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A Fun and Interactive 5-Minute Makeup Tutorial with Britt on Cityline

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Have you ever wondered how to achieve a quick and easy makeup look that doesn’t compromise on style? In a recent, interactive episode of Cityline, our very own Britt Gray guided a model through a five-minute beauty routine where she had to apply her makeup on her own, with Britt offering instructions and advice. This unique episode provided viewers with valuable insights into a makeup routine that can transform your morning and help you feel confident and put-together throughout the day. Let’s dive into the episode’s highlights and Britt’s expert guidance. (Watch the full segment here!)

5 Minute Makeup Routine | Fancy Face on Cityline

Start Your Day with Self-Love and Care

The episode began with Britt discussing the profound benefits of dedicating a few minutes to your morning makeup routine. She emphasized that this ritual isn’t just about cosmetics; it’s a way to show yourself a little self-love and care before the demands of the day take over. Whether you need to wake up a bit earlier or can fit it in after school drop-off, these few minutes can set the tone for your entire day.

Britt explained that when she personally chooses not to put on makeup in the morning, she notices a significant difference in her day’s effectiveness and overall positivity. Taking this time to show up as your best self and put your best face forward can have a profound impact on your confidence and mood.

5 Minute Makeup Routine | Fancy Face on Cityline

The Five-Minute Face

Britt then delved into the step-by-step process of creating a quick and simple makeup look. The focus here was on an interactive journey, where the model had to apply her makeup based on Britt’s instructions, without Britt being able to physically assist.

  1. Base: BB Cream

Britt had the model start with BB cream as the foundation for this look. She instructed the woman to apply a small amount (about a pea-sized portion) on her fingertips and massage it into the skin. It was important not to over-apply, as too much product can be challenging to blend effectively. Using a lighter touch was the key to achieving a more natural and even look.

  1. Cream Blush

In the interest of time, Britt guided the model to skip concealer and contouring and dive straight into cream blush. She instructed her to apply it to the apples of the cheeks and blend it upward in a “C” shape, using her fingers instead of brushes. This approach provided a quick and effective way to add a healthy flush to her complexion.

  1. Flawless: Use Sparingly

Britt introduced the model to “Flawless,” a translucent powder that, when used lightly, helps minimize pores and gives the skin an airbrushed finish. She cautioned against overusing this product, as applying it too heavily can make the skin appear white. A light touch was the key to achieving a subtle, natural effect.

5 Minute Makeup Routine | Fancy Face on Cityline

  1. Brow Definition

For brows, Britt guided the model to use a brow gel with fibers that add definition and thickness to the brows. She demonstrated an upward and outward application technique to enhance the brows’ overall appearance.

  1. Lip Colour

To complete the look, Britt had the model use a sheer wash of “Forbidden Fruit” on her lips, giving them a hint of colour and a natural sheen. This was a versatile step that could be done on the go, requiring no mirror.

  1. Mascara for a Polished Finish

With a little extra time, the model was guided to apply two coats of mascara for added definition. This made her eyes pop and gave her a more polished appearance.

5 Minute Makeup Routine | Fancy Face on Cityline

In just under five minutes, the woman successfully transformed herself, leaving her looking and feeling fantastic. This segment was not only informative but also entertaining, as Britt introduced a quick and easy makeup routine that anyone can incorporate into their busy mornings. With Britt’s expert guidance, you can start your day with self-love and care, feeling confident and ready to conquer whatever comes your way. So why not give this five-minute face routine a try and see how it changes the way you feel and approach your day?


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