare routine, but just these 2 products will have you looking and feeling absolutely luxurious. Your best comes from within, so let’s take care of our skin and that feeling will shine through! Our Poetry in Potion serum and Daydream Rosewater cream will make your skin look and feel heavenly. The serum contains 24k gold flakes which help enhance the skin’s vitality and luminosity, all while decreasing inflammation. It’s also packed with hyaluronic acid to help lock in moisture. Our cream, of course, contains rosewater which prevents premature aging and provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection. Squalane helps nourish the skin and vitamin C smooths, firms, and enhances skin luminosity.

Mature Makeup | Makeup Tips for Moms

Feel Good Tip #2

Mascara, concealer, cream blush, a little bit of highlighter and a hydrating lip tint are a mom’s best friends! These products are all you need to throw yourself together quickly or if you’re on the go. We absolutely love this Benefit Roller Lash mascara, its roller-like wand gives just the most perfect amount of curl and lift. The tiny bristles are perfect for even the smallest and straightest lashes. Pop on a little bit of our Perk Up brightening concealer pen, our Almost Famous cream blush, and Dew-U highlighter on the cheeks for some colour and glow and you’re good to go! We like to say Perk Up gives you 15 hours of sleep in just 15 seconds. Its pink undertone perfectly colour corrects darkness under the eyes, making you appear more awake. Our Almost Famous cream blush applies beautifully with just your fingers. It warms up the products nicely and allows it to blend seamlessly onto the apples of your cheeks. Top that off with a touch of Dew-U highlighter on the cheekbones and you’re nearly done. Grab yourself a Coquette Lipslick to add a tint to your lips and ensure they stay hydrated throughout your busy day. Never skip these steps and we promise you will feel 10x better!

Mother's Day Bundle

Femme Faire Scrunchie | Lunata Dry Shampoo

When you have no time for a full wash and hairstyle, dry shampoo is all you need. We love this dry shampoo by Lunata. Throw some into your hair and voilà, looks like you just got a fresh blowout! Another great idea is perfecting a hair bun or ponytail with a cute accessory. Wearing your hair up throughout the day is functional and throwing in an accessory like this gorgeous Femme Faire Daisy Scrunchie makes it look like you put a little more time and effort into your hairstyle! You’ll feel put together and ready to take on your day.

Makeup Tips for Moms

Nothing makes us feel great like a beautiful pearly white smile! Add our teeth whitening pen to your nighttime routine. It’s so easy to use and you’ll see such a difference with just a few uses. It has a subtle peppermint taste, with no sensitivity, no harsh chemicals and is also dentist recommended. We absolutely love this product and just know you will feel that much better when you see the amazing results!

Plan ahead, beauties. Rather than picking out your outfit or packing lunches in a rush the same day, plan everything out the night before. Taking that extra 10 minutes at night to do these small things for the next day will save you so much time in the morning. Plan your outfit, gather your work essentials, pack lunches, and place your purse and keys together. Make your morning just a little bit less hectic before you step out the door. 

We hope you enjoyed these tips to feel your best as a mom. Pass them along and try them out yourself. Give yourself some TLC! Happy Mother’s Day!

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