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Before & After | How to Recreate the Looks

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Hey beauties,

If you’re fascinated by the magic of makeup and the incredible power it holds to enhance the natural beauty we already have you’re in the right place! We hope these stunning before and after photos will leave you inspired before your next glam session!

While this gallery is meant to help inspire what look you may want to try the next time you find yourself in the makeup chair; we will also dive into the secrets that our team has used to bring out the innate beauty of each client. Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a makeup enthusiast, or simply captivated by the art of transformation, you’re in for a treat!

Bold Liner Makeup Look

Bold liner beauty:

This gorgeous gal opted for such a stunning soft neutral eyeshadow look, paired with a bold yet classic winged eyeliner and mink lashes to really have her eyes make a statement! The way the winged liner lifts her eyes is incredibly flattering for her eye shape. Her skin is soft and glowy with a focus on pink blush and a soft pink lip.

Product recommendations to achieve this look:

Warm and bronzey makeup look

Warm and Bronzey:

This beauty wanted a bronzey smokey eye, paired with a soft flush on the cheeks, a fluffy natural brow and a glossy nude lip. This is the look to ask for if you want to try something that feels smokey without committing to the “full” smokey eye. The bronze tones and bright inner corner allow the look to still feel soft.

Product recommendations to achieve this look:

Simple and glowy

Simple and glowy:

We love this look on one of our gorgeous brides! It’s simple yet so classic and elegant. A soft brown shimmer tone on the eyes with a subtle winged eyeliner and natural lashes to emphasize the eyes. Skin is glowy yet has a nice amount of coverage and the lips are a soft nude gloss. This look is perfect for those that want a “natural glam”. Meaning, you want it to look fairly natural while it is still obvious that you got your makeup done by a professional.   

Product recommendations to achieve this look:

Shimmery and smokey

Shimmery lids and smokey liner:

This is a look I like to call “fool proof”. This look looks amazing on so many different people, works for all occasions and truthfully always makes everyone look great! The eyes have a lot of focus on the lash line. Using mainly shadows to create a smokey winged lash line keeps the look soft while also sexy. A neutral brown in the crease, a little shimmer on the lid and bam, you’ve got fool proof flirty eyes. The skin has an airbrush-like finish, paired with a peachy cheek and a glossy nude lip.

Product recommendations to achieve this look:

Cat Eye Makeup Look

Cat eye and glowing skin:

We’re obsessed with this bold cat eye look! This beauty opted for a smokey outer corner with a stunning gold shimmer on the lid. A warm apricot cheek that matches her lip choice perfectly. We love a monochromatic moment.

Product recommendations to achieve this look:

Romantic Eye and Nude Lip

Romantic eyes and nude lips:

This look is a real tried & true, it’s a classic we hope never goes away! Our gorgeous gal opted for this beautiful glam eye paired with soft wispy lashes for a romantic feel. A soft and natural complexion and nude lips and voilà!

Product recommendations to achieve this look:

Rosy Pink and Glowy

Rosy pink and glowing:

We love a pink look around here! This look is stunning to add a pop of colour to the skin. The eyes are simple with a soft shimmer but the skin and lashes are the stars of the show! Super glowy and rosy pink tones to make the cheeks pop.

Product recommendations to achieve this look:

Timeless Glam

Two looks – timeless glam:

Two fan favs around here. The First look feature a neutral bronzed complexion with a smokey lash line whereas the second look featured neutral shadow with a light shimmer on the lid, a rosey “blushing bride” complexion and nude lips.

Product recommendations to achieve this look:

Smokey pop of pink

Smokey eyes and pop of pink:

We love a bold smokey eye moment! Sometimes a black liner in the waterline IS the right choice! We paired this bold smokey eye with beautiful lashes and a pop of pink on the cheeks with glossy lips.

Product recommendations to achieve this look:

Sunkissed Makeup Look

Sun-kissed look:

This look is perfect for anyone looking for that gorgeous sunkissed look! The super warm tones throughout the eyes, cheeks and lips creates that sun kissed aesthetic!  and elegant with soft eyes and a deeper nude lip.

Product recommendations to achieve this look:

Birthday Party Glam

Bronzed birthday glam:

Say hello to Birthday glam!! A fun flirty, bronzey eye, smaller lashes to keep it appropriate for day festivities, and a natural rosy complexion.  

Product recommendations to achieve this look:

Thanks for reading beauties, we hope this blog helps you find your next glam look or inspires you to try something different! 

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