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Fancy Face’s Favourite Fall Beauty Tips

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Hey beauties, we’re diving into our first fall blog here at Fancy Face and we couldn’t be more excited! There truly is a gorgeous transition that comes along with the fall season in the beauty community, so to really lean into that cozy feeling we’re offering you some of our favourite fall beauty tips!

SPF for fall: To begin with, just because it’s fall, don’t even think of putting away that SPF! Even though the sun doesn’t seem as strong, it can still hit you with those UV rays and impact your skin health. Keeping your SPF in your beauty arsenal is without a doubt a favourite fall beauty tip
Fancy Face Fall SPF

Skincare for harsher weather: Taking care of your skin is more important than ever at this time of year. As the weather becomes cooler it can be pretty harsh on your skin, causing dryness and irritation. Our Poetry in Potion serum and Daycream Rosewater Cream are the cure you need to keep your skin hydrated, reduce redness and inflammation and help keep it looking dewy and luminous, no matter the season! 

Fancy Face Day Dream cream & Poetry in Potion Serum

Fall blush colour: While we will always have a place in our hearts for Rosé Ok and Peach Babe, we feel that our French Kiss blush is the perfect fall blush colour. A timeless, muted rose with an auburn warmth, this blush adds that perfect fall flush to your cheeks. Layer it with our Almost Famous cream blush (this is the first time we’ve had it in the fall!) and add a pop of Almost Famous to your lips for a perfectly gorgeous monochromatic look ─ a look that remains very popular and in fashion this season.

Fancy Face French Kiss Blush

Eyeshadow palette for fall: Our #fancified eyeshadow palette is perfect for fall! The stunning deeper gold shade matches the brilliance of the season outside your window and makes for an excellent match as your wardrobe tones begin to deepen for fall. Using the deep gold shade all over the lid, then adding the darkest brown shade and smoking it out on the lash line and inner corner of the eye is a quick and easy smokey eye for the season. 

Fancy Face Fancified Eyeshadow Palette

Nude lips: Using our Nude lipliner all over the lips then topping it off with our 5th Avenue lip glaze is the most gorgeous deep nude lip combo for that perfect pout. The vanillin extract in the glaze makes it even more delectable!

Fancy Face Nude Lip

Bold lip for fall: Is there a better bold lip for fall than our iconic, luxurious Give Love lipstick? This bold red lip colour makes us feel all the fall feels. A fun way to use it is by first lining your lips with nude lip liner then adding a good layer of our honey shot Supermodel Lip Bath for extra hydration. Follow it up by tapping Give Love just into the center of your lips. Voilà. You’ve got yourself a sexy, bitten look. Vavoom! 

Fancy Face Give Love Lipstick

Candle season: We love candle season! Our Fancy Face French Affair candle is perfect for fall. With notes of warm amber, vanilla and spiced tobacco, it creates a beautifully cozy atmosphere for the season. 

Fancy Face French Affair Candle

Breathe it in, beauties…

Fall Vibes Bonus!

Just for fun, Hannah and Brittany have shared some of their other fall faves to get you in the spirit of the season!

Hannah loves her some brown vegan leather pants! They’re a sexy and fun way to jazz up any look while still being warm and comfortable. They’re super cute paired with booties!  

Brittany can’t live without her Yeti mug. As a mom-on-the-go, this is a must-have! She cherishes her hot coffee or tea and that little moment of cozy, chill time. 

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