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Part 1 | Beauty Expert Series: Why Layering Skincare Products is a Must! The What

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Hey, beauties! Welcome to our first Fancy Face 411 as part of our Beauty Expert Series! We’re thrilled to be launching this new blog series where we dive into more complex beauty and skincare topics. Beauty expert Brittany Gray utilizes her years of knowledge and experience to help you better understand: the science of skincare, key ingredients for every concern, and a look behind the scenes in terms of product development.

Fancy Face Skincare Benefits & Concerns

To tackle our first topic, we’re going to do a 3-part series on why layering your skincare is a must!

The concept behind layering your skincare is more simple than you may realize. Essentially, we’re talking about creating a multi-step program for your skincare routine, in order to get the most out of your products. 

Fancy Face Toronto Skincare

When it comes to layering your skincare, different products offer different benefits and functions. As such, and depending on your skin’s primary concerns, it’s important that we choose the right steps for us. But with so many options available, how do we know which ones to choose? While you can absolutely have a complex 15-step skincare routine, the average person usually layers or has 3-5 steps in theirs. Let’s take a look at all of the potential layers you could have in your skincare routine.

✨ Pre cleansing

✨ Skin type based cleansing

✨ Granular exfoliation (scrubs)

✨ Chemical exfoliation (hydroxy acids)

✨ Serum(s) based on skin conditions

✨ Multi-masking (clay-based, water-based, cream-based,  gel-based)

✨ Toning the skin

✨ Treating again with a different serum

✨ Eye treatment(s)

✨ Moisturizer based on skin type

✨ SPF during the day

Fancy Face Must-Have Skincare Steps

As we progress through our Expert Series on layering your skincare, we’re going to first take you through the steps we feel are a must-have for each of our beauties, we’ll get more in-depth on why each of those steps are important, and then we’ll close by sharing some of our favourite ingredient technology, from our favourite formulations.

We want you to embrace your fancy from the inside out!

Can’t wait to share this series with you, beauties! Let’s get your glow on!



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