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7 Makeup Tips for Brighter and Bigger Eyes: Cityline Feature

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Britt shares her recent City Line appearance and her 7 makeup tips for brighter, bigger eyes.

Hey beauties! While we’ve all been experiencing an epic amount of mask-wearing over these past two years, our eyes have truly become the focal point of our faces. With that in mind, I had the great pleasure to make my way back to City Line to share my
7 makeup tips for brighter, bigger eyes. Those babies need to pop even more these days, right!?

Fancy Face Bigger and Brighter Eyes Makeup Tips

In order to achieve those popping peepers, keep these makeup tips in mind:

Grab that matte bronzer and a big, fluffy domed eyeshadow brush so you can create that lovely warmth in the crease of your eye. Dip into the bronzer and gently rock it back and forth over your crease and pull the brush outwards to help wake up your eyes and face. More often than not, I don’t even bother with much eyeshadow in the crease beyond that. Keeping it matte in the crease is a must. Shimmer can settle into fine lines and creases, making them more noticeable, so best to avoid it.

If you’re feeling a little lifeless and have those super fun, tired eyes, get yourself a champagne or dusty rose tone eyeshadow. Just pop a little bit on the lid of your eye to create that extra zhuzh (yep, that is how you spell what sounds like “jougue”. You know, that thing we say when we’re amping up a style?).

Fancy Face Fancified Eyeshadow Palette

I’d encourage all of you black-liner lovers to seek out a plum, wine or brown shade to try out. Black tends to create a harsher eye and can make your eyes seem smaller. I’m a fan of using shadows for my liner and I always put it on the outer third section of my eye while giving it that little bit of a lift. A great trick for when you’re doing a winged liner is to bring it over toward the end of your brow. Using a brown pencil or shadow with an angled brush, go ahead gently smudge the line to soften and give it that more elegant, blown-out look.

Don’t toss that eyelash curler aside. It’s amazing what that little tool can do for your eyes! Get that extra lift and open, beauties.

Apply a gorgeous lifting and volumizing mascara, go ahead and be nice and generous to get that extra va-voom! As an added tip, I’d suggest using waterproof mascara for your bottom lashes, and a rubber wand work wonders on those harder-to-reach lashes.

Fancy Face Brittany Gray Makeup Tips

Enlist in a beige-toned or nude waterproof eye-liner and apply it to your waterline to really help open up those eyes (avoid the white liner) and disguise any redness. From there, take that matte bronzer and dust a little bit of it onto the bottom lashline to gently open your eyes up even further.

If you want to amp up the fun just a tiny bit, grab those falsies! I love to cut them in half and pop them onto the outer corners of my eyes for that lovely, doe-eyed aesthetic.

Fancy Face Basic Boss Lashes
There you have it! Give it a try for brighter and bigger eyes and let me know what you think!

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