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How to Recreate Steph Marner’s Wedding Eye Makeup

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Hey beauties, Hannah here! 

The amount of love I have gotten on the makeup I did for the lovely Steph Marner has been incredibly heartwarming. I am so thrilled to know so many of you loved the final look as much as Steph and I did. 

Although the overall glam look has gotten so much love, I’ve received so many messages about her eye shadow! I am thrilled to finally share with you a step-by-step tutorial on how to easily recreate Steph’s wedding day eyes. 

*It is worth noting that tones look different on everyone! Steph and I have very different colouring so the tones read slightly more warm on me than they did on Steph.

Steph Marner eye makeup tutorial

Let’s jump right into it shall we!

First and foremost it is incredibly important to prime your eyelids. This step is important for so many reasons. It gives your eyeshadow something to grab onto, helps with the pigmentation and helps with the overall longevity. You can use an eye primer such as Lay Me Down Lip and Eye Primer, our Perk Up Pen  (which is what I used in this tutorial) or your preferred concealer. I recommend patting the primer onto your lids until your eyelids feel slightly tacky.

Hannah applying Perk Up Concealer

Next up, I am taking Macaroon, the lightest matte shade in our Crème de la crème eye shadow palette. On a fluffy blending brush, I blend that from the outer corner in through the crease and ever so slightly into the inner corner 

Hannah applying Creme de la Creme Palette

Using the same brush I pick up The Ritz from the same eye shadow palette. I absolutely love this shade for bridal, it’s not too pink but not too bronzy – I’m truly obsessed. Layer this just slightly below Macaroon to build up some depth on the outer corner and slightly through the crease. Believe it or not, this is the darkest shade we will be using on the eye other than the eyeliner. You can use this shade to get a good amount of depth. 

Hannah applying Creme de la Creme Palette

Finally, my fav part of this eye look: Wanderlust eye shimmer. Wanderlust is a loose pigment that in my opinion, is the perfect formula – it isn’t too glittery but also gives off such a beautiful reflect. Wanderlust’s muted pink base with its bright pearlized reflects makes for one stunning bridal lid shade. After tapping a little bit out onto the back of my hand, I take my ring finger and pack this from the inner corner stopping just slightly after the middle of my lid. 

Hannah applying Wanderlust eye shimmer

Now for the baby wing, taking a really small liner brush, I slowly built up a baby wing using the shade Soirée. I always find using a shadow ensures the look stays nice and soft. Sometimes liquid liners can lean slightly harsh. Using that same shade and the same brush I also tight-line my upper waterline. 

Hannah applying an eye shadow liner

Now onto the lower lash line, going in with a smaller brush I will go back in with The Ritz to add a little bit of depth. I want this look to remain very bright and feminine so I’m cautious when doing this, I don’t want the lash line to be too smokey. Taking an even smaller brush I go in with our Dew-U highlighter right in the inner corner to add a pop of brightness. 

Hannah applying Dew-U Highlighter into the inner corner of her eye

Then, of course, we finish the look off with a healthy coat of mascara. I used individual lashes on Steph, however, in this tutorial I only use mascara.

I am so happy with how this recreation turned out. This is what I like to call ‘Angel Makeup’, it’s so soft & bright! I hope this helps anyone wanting to create this look or helps future brides better understand what they might be looking for.

Hannah - Eye Makeup Tutorial

So much love,


Products Used

The Refined Essentials | 8 Piece Makeup Brush Set with Pouch

Perk Up | Dark Circle Corrector

crème de la crème | Eye shadow palette

Wanderlust | Eye shimmer

Dew-U | Highlighter 


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