5 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong With your Makeup

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Brittany shares the makeup tip love for a brighter, even more beautiful inside and out and walks you through the 5 things you might be doing wrong with your makeup.


5 Things You're Doing Wrong with Your Makeup

Hey beauties! Let’s chat about the 5 things you might be doing wrong with your makeup and embrace a few easy ways to feel and look better, inside and out!. Who doesn’t want more of that in their lives? So read on for some tips, tricks and the little makeup missteps to avoid.



Makeup Tip One

The number one makeup boo-boo I see happen is when BB or CC creams are applied in a shade or two too light for your skin. I always say choose a colour that’s a shade or so darker than your skin tone, to give you that sun-kissed glow. You don’t have to put on a tanner, go ahead and blend the BB Cream or CC cream down to your neck. Just choose a colour that’s a hair deeper than your natural skin tone and you’re golden!


Makeup Tip Two

Mistake number two is not putting on enough blush. Surprised? The apples of the cheeks are the perfect spot to add that flush and glow to make you look bright, well-rested and more youthful. When someone is missing their blush, it makes them look just a little bit tired and washed out. You can go for pinky peachy colours, they add a beautiful glow, or if you have a deeper skin tone you can go for a gorgeous berry tone. Also use a bigger, fluffy brush to really bring that face to life!


Makeup Tip Three

This bad boy is twofold! Let’s talk brows. Who doesn’t have a love-hate relationship with their eyebrows? You wake up and they’re a naked, nearly non-existent (or if you’re lucky, so full they look messy!) brows. If you fill ‘em in right and they’re heavenly gates to your eyes. But if you don’t fill in your brows, or on the other hand you fill them in too much, you can find yourself looking and feeling less than glam.

Generally speaking, if you have very fair or light hair you want to move up in colour to that taupe – brown tone. But if you have really dark brown or black hair, you want to bring it back a bit to a softer tone. That’s why we launched Browmance! It’s a lovely, taupey, neutral tone that can work with both lighter and darker hair. But of course, there are all sorts of different colours and shades of awesomeness, so the point is, you want your brows to look natural, not overly filled out or too harsh or dark, but still give your face that lovely, polished definition a gorgeous brow can create. I really love using shadow products, so an eye or brow shadow that you can apply with an angled brush to put through the hairs in the brow, or really thin pencils to add short strokes through the brows are also great. And of course, our Browmance brow gel is excellent for lifting the brow hairs to give you that fuller, thicker brow. If you have really thin hair, you definitely want to create the illusion that you do have brows. If you’re new to defining or filling, take the time to explore different products and find a brow routine that works for you to create that fuller, natural-looking brow.


Makeup Tip Four

Choosing an eyeshadow that’s too close to the colour of your eyes can be a bit of a makeup misstep. For example, I have green eyes, if I pop on a green eyeshadow it doesn’t look too flash, it sort of takes the light out of my eyes. Sticking to the bronzy-brown shades across the board is a safe place to be. It’ll never go out of style, it’s always classy, neutral and great for every day. Using eyeshadows that are too colourful on a regular basis deters from the natural beauty of the face! Same goes for shades that are too light, those frosty, shimmery blues for example. It can kind of wash out the glow that you are trying to create in the rest of your look.

A burgundy, wine-toned liner looks beautiful on every eye colour! Check out the eyeshadow shades you have in your makeup bag. Finding the colours that will really make your eyes pop and look bright, healthy and polished are the ones you need to keep in your everyday arsenal. Bronzes, champagne tones, browns…you’ve got this!


Bonus – Liner Switch Up!

If you love you some black liquid eyeliner or black eye pencil, I find it actually makes your eye look smaller and sometimes a bit tired or set back, rather than make them look like they pop. The brown liner with that sexy feline flick is all the rage in 2020, and I 100% embrace it! Brown liquid liners, brown pencils, the chubby twist-up pencils that you can use along the water and lash lines, they’re all great!

Also makeup fun fact: If you use a black liner and then use a black mascara, it’s actually going to make your lashes look shorter because they’re going to get lost in that black liner! But if you use a brown, softer tone, you’ll be able to see the full length of your black lashes. Mind blown, right!?

So why not switch to brown and let me know what you think!


Makeup Tip Five

Choosing a lip colour that’s too light can age you, wash you out and make you look tired. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good nude colour. I wear it all the time. But it’s important you choose a colour that gives you life, so as soon as you put it on it wakes up that gorgeous face. When you’re not used to choosing your lipstick, it can be tough to figure out what colour will work to really brighten up your face! 

So, get yourself a really great, soft, nude lip liner to create some structure around your lips, give them a bit more fullness. Nude will also go with nearly every lip colour. When you’re ready to choose a lipstick, make sure it doesn’t look lighter than your actual, natural lip colour. I love pinks, that mauvey-nude tone, reds, berries, you name it. There are so many tones that look stunning! Just steer clear of those too-light colours that are going to wash you out.

When it comes to choosing what colours to rock for your daily makeup look, try to steer clear of those light, frosted, cool tones. They really can wash you out and can make you look a little tired. Which is exactly the opposite of what we want to achieve with our makeup, right? Our makeup should make us feel beautiful, bright, awake and full of life! So play with your lip colour. Find that great shadow. And have fun! 

These are just a few tips and tricks to think about to really make you feel like the best, brightest and most beautiful you. Give it a try and let me know what you think! And of course, if you have any questions, DM me. I always love connecting with you to help you find the products that make you feel amazing, and hear any feedback you might have. 

Til next time…x



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