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Fancy Face Faves for the Best Mascara Right Now

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Hey beauties, it’s time to talk mascara. You may have found yourself asking, why is mascara important? The answer is, where do we start? Mascara opens up your eyes and gives you fuller, longer lashes. It draws attention to your beautiful eyes – the windows to your soul! And when you find the best mascara it’s a total game changer!

At Fancy Face, our team of beauty artists and experts have some mascara brands that we just adore. We’re talking die-hard, go-to products that we couldn’t live without. And we want to share the love! So check out our list of Fancy Face faves for the best mascara right now and find out why we adore them so much. Then see which one speaks to you!


Britt’s Picks

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir – I adore Velvet Noir because it only takes two coats to have full, plump, luscious lashes in seconds. I always get frustrated when a mascara takes a million coats to build up the volume on my lashes. Quite frankly, I just don’t have the time for that. I also love that this mascara stays put, is ultra black and makes my lashes long and appear like they could be falsies. Give me the drama! I personally love using a waterproof formula on my bottom lashes to ensure I don’t get any smudging/smearing happening throughout the day.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof – This waterproof mascara seems to do it all! If you’re looking for a mascara that lengthens, volumizes, separates and curls, then you have to give this one a try! On top of the fact that you could literally jump in a pool and have it stay on your face without looking like a raccoon, I love that it includes porcelain flower extract to help hydrate and condition your lashes, too.




Hannah’s Pick

L’Oréal Lash Paradise – L’Oréal Lash Paradise Mascara has been my holy grail for a few years now. Being a makeup artist I’ve tried more mascaras than I’d like to admit and this is the one I always come back to. I find it gives me the length that I desire while also keeping my lashes looking fluffy and thick. I have never been one for long “spidery” lashes which I find always happens with rubber wands. This wand has 200+ bristles that really catch every lash to optimize volume and length. Not to mention their blackest black shade is no joke and the price is right!



Denise’s (Mom’s) Pick

Maybelline Sky High Lashes – My mom has shorter and thinner natural lashes. She loves an elongated and beautifully separated look when it comes to the lashes. She finds that this mascara really lifts her lashes up and makes them appear much longer than they naturally are. What she loves about this mascara is that the regular formula is smudge-proof and you can wear it on both top and bottom lashes. The wand is also a thin rubber wand so it makes it really easy to get into the roots of your lashes to build length.



As much as we love mascara, it’s still super important to take care of your lashes and give them some TLC whenever you can. That’s why we’re giving you the Fancy Face scoop on some more faves. Have a look!


Britt’s Primer Pick

Marc Jacobs Lash Primer – Marc Jacobs Lash Primer is amazing for anyone that likes a really plump lash look. I personally am not here for the spidery lash look, so I love when my lashes look ultra full and plush. To use, apply to your lashes and allow them to completely dry prior to applying your mascara of choice. Be sure when you are applying your mascara that you cover the primer on the front side and backside of your top lashes to disguise the primer shade. I love this primer because it isn’t a bright white colour that can be hard to cover. It’s a warm, peachy shade which makes it a bit more neutral and covers easily. Once your mascara is applied, you’ll have bold and beautiful long lashes that look twice as big as your natural ones! 

Fancy face Marc Jacobs Lash Primer


Britt’s Lash Serum Pick

Neulash Lash Serum – Neulash Lash Serum has completely saved my lashes. After suffering from lash extension damage back in 2014 and my lashes never growing back to their original state, I really needed a product to help my lashes grow back and hopefully grow beyond the length they were previously. Neulash did just that and it’s my daily go-to for long lashes!

Fancy face Neulash Lash Serum


Lash Love Bonus!

Finding the best mascara to suit your lash needs is always important, but some days there’s nothing better than a gorgeous, quality false lash to give you that touch of next-level glam. You know what we mean?

Our Fancy Face Basic Boss Lash is soft enough that it doesn’t look too overwhelming for business meetings, yet glam enough that you look fancier than your mascara-loving self. It’s basically (you get it?) the best of both worlds. 

Fancy Face Basic Boss Lash Set

Pro tip: Cut the lash in two and use your desired half to add onto the outer corner of your eye for a sexy yet subtle add-on, without having to go for a complete lash. It’s gorgeous!

If you love the idea of trying a false lash but aren’t sure how to get those babies on without making a mess of things, take a look at our IGTV Hot Tips with Hannah: How to Apply False Lashes video for a quick and easy lesson!

There you have it! Our list of Fancy Face faves for the best mascara right now…plus a few lash love bonuses. Let us know what you think and if you have any favourites you want to share!


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