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Part 2 | Beauty Expert Series: Why Layering Skincare Products is a Must! The Why

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Hey, beauties! We’re so excited to be bringing you the why in our Beauty Expert Series! Layering skincare products is something we’ve pretty much been obsessed with for years! With combined decades of experience under our belts, we know that this is the base to a truly flawless makeup application. But even better, it’s the support you need to help create healthy, hydrated, glowing skin.


When we’re prepping our skin before a day or night out, there are a few important steps that we take to make sure our skin is glowing, healthy and ready to take on the world! It’s imperative your skin is hydrated and happy before you start applying makeup. 

✨ Why start with cleansing?
To remove dirt, debris, oil, and impurities from the skin, which can lead to breakout activity and a dull, devitalized look.

✨ Why exfoliate next?
Exfoliation is a great way to buff and polish the skin (if using a granular scrub), or help promote your body’s own natural exfoliation process ongoing (if using something hydroxy acid-based). By removing dead skin cell buildup, you’ll give yourself an instant glow and more importantly, help your serums penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin, which is where they belong!

✨ Why add a serum on cleansed/exfoliated skin?
Often known as your treatment products, serums are typically designed with active ingredients that are meant to target and treat the skin with various concerns. And, now that you’ve removed any build-up that could stop their penetration, you’re helping your serums get where they need to go, to create the action or change in the skin we want.

✨ Why protect with moisturizer and SPF?
Now that you’ve renewed the skin with exfoliation, it’s important that you lock moisture back in with a moisturizer (which helps keep the skin balanced) while also protecting the newly exposed skin with SPF. Regardless of your skin type or concerns you have, this is a final layer that should be an absolute MUST in every beauties routine.


We know that using high-quality skincare ingredients and giving these ingredients their moment to shine can lead to happier, healthier skin. Let us explain.

Once you’ve found the products that work for you, we need to use them regularly, and in the right succession to get the most out of them. Think about it like this. You wouldn’t shine your car without washing it first, so why apply a serum or moisturizer without cleansing the skin? And you want those pricey serums to be blocked by dead skin cell build-up, so to help them penetrate deeply, we need to remove dead, surface cells with exfoliation.


Case in point – by layering your skincare you’re able to target and treat the concerns you have with a multi-pronged approach. And, who wouldn’t want more opportunities to have healthy, glowing, radiant skin?

Stay tuned for part three in our skin layering series!

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