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Fancy Face Founder’s Top Spring Beauty Products!

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Brittany Gray, founder of Fancy Face, takes us through her top spring beauty products for the month of April.

I’ve curated my absolute favourite and what I consider to be some of the top spring beauty products, and I can’t wait to share them with you.


Let’s get started with lip gloss! My current lip gloss go-to’s are ColourPop Lip Glosses. They have this amazing shimmer that is perfect for those beauty newbies and beauty buffs who are over the matte trend. The real bonus with shimmer lip gloss is that the shimmer helps make your lips look bigger and fuller. Who doesn’t love a fuller lip!? The colours I love to work with are “Atole”, “Flitter” and “Contessa”. Between them you can find a great colour that works for you, from goldish to more pink to a peachier tone. I highly recommend these three shades, just pop them on top of whatever lip colour you’re wearing for wonderfully luscious lips.


Moving on to skincare, I absolutely want to tell you about The Elcie Glow Enhancer. It’s an amazing dry oil, so if you’re not a fan of that slippery sensation this is the glow for you! You can wear it on its own, or mix a little oil with your foundation and you’ll add this brilliant and natural glow to your skin. With warm weather around the corner, this top spring beauty product will give you the warm glow to match the season. I love to use the Elcie Glow in combination with the Gua Sha Jade. Apply your oil, then use the jade by essentially slipping it or sliding it up or down your skin. You can also roll it down and up your forehead, down your nose and chin, up the jawline and then down your neck. The Gua Sha Jade will help reduce any puffiness swelling and work to bring out more of the natural vibrancy in your skin.


Foundations that I am currently all about are the Becca 24 Hour Foundations. They offer full coverage for those who prefer it, but also give a luminous quality to your skin that many full coverage matte foundations are unable to offer. The Becca foundation also looks fabulous in photos, I use this brand on many of my brides.


For spring and summer in particular, I adore cream blushes. Glossier Cloud Paint Blush is really lovely yet subtle. It blends easily and gently into the skin and is perfect for those individuals who don’t want a huge pop of colour but rather a subtle hint of colour on their cheek.


One of my favourite things to do with makeup, especially during the warmer months when the sun is shining, is add a hint of eye shimmer to the lids of my eyes. Smoulder Cosmetics Loose Glam Dust and Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder are the two shimmer pigments I love right now. Both are incredible products, and you just need to use a little bit of the pigment to go a long way. I like to apply them with my flat brush – just spray the brush with Mac Prep and Prime Fix+, dip it into the pigment and place it on the lid of your eye. It really adds a lovely shimmering pop and I recommend you add this to your spring beauty product arsenal!


Once again, I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a bronzer junky. My bronzer for April is Mac’s Give Me Sun. It really does create this gorgeous sun kissed glow. Use a big fluffy brush and you’ll feel like you’ve just left the beach with your gorgeous glow!


As a makeup artist, I’m always making sure my hands are clean. I’m touching people’s faces, touching makeup and, of course, am very hands on. I’m always washing my hands and using a hand sanitizer. That being said, I’m very picky when it comes to hand sanitizers as I don’t want my hands to feel dry and rough. Jao Refresher is full of essential oils, so the smell is amazing for both you and your clients, and the alcohol used is much less drying. This sanitizer is awesome! On a mom note, it’s also super handy in diaper bags!


Last but certainly not least, beautiful bobby pins are my hair jam! Visible bobby pins that look fabulous stacked or criss-crossed are very trendy and current. Something Navy bobby pins can be picked up at Nordstroms and look gorgeous and edgy. When you put them in your hair, make sure they’re visible and your hair isn’t covering any of the pin. Criss-cross one over the other or stack them one on top of the other and don’t be shy! They’re meant to be noticeable and have that little bit of edge.

That’s all for my list of the top spring beauty products for April! Let me know what you think, what you love and if you have and questions at all, feel free to direct message me on Instagram or contact us here. Happy shopping!


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