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Brittany’s 5 Favourite Lip Combos

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Brittany’s obsession with the Fancy Face glazes, glosses and lipsticks is real. So she’s here to share the love and take you through her 5 favourite lip combos.


Fancy Face Lip Combos

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If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of the lip combo. Not only does a gorgeous blend of products add the perfect pops of colour, they also help your lip look last, keep your lips hydrated and keep you looking fabulous, whatever the event. So let’s dive on in to my 5 favourite lip combos!


Combo 1

My first favourite lip combo is our Satin Lip Liner, followed up with our Dewy Lipstick and with a gorgeous finishing touch with our Ballet Slipper Lip Glaze.

Our Satin Liner is the ideal piece of makeup magic to give the oh, so lovely illusion of fuller lips. It’s waterproof, smudge free and it’s going to stay all day (or night)! This lovely lady compliments nude, peach, pink and mauve lipsticks. The creamy formula blends beautifully with Dewy.

Our Dewy Lipstick is a totally timeless shade of mauve-pink that suits every skin tone and blends seamlessly over our Satin liner. It’s perfect for the bride, the boss babe, date night and everything in between. It’s hydrating with a high gloss finish to add some life to your lips. Bonus? It has the gentle smell of vanilla!

To complete this lip combo, I add on a pop of our Ballet Slipper Glaze (more vanilla!). You can wear it solo for a more natural look, but I’m all about wearing it over my Dewy to really make my lips shine! This combo gives me that gorgeous, gentle mauve-pink glow that can take me to the ‘office’ or out on the town.


Combo 2

Our Fancy Face Nude Lip Liner supplies the base for this lip combo. Like the Satin Liner, our Nude Liner is creamy, waterproof, and smudge-free. You can wear it with literally any lip shade! Even reds, plums, and browns. Talk about an all-rounder! 

I love blending this liner with our Legend Vinyl Lip Lacquer for a more neutral tone that can offer you that full pout without taking away from the rest of the glam look you may have going on with your eyes. Speaking of glam, pop some Cloud 9 Lip Glaze over top to complete the combo. Cloud 9 will add that perfect nude-pink, glassy finish to add a little shine to your lips and round out your glamorous hair and makeup, without stealing the show!


Combo 3

For that perfect, pink summer feel (to go with your tie-dye, your fave summer dress or whatever else screams summer to you!) I start with our Satin Liner followed up by our Love Note Lip Lacquer. Love Note packs some gorgeous petal pink pigment while keeping your lips hydrated. And it smells amazing! Complete the look with our Petal Lip Gloss and your beautiful face will just scream summertime and sunshine! Petal is packed with antioxidants, smells divine, and adds a delightful pinky-peach gloss to complete your summer lip look. 


Combo 4

For a fun, flirty lip, start with the Nude Liner and top it off with our Extra AF Lipstick. Extra AF is a brilliant, shiny, creamy, and hydrating bubblegum pink lipstick that looks gorgeous with that sun-kissed glow. If you want to get your shine on, this colour is the bomb. The blue-based undertones will also make your teeth look oh, so white! To really finish off the flirt just pop on our Sequin Lip Gloss. It’s gold-champagne tone and pink iridescent shimmer adds a luxurious and hydrating finish to your fun and gorgeous look for any social outing, day or night.


Combo 5

For my final favourite lip combo, I pop on my Satin Liner and add the beautifully but neutrally pigmented Luscious Lipstick. Luscious offers that supremely classy tone that keeps you looking polished and primed for any part of your day or night. It looks gorgeous on medium, tan, and deep skin tones. To complete this classy combo, I add a touch of our Fancy Lip Glaze. With the gentlest hint of pink, this creamy, hydrating gloss finishes off your classy look with a pop of shimmer to add a touch of brightness to a gorgeous yet more neutral lip.

There you have it! My 5 favourite lip combos. What do you think? Do you have any combo faves you like to use? DM to let me know!


Til next time…x

All of our products are:
• Paraben Free • Made in Canada • Hypo-Allergenic • Non-Comedogenic • Fragrance Free • Not Tested on Animals




Satin Lip Liner

Dewy Lipstick 

Ballet Slipper Lip Glaze

Nude Lip Liner 

Legend Vinyl Lip Lacquer 

Cloud 9 Lip Glaze 

Love Note Lip Lacquer 

Petal Lip Gloss 

Extra AF Lipstick

Sequin Lip Gloss

Luscious Lipstick

Fancy Lip Glaze


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