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Luxurious Skincare Tips for Every Bride

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Hey, beauties! I recently had the absolute pleasure of chatting with the brilliant and beautiful Lisa G. McMillan on her wedding planning podcast, Busy Bride 101. Lisa is the founder and event planner of Exquisite Events and Consulting in North Carolina and she asked me to share some insight into my luxurious skincare tips for every bride

As Lisa shared, skincare is a vital step for looking (and I’d add feeling!) your best on your big day. So I wanted to share with all of you my tips and tricks to incorporate into your skincare routine for happy, healthy and glowing skin on your wedding day.


Start giving your skin love 6 months to a year in advance

✨ Prep the skin: To begin prepping your skin and really giving it the love and glow it deserves, it’s best to discover what products make your skin look and feel its best early on. It’s super important to find those products that have really nourishing, skin-quenching ingredients. This may come with a little bit of trial and error at first. That’s ok! Because when you do find your perfect products and combinations, your skin will adore you!

✨ Enlist in a skincare expert: An aesthetician can offer you suggestions about what treatments might be best for your skin in the year and months leading up to your wedding. These could include a microdermabrasion facial or a HydraFacial, which will really help to slough off dead skin cells on the surface of the skin that can reduce the glow you’re after if they’re not taken care of! 

By getting rid of those dead skin cells, you’re also allowing the nutrients and other gorgeous skincare ingredients you’re applying as part of your daily skincare routine to penetrate more deeply into the skin’s epidermis. I’d suggest you find an expert that makes you feel good, too! Personally, I love when they offer some gentle massage techniques (it feels amazing!) and recommendations on what to do moving forward, as well. 


Tips for your daily skincare routine

✨ Remove ALL of your makeup: It’s extremely important to get rid of all of the makeup on your skin and give it a proper cleanse and routine so it can breathe and really soak up your nourishing products. I like to use makeup erase cloths; they’re so easy to use, you just saturate them with warm water and gently massage away your makeup. This should take off a good amount. 

From there, I love using a cleansing balm! Essentially, you rub the balm between your hands to transform it into the oil that you can massage into your skin. The oil helps break down the makeup on the face. Don’t worry, this oil doesn’t clog pores! It also easily slips off the makeup and doesn’t crack or break your lashes. Some makeup removers can damage your lashes, so you have to be careful with what you use! I always recommend a double cleanse. So you can cleanse first with the makeup balm and then use a gel or foaming cleanser, depending on your skin type. The other option is to just stick with two cleanses with the balm!

✨ Tone:  I love a good skin tone! You can use something as simple as rose water, or a glycolic toner or witch hazel. It’s as easy as pouring a little bit into the palms of your hands and gently tapping your face with the product. You don’t have to bother with cotton pads and extra waste.


✨ Apply a skin-nourishing serum: I’m so excited to share my favourite new serum and Fancy Face product we just launched a few days ago! Our Poetry in Potion Serum is an excellent option to help reduce redness, hydrate, fight dullness and protect your skin. The key ingredient? 24 karat gold! You can use 5-8 drops depending on how much your skin feels it needs. Then just gently press and massage the serum into the skin. 

✨ Pro tip! Always work upwards on the neck rather than drag or pull downwards on the neck. Check out our Rise and Shine Facial Massage Technique for even more skincare love!


✨ Moisturize: Another amazing new product you can use as part of your daily skincare routine is our Daydream Rosewater Cream. This little gem is a luxurious treatment moisturizer that works to fortify, nourish and smooth the skin, leaving it noticeably supple and wonderfully dewy. I find it really does give me that radiance and glow right away. But if you’re feeling very dry, you can also apply face oil afterward. Some excellent natural face oils on the market include rosehip oils and other wonderful oils to help nourish the skin. Just press the oil on top and let your skin soak it up!


✨ Another big tip for brides! You really do want to apply both a serum and a moisturizer to really lock in the moisture and keep your skin hydrated. And don’t forget your decolletage and cleavage! Blend your products up the neck (sweep and lift upwards) and then from there just massage them into your decolletage and cleavage, as well! As we age and as we sleep the cleavage area can crease and wrinkle more, so make sure that you’re really treating all these areas beautifully.


✨ Eyes and Lips: Lastly, apply your favourite eye cream and give your lips love! I always end my routine with our Supermodel Lip Bath, which is basically a lip mask infused with collagen, vitamin E and Shea butter. It really helps to plump and nourish the lips overnight.

✨ Sun Protection: Be sure to wear a quality SPF leading up to the big day to prevent any accidental, unsightly sunburns! You should actually be wearing sunscreen daily if I’m being honest, as it’s one of the best anti-aging tools you can use! On your wedding day, make sure you find one that doesn’t cause flashback (that white cast that can show up on your face in photos using certain products) in your photos. 

✨ Go-To Tools and Tid-Bits: I absolutely adore using Gua Sha tools and Jade (or rose quartz) face rollers to help with lymphatic drainage and to help skincare products really penetrate the skin. Facial cupping is also amazing in terms of bringing blood flow to the skin and helping to inspire that natural collagen production.

If you need to depuff (maybe you just so happened to party a little too hard the night before), our Stardust Gel Eye Masks are just the ticket! A simple cold cloth and a gentle roll of ice can also help calm irritated skin. 


There you have it, beauties! My luxurious skincare tips for every bride…and everyone looking to improve or adjust their skincare routine! I genuinely feel like these steps make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic of your skin. If you find products that work for you and your skin type and give your skin the love and care it deserves, you’re well on your way to luxurious skin for your big day. 

But don’t forget, proper sleep and staying as relaxed (no stressed-out brides!) as you can will also make a difference! So enjoy the planning and have a dream of a wedding day! 

Britt xo

PS. For the full podcast and even more skincare tips and product insight, take a listen to the podcast episode here.




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