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16 Beauty Tips for Youthful, Glowing Skin as We Age: Part 1

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Hey beauties! Youth often comes with an easy radiance, don’t you think? More collagen in the skin to keep it firm, less stress, fewer responsibilities…but as we age, our skin loses its firmness, we have tired eyes that look like they have suitcases under them as we try and juggle way more than the week will allow and our brows lose hair. Super fun, right!? But never fear, you can still look and feel fabulous no matter your age or exhaustion level! I’ve curated 16 beauty tips for youthful, glowing skin as we age – check out part one!

✨ Disguise the tired eyes  – I feel like that should be the title of an 80s power ballad. But it’s true! Taking the time to disguise tired eyes is a great way to give your eyes that lift and brightening you need to rediscover that youthful radiance. If your eyes look bright and lifted, it impacts your entire face! Our Perk Up Touch-Up Veil Concealer is just the thing to give your eyes the love they need to feel beautiful again. This concealer, brightener, and highlighter in one will make you look like you’ve had 15 hours of sleep in 15 seconds!


✨ Dewy serums and creams – Introducing a serum and cream to your skincare routine that leaves a dewy finish is key for that youthful radiance. Serums can help lock in moisture and along with the right cream, your aging skin can get a solid dose of antioxidants and hydration to help keep it healthy, fight fine lines, and give you that dewy skin you’re after. If you’re on the search for the perfect product for that dewy finish stay tuned! Fancy Face is dropping something gorgeous on June 3rd! 

Fancy Face Serum

✨ Ditch the liquid matte lipstick – As much as liquid matte lipstick may seem like the glam way to go, it can actually be really aging. Matte lipstick is drying, so when you put it on your lips it highlights all of the wonderful little lines and creases, even those you didn’t know were there! Try our hydrating Class Act Lipstick or Mega Rich for a more natural, satin finish to keep your face looking fresh. If you’re after some gorgeous colour, try our In The City lip lacquer. For a youthful sheen apply any of our lip glazes on top of your lipstick.

fancy face hydrating lipstick

✨ Find the perfect glow – There’s nothing better than glowing skin. It adds radiance and reminds us of our bright and youthful days when losing collagen wasn’t even a thought in our minds! A natural glow exists because we have higher levels of moisture and cells that renew much more quickly when we’re young. Our Dew-U Face Hi-Lite is a gorgeous cream to powder shimmer perfect for your eyes, lips, and cheeks. It helps to create that perfect glowing skin we’re all looking for!

Fancy Face Dew U Hi-Lite

✨ Say goodbye to powders and hello to cream-based products – Powders are to your face what matte lipstick is to your lips. It creeps into those lines and crevices that aging skin can create. It’s not ideal. But it’s life! To keep your skin from looking older than it is, drop the powder and use the cream for dewy skin. Using the right products on your skin can make a whole world of difference! Our BB Cream is the perfect glow-enhancing beauty balm that provides sheer, radiant coverage and gives your skin a dose of powerful antioxidants and herbal extracts. For a more chiseled but natural sun-kissed look, pop on a touch of our Chisel Me Contour. If you’re wanting to go more glam, this is also your best friend! Finish off your creamy look with our cream blushes like peachy-pink Blossom or our apricot-sunkissed Almost Famous.


✨ Massage your face – Massaging your face properly and gently can assist with skin health and blood circulation. I use a Poetry in Potion Face Serum that’s full of magical ingredients and gently massage with a gua sha tool in the evening for an effective, feel-good massage.



✨ Fill in those brows – As we age those full brows we never truly appreciated in our youth begin to thin. Taking the time to fill out those brows can create a more lifted, more youthful look. Our Browmance Brow Gel is the perfect tool to bulk up those brows. The tiny fibers amp up the look of your brow while the gel keeps them looking fancy and maintained.


✨ Bulk up those lashes – Thick, full lashes help to create larger, more youthful-looking eyes. Enlisting in a quality lash serum like Neulash or a Castor Oil Lash Serum will help those lashes grow stronger and fuller for a more youthful eye.

toronto lash serum


There you have the first 8 of our 16 beauty tips for youthful, glowing skin as we age. Now go get your dewy, bright glow on and feel like your best self again!

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Perk Up Touch-Up Veil Concealer

Class Act Lipstick 

Mega Rich Lipstick 

In The City Lip Lacquer 

Dew-U Face Hi-Lite

BB Cream 

Chisel Me Contour

Blossom Cream Blush 

Almost Famous Cream Blush

Poetry in Potion Face Serum 

Gua Sha

Browmance Brow Gel 


Castor Oil Lash Serum




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