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Cityline Glam Squad Beauty Makeover with Mairlyn Smith

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Hey beauties! I can’t begin to tell you how incredible it was to be back on Cityline giving a makeover to the gorgeous and brilliant Mairlyn Smith in one of their studio spaces! Mairlyn is a kind, funny, fiercely intelligent and general all-around-awesome woman, so to have an opportunity to help make her feel as beautiful on the outside as she so clearly is on the inside was a true joy.

Fancy Face and Marilyn Smith

As she so wonderfully said it, this makeover was “an answer to me matching my inner Mairlyn with my outer Mairlyn.” 

As part of the Glam Squad alongside style geniuses Bill Rowley on hair and Janice Meredith on fashion, it was a blast to make some beauty magic!

Fancy Face Cityline Makeover

When I chatted with Mairlyn in the chair, she shared that she wanted to make sure she still felt like herself with the makeup look we went for. She was bubbly, vibrant and sassy, so it was a thrill to have a play. To bring that vivacious and fun personality out, I went for a bit of a glam look that worked beautifully!

Fancy Face Marilyn Smith Makeover

Another concern she shared was that wrinkles that may have appeared due to her weight loss might be emphasized by makeup. But an excellent beauty tip in this case is that when you use the right makeup on mature skin, makeup that is wonderfully hydrating (like BB Creams, cream blushes and bronzers), it helps to make your skin the best version of itself in all the right places! 


Fancy Face on Cityline with Marilyn Smith

With the whole squad’s makeovers completed, Mairlyn was glowing both inside and outside. She looked fabulous and best of all, she felt amazing!

Many thanks, as always, to Cityline and the whole team that was a part of Mairlyn’s day. Enjoy your new look, Mairlyn, you’re a stunner and an inspiration!

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