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Pro Beauty Tips Every DIY Bride Needs to Know

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After the past year and a half the world has had, we’ve all had to become much more accustomed to fending for ourselves and doing things completely on our own. Whether it’s tending to our own nails, colouring our own roots when greys begin to show or perhaps on a larger scale, even opting to do our very own bridal makeup, we’ve had to toss our ego to the side and tackle these things head-on. Coming from a 15-year history in the world of bridal beauty, servicing around 500 nationwide weddings each year coast-to-coast, we’ve seen how distraught brides-to-be have become about the possibility of having to do their own makeup on that very special day. 

As service providers who absolutely LOVE our job and love pampering brides as they tie the knot, it’s heartbreaking to not be able to be there for our clients during lockdowns and variations of it. To focus on the positive side of life today, we thought it might be extremely useful to share our tried and true pro artist tips for future brides that, for safety reasons, may have decided to do their own makeup. Now, I’m sure this can be very overwhelming, so please sit back, try to relax and let us take some of the stress off of your plate! 

Here is a top 11 list of pro beauty tips every DIY bride needs to know: 


✨ Enlist in a fantastic primer. As much as I don’t opt for a primer on a day to day basis, on your wedding day, a makeup primer is an absolute must. I highly recommend the Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer. It fills in pores, smooths fine lines and provides a great base for your makeup. When using a primer, always apply a very thin layer on the face and blend it into the skin with your fingertips so you can really feel how much is on your skin. Allow the primer to set on the face for a few minutes before beginning your foundation routine. This will ensure the primer doesn’t ball off your face and will allow the foundation to apply evenly.


✨ Long-wear, full coverage foundation is a must. When it comes to looking flawless in photos, you’re going to want to ensure any redness or blemishes on the face are fully concealed. I’d recommend opting for a full coverage foundation that looks amazing in photos yet also natural in person. Some that I’ve grown to love over the years for my brides is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation line (for oily skin types), Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (works on all skin types), Nars Radiant Finish Foundation (great for drier skin types) and for a more natural option, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk (for drier skin types). Apply with a brush or a beauty blender and bounce the foundation into the skin in a stippling motion until it all blends out seamlessly. The beauty blender works great on acne-prone skin.


✨ Brighten your under eyes and set set set! Along with your concealer, you’re going to want to further brighten and colour correct any dark circles you may have from lack of sleep leading up to your wedding day. It’s a busy time! We cannot recommend enough our Perk Up Pen. It makes you look like you’ve had 15 hours of sleep in 15 seconds and utilizes its salmon/pink tone to neutralize the bluish-purple dark circles! Apply a little on top of your concealer and blend in! It will dry to a matte finish. As one of our best-sellers here at Fancy Face, it truly is an absolute godsend! 



✨ Set your face with a translucent powder that doesn’t cause flashback  (a white cast in photos that some powders and foundations can create): When working with cream-based products, you’re going to want to ensure you set your face with a powder that helps smooth pores, blur any skin imperfections and gives you a flawless, finished look to your skin. When you set your face with the right powder, it creates longevity to ensure your makeup lasts day and night. This powder is also a product you’re going to want to have with you in your touch-up beauty bag on your wedding day. If it’s hot outside or if you’re sweating from throwing it down on the dance floor, this powder is going to become your BFF. For these reasons, we at Fancy Face developed the perfect Hi-Def Flawless Face Powder that causes zero flashback and is translucent so it works on all skin tones! More good news? Investing in this product is going to be worth your hard-earned dollars, as you can use it on the daily!    


✨ Lashes are non-negotiable. This point really should be at the top because man oh man, am I passionate about this topic. On your wedding day, you’re going to want your eyes to pop in photos. After all, they are the windows to the soul and on that day, you’re going to be feeling A LOT. By applying even the most natural of lashes, it’s going to elevate your entire makeup look and bring it to the next level! We created a lash called our Basic Boss Lashes that are amazing when you cut them in half and simply apply to the outer sides of your eyes. We have many IGTV tutorials on Instagram on how to properly apply them. They will certainly help!  


✨ Waterproof lash glue is your saving grace. There are a lot of fancy lash glues on the market but one that I absolutely swear by is Ardell Lash Grip which is a waterproof lash glue. I personally love the clear coloured option, they have black glue as well but I do find it a bit tricky to work with. If you have an allergy to latex, you can try the Velour Clear Lash Glue. It grips the lashes extremely well and withstands a whole lot of tears. Just be sure to apply a decent amount to the band of the lash before applying! Also, let the glue dry for close to 1 min before applying the lashes to your eyes. The tackier the lash glue, the better and easier to apply it will be!  


✨ Blush. A blushing bride is always better than a ghostly one! I strongly recommend wearing a blush that has some colour to it. Some of my personal faves for weddings are Rosé Ok? Blush and our French Kiss Blush. I love a soft pink blush on the apples of the cheeks and blended up to the temple area. It just creates such a healthy look!


✨ Body glow for the win! For any exposed skin, like on your decolletage and your shoulders and arms, you’re going to want to ensure those areas look ultra-hydrated, smooth and radiant. Conceal any blemishes and then apply some glowing body lotion like the Sol De Janeiro Glowmotions Glow Body Oil in the Rio Sunset champagne tone or Patrick Ta’s Major Glow Body Oil. Both are exceptional. Just be sure to not apply it on the underside of your arms. You want to keep that dress nice and clean! If shimmering body oil scares you, you can simply moisturize that morning with a clear cream and then apply some powdered highlighter to your collarbone and shoulders for a gorgeous glow!  


✨ A tan looks fantastic in pictures. In full transparency, I want to let you know that ultra pale skin simply does not look great in photos. If you can catch some rays before the big day (avoiding tan lines of course) or get a spray tan from an expert, I highly recommend it. Also, be sure to bronze and contour your face as well with a matte bronzer! Can’t recommend our Maui Mood Bronzer for that enough!    


✨ Wear a lip colour that will pop in photos and wake up the face. Be sure to wear a shade that really compliments you and stands out in photos. That doesn’t mean it has to be a bright shade – I love a soft pink lip as much as the next girl. However, you do want to be sure it’s not too pale for your skin tone. That can really wash you out in photos and take away from your overall makeup look. A great combo that we love is our Satin or Nude Lip Liner with our Angel Lipstick and Whisper Gloss! Another fab option that’s classic is our Class Act Lipstick with our 5th Ave Lip Glaze. Both combinations are elegant and will look soft while still popping perfectly in photos!  



✨ Pearly whites make all the difference. This point is a little bonus for you! Be sure to whiten your teeth before the big day. You’re sure to be smiling a lot on your wedding day, so ensuring your teeth are as white as they can possibly be is an absolute must! After testing a ton of whitening products on the market, we finally discovered what we believe to be the best! Our White2Nite Whitening Pen brightens your teeth naturally in just 3 applications and doesn’t cause any sensitivity! It’s incredible. The pen has up to 30 applications in it, and if you use the pen prior to your wedding around 10-15 times, your teeth will look fantastic! That’s a promise! 


And there you have it! My top 11 pro beauty tips every DIY bride needs to glam themselves up on their special day! I hope you learned a thing or two – I want to wish you the absolute best day as you marry that special someone that you love so much! Remember: A happy bride is the most beautiful. The morning of the wedding, let your beauty routine be a meditation and visualization of how fantastic the day ahead will be! All the best beauties! Love, Britt 


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