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Why Flawless is the Winning Weapon (and TikTok Sensation!) in Your Beauty Bag Arsenal

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Hey, beauties! With Flawless available for pre-order, we wanted to give you the 411 on why it went totally viral on TikTok (with 5.6 million views!) and why it’s such a phenomenal product — so you can excitedly and confidently (no self-gifting guilt required) scoop one up yourself before they’re gone AGAIN.

Seriously. We sold out in 24 hours after we went TikTok viral. 


So here’s the deal. Flawless is a lightweight, finely-milled, translucent pressed powder that works to remove oil and shine. In one application. Not only is this powder completely traceless, but it’s also completely universal! No matter your skin tone, you can live your best Flawless life without worrying about flashback or a white cast in photos while you get ready for your close-up!


As one of our most coveted Fancy Face products, Flawless offers an airbrushed finish and completely minimizes the appearance of pores, leaving you gorgeously filtered — minus the filter! It helps leave your skin looking bright, healthy and, well, flawless. Hence the name! It also comes with a lush makeup sponge to make touch-ups on the go super simple and works to keep your makeup looking fresher, longer. Perfect shine-free makeup? Yes, please!


Over at Fancy Face, we understand that looking your best and feeling your best often go hand in hand. This fancy number is an absolute sensation and has been lauded by our followers in a huge way. It went viral and sold out in 24 hours for a reason!

So before you let that “I shouldn’t buy for myself” guilt set in this holiday season, remind yourself you are worth some self-love and pre-order one for yourself. Then add another for your bestie! But hurry, there are only limited quantities left available and they won’t last long…


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