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The 5 Must-Have Makeup Products My Mom Swears By (That Every Woman 50+ Needs in Her Beauty Bag!)

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5 makeup products for women over 50

The beauty industry is notorious for speaking mainly to women in their 20’s, 30’s  and 40’s so I am here to speak up and say, “Excuse me!??! What about all of those FABULOUS women who are 50+!!? Why isn’t the beauty industry speaking to the women who are entering their freakin’ prime!?” Personally, as a makeup artist and beauty expert, I have always been drawn to makeup and skincare techniques for “mature” women. After years of perfecting makeup on my very own mother and hearing out her beauty concerns, coupled with 15+ years of “mothers of the bride” clientele, I feel as though I’ve truly grasped what makes a woman who is 50+ look her absolute best and most radiant! Women in this age demographic often have children who have left the nest (hello new found freedom) or perhaps, are single and ready to mingle again! These women are ready to feel FREAKING FABULOUS but the beauty industry simply isn’t helping them feel like their best years are ahead of them. 

That’s where I come in… 

Think of me as your fairy goddaughter who is here to let you in on a few secrets I’ve learned. Ready to find your Inner Goddess again?? Here are 5 must-have makeup products that you absolutely need so you can rediscover your most glam and glowing self. Let’s go!  

✨ A kick-ass BB cream. A lot of women in this age category feel like foundation of any kind is always aging. I don’t disagree! So many foundations whether liquid, cream or powder can accentuate fine lines, wrinkles and pores and make you look much older than you are. Here is where the BB cream comes in. BB cream stands for beauty balm and the formula itself is a merger of skincare and makeup. If you find the right BB cream, it should be a sheer to medium coverage that truly feels more like a moisturizer than anything else and simply evens out your skin tone in a natural and effortless way. You shouldn’t be able to see where the makeup starts and skin begins. It should blend seamlessly and give you a radiant, glowy and dewy finish. Not all BB creams are created equal and I will say that many on the market can be quite heavy. What I love about BB Cream is that it is jam-packed with anti-aging ingredients that nourish the skin while you wear it, while also acting as a skin-protectant from UV damage. It smooths fine lines, wrinkles and pores while also calming the skin with camomile and ginseng extracts. My mom would NEVER wear anything on her face prior to us launching our very own BB cream and I promise you, she is now addicted to it! It’s one of her staple items that she truly cannot live without and when she’s wearing it, she really does look like she has the most gorgeous glowing skin. Our Age-Defying BB Cream comes in 5 blendable shades and goes on easily with your fingers, or works tremendously well with our buff or cream brush from our Refined Essentials Brush Set!

fancy face age defying bb cream

✨ A hydrating cream blush that gives the cheeks some flattering colour. Alright ladies… I’m going to tell it to you straight. If you want to look your best, you abso-freakin-lutely need to wear blush. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. If you’re not currently a blush wearer, well, that has got to change! Blush applied to the apples of the cheeks and upwards toward your temple makes you come to life! I always recommend peachy pink, apricot shades for the most flattering colour that compliments every skin tone. At Fancy Face, we’ve created two cream blush colours that work on everyone. If you are new to blush or love a soft neutral look, Almost Famous is a great option as it gives you a sun-kissed look that almost gives the appearance of just stepping off a sunset cruise. It’s an elegant and timeless choice. Blossom is for anyone that loves a bit more colour on the cheeks. It will give you a radiant pop of peachy coral that wakes up the face and makes you look ready for the day. I love wearing both blushes on my lips as well! Truthfully, if you have dry skin and you’re 50+, I’d really recommend ditching the powder blushes altogether. These two options will keep your skin looking dewy and radiant while fitting perfectly into a small purse for a late afternoon pick-me-up touch-up. My mom absolutely loves both shades and rotates them throughout the week!  

fancy face almost famous blush


✨ A brow gel that is long-lasting. As we age, we begin to lose some of the hair in our brows and lashes. This is why it’s imperative to find a product that is easy to use and gives your brows body and fullness in a flash. A really thin brow or a brow with next to no colour in it can be incredibly aging so my best tip is to get comfy filling those babies in! It may take some practice, but with products like our Browmance Brow Gel, it really takes the guesswork out of doing your brows with a few quick swipes. 30 seconds and you’re done! Say goodbye to brow pencils, brow pomades, brow waxes and brow pens. Say hello to an all-in-one brow gel that gives your brows the perfect shade of taupe while adding fibers to your existing brow hairs (even if you have very few hairs left) to give the illusion of a full, thick brow! Think of Browmance as a one-step brow product that will truly revolutionize your everyday brow routine. Get ready for the compliments! 

fancy face browmance brow gel

✨ A glowy cream-to-powder highlighter that doesn’t age you. Ok, this topic is one I am pretty passionate about. For decades, the beauty industry has said, “If you’re 50+ you shouldn’t be using highlighter on the high points of your cheek bones. It accentuates fine lines and wrinkles.” Well, I am here to say that I completely disagree with part of that notion. IF you find THE RIGHT highlighter, then you ABSOLUTELY can wear it and IT WILL make you look youthful, glowing, dewy and radiant. Insert the formulation and innovation of our best-selling product, Dew-U, here. 😉 This is a cream-to-powder highlighter that applies effortlessly to the high points of your cheekbones using only your fingertips. No brushes necessary. Gently tap on this product, notice how it blurs and smooths your fine lines and wrinkles while making you look like you just left your kick-butt estheticians office. Dew-U makes your skin look ultra hydrated, youthful and fresh and is an absolute staple in both mine and my mother’s daily makeup regime. The texture of this highlighter is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before, and it’s SO easy to work with. Dew-U is sure to be your new BFF. That’s a promise! 

fancy face dew u hilite

✨ An under eye brightener and dark circle corrector. As we age, the skin under our eyes becomes very thin. When this happens, you can start to almost see through the skin and see the blood that lies under the skin. This is ultimately what gives us the appearance of dark circles. Dark circles can be hereditary, but they often get worse as we mature. This is why it’s so important to find an under eye brightener, concealer and corrector that actually does what so many products on the market say they’re going to do. Perk Up is a colour-correcting pen that has a very salmon/pink tone to it. In colour theory, that salmon/pink tone is on the opposite side of the colour wheel to blue/purple, which means that when we apply that salmon/pink tone on top of blue-based, purplish dark circles, it cancels that tone out. What you’re left with is an under eye area that looks rested and well-slept. In a nut-shell, Perk Up makes you look like you’ve had 15 hours of sleep in 15 seconds and is a total godsend. The formula itself dries to a matte finish to help make it last while also preventing creasing. We recommend always setting under your eyes with a little bit of our Translucent Hi-Def Flawless Powder to keep it in place all day long!! 

fancy face colour corrector


Above are 5 products that I truly feel every woman 50+ NEEDS in her life. They will bring a vibrant, more youthful look to you on the daily and revolutionize your beauty routine! Share this with any woman you know who may need a pick-me-up and let’s start focusing on the age group of women that I believe are the most fabulous! Now is your time to shine, beauties! xx 

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Age-Defying BB Cream

Refined Essentials Brush Set

Almost Famous Cream Blush 

Blossom Cream Blush

Browmance Brow Gel

Dew-U Highlighter

Perk Up Touch Up Veil Concealer

Translucent Hi-Def Flawless Powder



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