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Hey, beauties! 

For this blog, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my most recent purchases! I always love knowing what women who inspire me gravitate toward, so I really hope you find some inspo out of the products that have called my name! 

Here is my recent round-up for you all!

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✨ My cousin Katherine (who is very in-the-know, bless her!) told me that this was a water cup I HAD to have, so obviously, I bought it! Let me introduce you to the Simple Modern Water Cup. I opted for the lunar pattern which I think is adorbs! I’m aware that I really need to start upping my water intake and apparently a lot of models use this cup – so if it’s good enough for them, well then count me in! 

✨ Lately, I’ve felt more bouts of anxiety (courtesy of the pandemic) and experienced more bloating than usual. Not very fun. I’ve seen Arrae popping up on different influencer Instagram pages for a while now, so it really piqued my interest! As soon as I saw they offered natural capsules that combated bloating and inspired feelings of calm, I thought, YES! I’ve heard nothing but great things so I purchased the Arrae Calm and Arrae Bloat capsules. I can’t wait to give these babies a whirl! 

Toronto Sephora VIB Purchases

✨ Let’s talk Sephora! Some of my VIB purchases from the Sephora sale are: Makeup by Mario Eyeliner in Perfect Brown, Olehenriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme, Dae Mini Hair Kit, Necessaire The Body Wash with Niacinamide & Eucalyptus, Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Lash Primer, Caudalie’s VinoClean Deep Cleaning Exfoliator, Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara, Necessaire The Body Exfoliator with Bamboo Charcoal Eucalyptus, Too Faced Lip Injection Plumping Lip Gloss, The Original Freckle-Freck OG, and Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo

✨ Lately, I’ve been loving cleansing balms to remove my makeup. Two that I am currently using are the Elemis English Rose Cleansing Balm and the Paula’s Choice Cleansing Balm. To remove the makeup from my face, I swear by these Makeup Removing Cloths! I stocked up recently and am so happy I did!  

✨ I personally love a cheap and cheerful oversized sweater that looks chic! This Oversized Crewneck caught my eye and it’s so cozy! I recommend really sizing up for extra comfort. 

✨ I have a deep obsession for gold, edgy jewellery and these pieces are no exception. If you love that evil eye protection, I say do it in a fun, stylish way, beauties! These Evil Eye Earrings are really great quality and pair nicely with so many outfits. A local brand that I love for jewels is @happyjewels.xo – I highly recommend their pieces. 

✨ When it comes to the hair gods, it’s safe to say that I wasn’t blessed in this department. My hair has always been fine, fragile, and has a hard time growing. After struggling with this for years, I decided to enlist in a silk pillowcase. Since we have some line art hanging on our bedroom walls, I thought this body positivity design Pillowcase from Kitsch was super fun! They’re really great quality and do make a difference in how my hair looks in the morning. Tangles no more!  

✨ One thing you may not know about me is that I LOVE home decor. If I wasn’t into beauty, I would likely be in design for a living. I recently stumbled on a local business that has some lovely pieces. They are called Art Of the Home and I find their price points phenomenal (plus, they recently had a killer sale). I picked up their Creative Co-Op Reclaimed Wood Chain Link, their Indaba Trading Wooden Prayer Beads with Small Heart, and some of their Abbott Small Bowls in a beautiful blue design! 

✨ One thing that I’ve been needing lately is a great belt bag. My kids and I go on frequent walks to the park and I really needed a bag that I could strap to me so I could have both hands free. Little kids can be a (beautiful) handful! I opted for the Ela Handbags Black Pebble Belt Bag. I really wanted to purchase the Sasha X Ela Collab Belt Bag but it was sold out – my first pick would be the black croc belt bag; I love the design and the interior colour is stunning! 

There you have it! My round-up of recent purchases that really excite me and bring that wonderful new inspiration into my life. I really hope you find some gems that you love!! 




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