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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Alright beauties, Mother’s Day is right around the corner and there is no better time to stop and really think about someone in your life who deserves to be wearing a crown day-in and out, because of all of the incredible responsibilities they take on. As someone who has been so fortunate to see such incredible examples of amazing mother’s in my life (including my very own mom), I thought now would be the perfect time to round up some gems that I think will make these moms swoon with love and thanks! After all, being a mom of two myself, if there is one thing I know for sure it’s that feeling seen and appreciated for all that you do is HUGE and can make a world of difference.  

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Ela Handbags is a local business with vegan leather options. I have personally purchased 3 bags from them in the past and I have to say, they are INCREDIBLE. They are made with such fantastic and durable, quality materials and really stand the test of time. One style that I’ve had my eye on as a nice gift is the Baguette Bag. It’s $68.00 and is very fashionable at the moment. The style reminds me of that insta-famous Prada bag that you constantly see influencers wearing. What I love about Ela is that you can monogram the bags for that special someone to make it feel like a more thoughtful and personalized gift! They have three different finishes in black pebble, black faux croc, and a khaki green croc-effect option, too! Every ela is made with 100% recycled plastic bottle lining and PETA-approved vegan leather.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you likely saw that we at Fancy Face launched two Mother’s Day Bundles that include what we feel every mom at any stage of her motherhood journey would love to look and feel her best! Some fan-favorites here at Fancy Face are included like our Perk Up Under Eye Dark Circle Brightener and Corrector (appear to have had 15 hours of sleep in 15 seconds!), as well as our Blossom Cream Blush that just enlivens anyone’s face in a flash! At two reasonable price points ($105.20 and $163.60), these gift bundles paired with some fresh cut tulips would be a gift of any woman’s dreams!  

✨ For a new mom in your life, there is truly nothing better than helping her keep her coffee hot. Moms notoriously drink cold coffee and let me tell you, I’ve been there and it sucks! After trying every solution under the sun to keep my coffee hot without microwaving it 100 times, I’ve personally enlisted in a Yeti Tumbler. It’s the only thing that really keeps it hot, is truly durable AND dishwasher safe!  My personal fave is the white one and remarkably, it stays very clean and bright after a lot of use!

✨ If you’re in the GTA and are looking to show some love with pretty blooms, I cannot recommend Rachel A. Clingen Boutique Blooms enough! Rachel is a good friend of mine and believe it or not, did the florals for my wedding 5+ years ago! Since then and during the pandemic, she started a floral delivery service to bring the magic of her floral design to our homes! With blooms at so many different price points, the beauty of these arrangements are sure to bring immense joy to someone you love! 

If you’re looking for something small to add to an existing gift, a delicious option is David’s Tea Forever Nuts. I recommend getting it in the tea bag form as it’s a little easier to work with. It’s the most beautiful blush pink colour when a little milk is added in (Earth’s Own Oat Milk is recommended! – so delish!) and it is simply a swoon-worthy tea. Pair it with an adorable Sherbet Mug Pink and you’re good to go! Here’s another adorable mug option!

✨ Every mom out there can use a little self-care session. In this day and age, we all feel a little limited on time and when you put work and children/family life in the mix, often times, the last ones moms care for are themselves. This is why we at Fancy Face felt compelled to put together two self-care bundles. We launched these on Stress Awareness Day and coined them our Unwind Self-Care Box. Including items like our Stardust Gel Under Eye Masks, our French Affair and Rosé All Day candles, our Supermodel Lip Baths (the ultimate daily lip treatment mask), as well as our facial oil and skincare tools like the gua sha, these Unwind sets are sure to make her carve out some ME time.  

We’re here for a cute MAMA moment, which is why the leopard MAMA Tee from Ashco caught our eye. This oversized tee is perfect for running errands, going on a stroller walk outdoors or just for lounging around the house paired with some cute black leggings! 

If I know anything that is universal amongst moms, it’s the need for a good scrunchie in your life. The ability to throw your hair up in a flash due to the little time you likely have for yourself is a real necessity! Being someone who has tested and tried every scrunchie imaginable, my absolute fave is from a local small business. I love THIC’s Scrunchies because they prevent breakage and look cute and stylish at the same time. Also, while you’re at it, THIC’s hair oil is amazing too, and would be an amazing little gift set with the scrunchies!

Being someone that is slipper obsessed, these trendy little A Drip of Honey slips are such fun gift items for someone that loves to be a homebody. (I mean, do any of us in Ontario really have a choice right now??) My personal fave colour is the oatmeal shade, but the lilac is cute too! Super comfy, on-trend and ultra cute! Oh, and a female-owned local small biz too!  

As mentioned before, I love a monogrammed moment. This gift set from KIP is just the sweetest! 

That is my round-up of adorable last minute Mother’s Day gifts! Hope you found something that takes the guesswork out of pampering someone you love in your life!!

Xo Britt 






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